March 2016

Dear Colleagues,

There are important issues for ANPA members to take note of in this newsletter.

The first ever Naturopathic Summit is to be held in August 2016. The ANPA has allocated $500 to support this event as a sponsor. If you have not yet bought your ticket to attend I urge you to do so and not miss out. Visit the Summit website.

The RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) has recently advised their GP members against ordering laboratory tests on behalf of naturopaths if the GP does not think the tests are warranted. This may be understandable from a GP’s perspective. The GP is liable for the pathology request, not the naturopath. However, medical education does not include areas of study covered by naturopaths, such as nutritional biochemistry and herbal medicine. Approaching patient care from a wellness perspective often presents with the need for baseline testing. How we interpret a laboratory test result and the rationale for it may not be well understood by a GP. What is deemed unnecessary by a GP may be entirely relevant from a naturopath's perspective. Adrenal fatigue is a prime example.

Please continue to write professional letters to GP's. Many may continue to be sympathetic if a clear rationale is presented. The safety of patients is paramount. GP's have expertise in areas we don’t. It makes sense that we broker respectful relationships with all practitioners working as a team.

I encourage you to contact your local pathology laboratory. Find out what tests are on offer that you can request directly. This will be an out of pocket expense for your patient. The health minister has made decisions on limiting rebates on pathology testing. This decision whether we like it or not has impacted GP’s as well as us. There may be far more scrutiny on the number and kinds of tests being requested by GP’s.

I urge you to very carefully review what laboratory tests are essential for your clients and fully inform them of the costs. The RACGP have produced a letter to CAM practitioners as well as a letter to patients.

Let's keep the light of Naturopathy burning bright.

Yours in good health.


Editor, ANPA President

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Monika Webb, ANPA Member

Shortly after qualifying, one of my clients went to her doctor and shared that I do a specialised blood chemistry evaluation. The client called and shared that her doctor had been suffering with migraines since her youth without relief and was planning to have a consultation with me. As a newly qualified naturopath with limited experience treating migraines I was rather anxious. I was also still completing my training in the blood chemistry evaluation. My trainer was now a full- time uni student and no longer as 'available' to answer any questions. I knew I was on my own. This was not going to be easy. I achieved a good outcome and I am happy to say the doctor and I are now friends. We refer clients to each other regularly. 


56-year-old female, medical doctor, two adult children


1st Visit: 3rd Apr 2015 

Presented with:   

  • Migraines, debilitating, at least one per week since age 10. Started as a tummy migraine and then progressed to menstrual. Duration 24 hours. 
  • Pain on left side, throbbing, blurry vision - sometimes increased sensitivity to smells. Only when she has the migraine, not prior.
  • Always has a migraine the day after she has been stressed.  
  • Worse if they present before during or after her period. 
  • Age 35 – prescribed a menopause injection. Precipitated early menopause. Did not resolve the migraine. Helped initially, but then did not help at all. 
  • Often wakes in the early morning with visual disturbances and then gets the migraine. 
  • Took OCP briefly, normal menstrual cycle prior the menopausal injection.  
  • No tastes or smells prior to onset of migraine 
  • Does not have a preference to sleeping on a particular side 
  • No Allergies or food sensitivities, not exposed to any chemicals at work 
  • Vision – normal findings. 
  • No muscle cramps 
  • Sugar Cravings - said no, but is unable to resist the lollies at work 
  • No Anal itch 
  • No consumption of diet soft drinks or artificial sweeteners, food colourings or preservatives other than what’s in the lollies 
  • Bowels normal – no bloating after meals. 
  • No consumption of nitrates. Only in cheese – no adverse effect.  
  • Wheat and Dairy – no adverse effect.   
  • Sulphur foods (onions and garlic) do affect her as well as baked beans. 
  • No teeth grinding or TMJ issues 

High Stress – her children are based in another state and both have bipolar.  

Sleep – goes to bed at 10 pm, takes one hour to fall sleep. Wakes at 1 am for toilet. Cannot get back to sleep (had bladder surgery when she was a child which does cause her to urinate often).  

Wakes with alarm at 6 - 7am naturally. Does not use technology before bed.  

Feels refreshed on waking.  

Family History – Both father and grandmother on mum’s side suffered with migraines 

History – Birth was natural and normal, no use of forceps. No accidents, or any head, spinal or other dislocations.  

Triggers – only if she eats orange, chocolate and a coffee in the same day  

Diet – vegetarian, quite high in carbs 

Drugs – Tropamax (anti epilepsy drug) taking prior to our consult. Stopped as they did not help.   

Treatment – She was interested in my use of blood chemistry balancing as a way to determine her treatment and hopefully identify the underlying the cause of her migraines. Blood chemistry balancing uses blood and urine chemistries. She had seen this approach used with good effect with our shared patient and was impressed and wanted to how it could be used in her case.  

Referred her for chiropractic assessment. She reported that as a child she had eye-tracking issues. Also to rule out any musculoskeletal abnormalities. 

Chiropractor Report: 14th May 2015  

After first session she reported a good night's sleep. No migraine.  

Second appointment findings: decompression of the lower brain stem, Pica branch and circle of willis with restricted blood flow, Left Pelvic Rotation and Left Eye Tracking Dysfunction. Eyes shutter looking left.     


2nd Visit: 23rd May 2015 

Review of Blood tests: Fasting insulin 14 (ideal 3 – 5), Iron very low, Protein low 

Dietary advice: change to low carbohydrate, high fat, more eggs, whey protein powder 

Nutrition Diagnostics Healthy Fibre Plus, Iron supplement, Vitamin C, multi-mineral supplement, PPMP, B6 and CoQ10 


3rd Visit: 4th Jun 2015 

  • No headaches for just over a week (so we were hopeful)  

  • Non-compliant with food diary and regular naturopathic consultations.  

  • Reported animal fat made her feel ill. Went back to using walnut oil.  

  • Advised her of the importance of an omega 3 and 6 balance of fats.  

  • She was going to try and have more butter, which she did.  

  • Supplements were also making her feel sick. Advised her to cut back the dose, then build back up slowly. She was having more fat and minerals she was most likely detoxing too quickly.  

  • Chiropractic care continues to help her.   

  • Used Ginkgo in the past with no effect.  

  • Had a full dental evaluation including TMJ 

  • Prescribed Feverfew at a therapeutic dose. She advised that she had tried an over the counter feverfew in the past that did not work. Perhaps the dose was not high enough or the product quality was inferior.  


4th Visit: 3rd Jul 2015 

Feverfew had no effect. Not willing to keep a food diary. Removed dairy from her diet as well as wheat. Now on a low carbohydrate high fat and adequate protein diet. I advised I would research further as I was stumped. She understood as the medical profession had been grappling with the challenge of her migraines since she was a teen without solving her problem.  


5th Visit: 9th Sep 2015 

Further research lead me to link her symptoms to her low zinc and high copper levels.   

Raised copper symptoms included migraines and menstrual disorders.  

  • High copper foods include chocolate, coffee and oranges (which are her triggers) 

  • Reduced ability to cope with stress 

  • Vegetarian diets are low in zinc and high in copper 

Upon discussion the client recalls she had high copper levels on a test but nothing was done about it.  

Prescribed Zinc to normalise the copper levels. 


6th Visit: 1st Oct 2015 

Client reports no migraines for one month. Suggested testing for pyrroles. Family history of migraines as well as both of her children with bipolar (signs and symptoms) of pyrroles. MTHFR testing was negative.  


7th Visit: 27th Nov 2015 

Pyrroles were negative. Since she was vegetarian, she was most likely low in zinc for many years including during her pregnancies. Perhaps an explanation why her children were both bipolar. However, low zinc did not explain a family history of bipolar and migraines.  Other family members are not vegetarian, so the mystery remains.  Client reports the odd migraine, one every 6 – 8 weeks. She can live with that. If she started to eat meat again she may see them disappear completely.  Client now interested in having both her children tested for pyrroles and MTHFR. 

The Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy will no longer be offered as of December 2015. Those enrolled before that date will be in a teach-out period. The teach-out period ends 31st December 2018. This allows enough time to deliver the existing curriculum to students.

From January 2015, anyone enrolling to study Naturopathy must be at a Bachelor's level. ANPA will continue to welcome members who have the Advanced Diploma and who have enrolled in studies before the end of 2015. There is no requirement for ANPA members who have an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy to enrol in bachelor upgrades. That is a voluntary option.

We strongly advise ANPA members who do not have a Bachelor's degree qualification to keep your membership current and up-to-date with the ANPA so that you can be grand-parented as the transitions occur over the next few years.  
ANPA is so pleased to see many new student members signing up.

All those in the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy will be in teach-out. It may be worth checking out what it would take for you to get the university training. This is not required but your choice. 

Once you have completed your Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and qualified it is important that you keep your membership current on the ANPA database. This will ensure that you have met the membership criteria for ANPA as well as qualify you for insurance rebates for your clients.


We were interviewed by Australian Doctor regarding the RACGP decision to advise members to stop requesting laboratory tests for naturopaths if the GP does not feel the tests are necessary. There is copyright on the article and access to the online platform is only for AHPRA registered practitioners.  

Bottom line, ANPA members need to continue to write professional, respectful letters to GP’s. Keeping patients safe is the priority. We have also contacted the RACGP directly requesting dialogue to work on a better understanding for the sake of our shared patients.

There are three opportunities for ANPA members to connect:
  • ANPA closed group (for members only)
  • ANPA public group
  • ANPA Media Monitor (closed group for ANPA members as well as non-ANPA members).  
If you have trouble connecting, please contact the office.
If you missed out on the most recent ANPA webinar you can still register for Salvestrols and Cancer with Prof Dan Burke.

CPE points are available for this activity.

Marta Brown - ANPA Committee Member

Where did you train as a naturopath?  
I completed my naturopathic qualification at AIAS in 2015. I completed preliminary studies at UQ, QUT and UNE in microbiology, psychology, philosophy and medical management. 2016 is the first year since 1986 that I have not been a student, yet the education continues every day! 

How many years have you been in practice?  
I have now been in practice since May 2015. 

What led you to join ANPA?  
Of all the associations I’d joined as a student member, ANPA seemed most active and most closely aligned with what I felt was responsible and pro-active integration and communication with others.   

What motivated you to become a naturopath? 
I had started my studies in medicine when I contracted viral meningitis in 2011, during the floods.  I lost everything – my home, my belongings, my health, my studies and my work.  Recovery took many months, but I felt that perhaps this was the universe telling me to slow down.  Working and studying medicine was killing me, literally.  Taking time to look at healthcare from a different perspective forced me to look at my life from a different perspective.  I started naturopathy and a family – different challenges, but well worth the change. 

What modalities do you use in your practice?    
I focus on herbal medicine, counselling and nutrition.  My background in tropical disease means I perform my own microscopy – a service that very few others can provide in house.  I refer out for physiotherapy and more advanced psychotherapy, and readily integrate with conventional medical practitioners to get the best outcomes for our patients. 

Do you have a vision for naturopathy in Australia?
I firmly believe that integrative naturopathy and medicine are the only way forward!  I look forward to naturopaths being able to focus on disease prevention and chronic disease management, leaving medical facilities to deal with acute trauma and diagnostics. 

What are your interests besides naturopathy?
I’m also an avid motorcyclist and patissier, focusing on specialty cakes (gluten free, dairy free, nut free, etc).  Life is too short for bad tea, bad wine and bad cake – never sell yourself short when it comes to these!  I’ve been a dancer for over 20 years and home to instil the same love of music and movement into my three children.  My husband, however, is a lost cause... 

What words of wisdom would you share with a new graduate naturopath?
Stay in touch with mentors from college and don’t be afraid to ask more senior colleagues for advice, whether it’s clinical or business related.  Remember to keep perspective - don’t put your entire self-worth and time into your professional life – remember that no-body lies on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time at work!


The ANPA continues to support the international aims of the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF). 

ANPA is an Associate member of the WNF until we have brokered an acceptable arrangement with the NHAA and CMA to form an Australian Naturopathic Federation (ANF). Once we form the ANF we can then exercise our one vote for Australia. 

The ANPA and CMA have put forward changes to the Terms of Reference developed by the NHAA based on guidelines from the WNF. Early on ANPA requested an agenda item to discuss the problems with these requirements. This was not granted. What is now being negotiated by ANPA, CMA and NHAA are the very same issues that were highlighted months ago by ANPA to the WNF. 

The three associations have been meeting regularly.  ANPA has not signed the ANF documentation as yet for good reason. ANPA will not sanction a Federation for Australian naturopaths that has powers to ignore smaller voices and is able to call a meeting with only the largest member at the table. There has to be accountability in what constitutes a quorum and how decision-making occurs.

We continue working towards a rigorous framework that will stand the test of time. We expect agreement on most matters. However, if there is a difference of opinion then the largest group cannot speak for all voices, nor should they be able to conduct a meeting on their own.  

These safeguards are reasonable. Healthy collaboration is inclusive and participatory, all voices are heard with collaborative agreement seeking goals. There will be clear benefits to naturopaths when we can broker this agreement. We look forward to this happening soon.  For more info visit the WNF website.


Reduced subscription to BioConcepts Education Centre

We are pleased to offer a reduced subscription for ANPA members to access the BioConcepts Education Centre (BEC) portal. This portal offers education on demand with a catalogue of articles, videos, podcasts and case studies. Natural Medicines (formerly Natural Standard) is included. This database provides high quality, evidence-based information on dietary supplements (including herbs, vitamins, and minerals), functional foods, diets, complementary practices (modalities), exercises, and medical conditions. 

The BEC includes interviews and complementary webinars.  

The purchase of a subscription can go towards your ANPA CPE points.  There are additional BEC members-only benefits. These include discounts to BioConcepts events and publications.  

The annual membership is $60 . ANPA members receive 10% off until the 31st of December 2016. Use coupon code: AbK21a 


ANPA members have access to EBSCO database to access primary research articles. We want all members to take advantage of these excellent resources. Please find a list of training resources below. If ANPA members are interested in a webinar hosted by EBSCO please contact the office.    

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