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Researchers at CQP have created a buzz within the research community with their paper published in last month's Science magazine. Heralded as a "Giant leap for Quantum Computing" we introduced the world's first quantum circuit which is able to re-programme light in any way.


For more information you can read the full article on the Science website. 

Success for CQP researchers in EPSRC Fellowship calls
EPSRC have recently announced their successful applicants for the Quantum Technologies Fellowships. Prof. John Rarity was awarded an established career fellowship in ‘Spin-photon systems for scalable quantum processors’ and Dr Jonathan Matthews was awarded an early career fellowship in 'Photonic Quantum-Enhanced Sensors.'

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Growing Collaboration between Kyoto and Bristol
In August Ryotaro Konoike, a PhD Candidate from Kyoto University visited CQP. We hope that this will further strengthen the collaboration between our two Universities and will ensure that we continue to grow the collaboration between CQP and the world-leading Quantum Optoelectronics group of Professor Noda.

RAEng Annual Research Forum
A team of CQP staff and researchers recently attended Royal Academy of Engineering's annual Research Forum. The event, held at the RAEng in London, showcases the UK's outstanding engineering research and the team from CQP were there show off Bristol's latest advances in quantum photonic technology.

New students join the QECDT
Welcome to the new cohort of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Engineering. The 10 students came from as far as the USA to undertake their PhD in Quantum Engineering in Bristol. Our first cohort has recently moved on to their projects with seven joining CQP for the remainder of their PhD.

BOSS Afternoon of Optics
The Bristol Optical Students’ Society, comprised predominantly of CQP students, recently organised and delivered “An Afternoon of Optics". The event which attracted a number of top speakers with a was also accompanied by an interactive poster session.

CQP Students light up Bristol Bright Night
Several CQP Students and members of the Bristol Optical Student Society (BOSS) attended this year's Bristol Bright Night. As well as giving demonstrations to the public on our work, two of our students have been asked to demonstrate live on Ujima Radio. More details to follow!

Review of the 2015 CQP Summer School
In August, we held a week long summer school for 15 students aged 16+ who were interested in Photonics and Physics. The event was a great success and was recently highlighted by the Centre for Public Engagement. We plan to track the progress of the student alumni and create a network of young people who will become advocates for science education.



Our recent applications have now closed, however you can still submit a speculative application for a postdoctoral postition via the link on our website.

Please also continue to check for new posts on our opportunities page. 


The application system is currently closed and is due to reopen in November 2015. If you are interested in applying for a PhD starting in 2016 with either the CQP or the Quantum Engineering CDT the you will be able to do so via our online application system ‘Hobsons’. For all other queries please email


CQP Events:

CQP Seminar Series - Dr Joanna Byson
What If We All Get Smarter? An Ecological Perspective on Cognition, Computation, Human Society, and Artificial Intelligence
9 October 2015 @ 15:00

CQP Seminar Series - Dr Dylan Saunders
15th October 2015@ 16:00

3rd Annual Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop 2016
6 - 8 April 2016

EnderbyRoom, Physics


Seminar Room, NSQI 

Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, Bristol

BQIT:16 - Click here to save the date

Highlighted University Events:

Bristol public talks in mathematics - Dr Julia Wolf

How to make yourself heard at a rock concert
13 October 2015 @ 18:00


Faculty Assembly - Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady 
Strategy Review of the University
20 October 2015 @ 10:00


Quantum Theory Talk - Dr Johannes Knolle
Quantum oscillations without a Fermi surface and the anomalous de Haas-van Alphen effect
2 December 2015 @ 15:15  

Information and thermodynamics - Dr Janet Anders
Information and Thermodynamics
9 December 2015 @ 15:15

LT3, Chemistry

Victoria Rooms

3.34 Physics

3.34 Physics

About Me

Dr. Joshua Silverstone
Post-doctoral Research Assistant

The quantum nature of light can help us solve today's information processing problems, but to do so we require quantum photonic devices and systems on a very large scale. My work, first as a PhD student and now as a post-doctoral researcher, aims to address this technology gap.

I earned my BSc in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta, Canada, with specialisations in optics and electronics, and am an engineer at heart. My recently completed PhD, here at the CQP, focussed on scaling up quantum optics architecturally, via QNIX for example, and technologically, by leveraging silicon photonics. My thesis is online at

As a student in Bristol, I helped found and grow the Bristol Optical Student Society (BOSS) which has blossomed into a fantastic social and professional group for students in optics. Despite no longer being a student, I remain involved with BOSS; we regularly put on outreach, social, and research-oriented events, and are funded by the Optical Society (OSA). Get in touch if you’re interested in joining us.

When not science-ing, I like to play board and card games, and take long walks on the beach with my palaeontologist wife, Liz. I have fun taking a photo or two, and you may well have seen me out with my trusty shooter. I’m always happy to chat—come and find me in NSQI 2.02.

Did you know...?

The University of Bristol has 11 Nobel Laureates. These include Sir Winston Churchill who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953, Sir Nevill Francis Mott who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1977 and Paul Dirac who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 1933 ‘for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory’.

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