Indigenous film festivals: Opening spaces for justice and inclusion

There is a growing network of events promoting indigenous storytelling

We asked a group of indigenous film festival organizers across Asia and Latin America, about how these activities work and why they do it

“Indigenous films offer a window of hope and imagination to audiences who are unable to overcome the trappings of consumerist society, and help people return to a more organic attachment to life. The audience will develop as more work gets produced."          Surya

The Jumara Film Festival 2019 is now open for submissions!

International Day of Forests 

As the UN recognises the role forests play, the Guardians of the Forest remind us they have 5 demands
1. Land rights
2. Free Prior Informed Consent
3. Zero Violence
4. Direct Financing
5. Respect Ancestral Knowledge

AMAN celebrates 20 years

Two decades fighting for land rights, human rights & recognition, protecting forests, celebrating ancestral knowledge and much much more.

We've curated a special playlist to highlight their work.
Watch and share.


Indigenous people from all over Brazil will gather in Brasilia to report attacks and reaffirm resistance this month. Find out more.

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