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Happy National Women in Engineering Day!

QET Labs is proud to support increased diversity in Engineering through NWED 2016.  

Today is the third annual National Women in Engineering Day, NWED is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus on the amazing career opportunities available to women and girls in this exciting industry. 

QET Labs are supporting the campaign in conjunction with the Women Engineering Society and UoB Engineering department to celebrate the work of our own female engineers but also to highlight the amazing achievements of female engineers past and present.  

Here's what some of our colleagues in QET Labs had to say about our #SistersinScience who have most influenced their careers and some gems for female engineers of the future!  

Dr. Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Bristol
Lic (U Complutense, Madrid), MRes (Imperial College London), PhD (Imperial College London)
Research area - Quantum Foundations and Technologies
How did you become involved in engineering and when did you know it was love?  

I have always enjoyed knowing how and why things work and how they fit together. After studying physics at university, I went on to study Quantum Computing because I could see that it was something that could really transform the world. I spent my PhD analysing many aspects of how a photonic quantum computer can be built and designed, these were my most cherished moments. I am very lucky I now continue my work on photonic quantum computers as a postdoctoral researcher.

What advice can you give to young women interested in a career in engineering?

If you like making things and enjoy science, just go for it! At the beginning there will be a lot of technical details you will have to learn, don’t let that put you off. It’s similar to learning to play an instrument, it may seem hard at the beginning, but once you have the basic set of skills, the payoff is amazing. Working with a team towards a goal is very motivating, but my favourite part is the creative process by which new ways of doing things come to life. 
Work by Mercedes

Miss. Janna Hinchliff

PhD Student, University of Bristol 
Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training
Research area - Quantum photonics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Computing

Which female engineer has inspired your career and why?

Lydia Hyde - BAE Systems Engineer. She is a young engineer who works with aeroplane design and has also done work with Birmingham University on quantum physics. As well as this she has an A-level in art, her interest in which, she says helps her to be creative.

What advice can you give to young women interested in a career in engineering?

If you want to be an engineer, don't let being one of the very few females put you off. Almost nobody will treat you any differently and you might get even more opportunities as many organisations want to encourage diversity.

Work by Janna

Dr. Döndü Sahin

Research Associate, University of Bristol 
BSc, MSc, PhD(TUEindhoven)
Research area - Quantum Foundations and Technologies

Which female engineer has inspired your career and why?

Marie Curie, being educated at difficult times, having won the Nobel prize twice (for the first time), inspires me. However, I never forget that what made her successful was her persistence and curiosity in regards to her research. Role models are very valuable but even more important is our curiosity, confidence, and commitment our work in the face of social/political challenges. 

How did you become involved in engineering and when did you know it was love? 

I was involved from very early stage without even knowing it. I was always trying to understand and build things (small or big) when I was a kid. I only understood it was love whilst studying my BA in Physics, where I could attend talks/lectures on nanophysics and nanophotonics. It was fascinating to imagine the level of complexity and challenge I could reach - for me, it was an inevitable career path.

What advice can you give to young women interested in a career in engineering?

NEVER, believe science is out of reach. A lack of confidence is usually what discourages young female students. It important that arent pushed into roles based on their gender alone. I advise them to be strong, to be stubborn and to ask the whole spectrum of options. Science has long been dominated by males, but in my opinion, the UK is one of the countries that supports female scientists strongly and supports us in having a work/life balance.
All young scienAnd keep in mind that being scientists is just like any other job, perhaps with more flexibility. As long as you like the topic you will choose to research, you will be paid for learning/ expanding your knowledge. I know it is great. And tell me does it sound like you cannot do this?            
Work by Dondu

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