Collective Action in 2018

A Year in Review

"One of the problems we face now is the crass individualism that are being promoted. You know as an autonomous individual you don’t care what happens to your neighbor or your environment and that I think is one of the major problems that the world faces now and I think values of Indigenous Peoples in terms of solidarity, collective living and behaviors as well as reciprocity, linking very closely with the Earth… these are the values people should really learn about."
Vicky Tauli-Corpuz UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Peoples
More than 30 Indigenous leaders from the Amazon, Mesoamerica, Indonesia and Brazil have visited Klamath to share their stories of hope and struggle with the Yurok People.
Whilst there is a vital need to restore security to indigenous and local community lands, supporting them in their struggle to protect forests we must also look within ourselves to bring about change. How are we living? Are we contributing to the destruction of our environment? Are we still connected to the earth, the seasons, the plants that grow through the cracks of concrete in our cities? We can no longer sit aside and just wait for others to stop the rot, to hold back the pollution and unhappiness that seems to come with modernity. We need to be the change we want to see.

This year, with our community partners (AMAN, COICA, APIB & AMPB), we have grown our networks by reaching out to new allies in the Yurok territory, at the Hip Hop Caucus, Nia Tero, the Land Tenure Facility, Rainforest Action Network, the Pachamama Alliance, Amazon Watch and many other global NGOs. We have promoted a new group of indigenous filmmakers, run a workshop in Panama and given film commissions to a diverse range of content producers. We have tried to find common ground and shared experience to bring different groups together.  It has been a wonderful year of significant achievements: from our growth online to the ‘Our Village, Community Corner’ – 4 day event in San Francisco (see the video below).

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What does 'village' mean to you? Hear from Mina Setra in a thought provoking look back at our event during the Global Climate Action Summit.
What we have achieved is not the result of an individual but it is the result of a collective or community, a group of like minded and supportive people.
Thank you to all our partners, colleagues, champions and supporters.
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