July 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Being a member of a naturopath-only professional organisation means you support an association that clearly and forthrightly says what it is: Run by naturopaths for naturopaths. This has not changed since 1975.  
ANPA needs to grow and we need your help. As a niche organisation, if ANPA is to continue offering comparable benefits to other umbrella organisations, we need more members. Naturally, this translates into more revenue for more member benefits. 'Every member brings in another member' is not a new concept but it is a very powerful one. We all know colleagues or fellow students. If they are not yet ANPA members, invite them to join. Share why you joined - that is a powerful message in itself. ANPA has a strong vision and a clear voice for naturopaths. Put your support for ANPA into action!

If you need assistance, please contact the ANPA office, or an ANPA committee member. We are ready to support you and grow ANPA. We are the best association for naturopaths! You can share our vision with pride and confidence. Joining is easy… 
Negative media is nothing new to our profession. Organised detractor groups like the Friends of Science are on a mission that targets not only naturopathy. Our strategy to date of responding reactively to one negative story here and another there is not enough and needs revision. The only solution will be a relentless and consistent media effort that includes regular positive news stories as well as education about naturopathy for journalists. We need to go far beyond balanced reporting in this. To be effective, the cost will not be insignificant. More importantly, members need to know that media coverage that promotes the profession of naturopathy is high on the list of priorities for the ANPA committee. We are reviewing the implementation of a long-term sustainable media strategy. We will keep you updated.   
Remember, as an ANPA member your ideas, insights and contributions count. If you want an item raised at an ANPA meeting, please send an email to the office. We want to serve you to the best of our ability. More importantly, if you would like to join the ANPA committee or a sub-committee, please contact me or any of the ANPA committee members. The ANPA committee meets every 2nd Tuesday evening via teleconference. Committee and sub-committee meeting attendance accrues CPE points. 

Let's keep the light of Naturopathy burning bright.

Yours in good health.


Editor, ANPA President

Membership renewals due 1 July 2016

All documentation and the membership fee must be received by the ANPA office to complete the renewal. CPE points (total of 20) are easily accrued. There are now 11 categories that you can use to accrue points. Many activities accrue more than the 20 points and a maximum of 10 points can be carried forward to the next year. If you need any assistance with your renewal, please contact the office.

ANPA Office Hours:
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Full Members

Janet Haworth, Pamela Murphy, Em Sieben and Julide Turker.

Student Members

Minna Ahvenainen, Aman Allouche, Angela Aschroft, Bek Barham, Tegan Barten, Melissa Buchanan, Jannat Buhangal, Nicole Chiappalone, Casey Clements, Krishna Colomuzzo, Bianca Cooley, Desiree Davis, Tara Dickinson, Cassandra Dunn, Alloura Faux, Joshua Gartrell, Karla Hogden,  Aneesa Hussein, Samantha Imbert, Hoda Kamareddine, Samuel Katuzans, Zoe Kennedy, Shamina Khanum, Melissa King, Andreas Kuhn, Lou Lavergne, Milena Lazic, Miranda Lewis, Laura Luke, Kristy Mascord, Nicole Maskey, Kate McColm, Tia Miers, Jolanta Milewski, Helena Morland, Kirra Morrill, Brittany Osborne, Gemma-Louise Pokrzywa, Olga Potocki, Madeleine Prosenica, Camille Rapson, Spencer Robbins, Michelle Rowland, Karen Saunders, Emily Schlecht, Nicole Sharp, Kate Smyth, Alison Stewart, Marianne Stokes, Ellen Tattam, Taylah Teschner, Chantal Thomsen, Lawrence Tredrea, Jasmin Wardle and Don Wyatt. 

Network, Share & Learn

Setting up or supporting an ANPA chapter in your area is a significant and worthy activity. Networking, sharing and education are what these groups are about.

All chapter groups need your support. Please contact the chapter co-ordinators or the ANPA office for more information. We have guidelines and policies in place to help with setting up and running these groups.

Thank you to Tanya Goldie & David McLelland

by Terri Stevenson, ANPA student rep and GC chapter co-ordinator.
Tanya and David have been supportive and committed to the Gold Coast Chapter since the start of the chapter. They never complain, are never too busy and always impressive. Their skills, competence and clinical expertise are freely shared. This special sharing has given those attending meetings a much deeper sense of professional confidence as naturopaths.

We now understand a broader range of skills and knowledge that we can include with our current and future patients. The presentations have been invaluable. Clinical perspectives from real-time practitioners are significantly different to classroom learning experiences. We are so proud and fortunate to have Tanya and David as ANPA mentors. They continue to make a brilliant contribution showing us how important it is to be role models for future naturopaths coming up in the ranks.

Thank you.

27 & 28 August 2016, Peppers Resort, Kingscliffe, NSW

ANPA encourages members to support this event, the first of its kind in Australia! Well done to ANPA member Nirala Jacobi and the Summit team for their passion, dedication and commitment in organising this event. Purchase your tickets online.

There are a number of ANPA members attending this event. Please let the office know who you are as we may be plan a gathering before and or after the event. Thank you.


A Way to Give Back

The number one issue for students and new graduates is support and coaching on how to be successful in clinical practice. As a full member with a few years of experience, you can make a difference. Please add your name to the list.
Giving back is what sustains our profession. Create a space for supporting a worthy student in your clinic.


Desiree Davis

Where are you training as a naturopath?  
I'm in the third year of a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at the Endeavour College of Natural Health, Brisbane Campus.

Do you have any other formal education?  
Bachelor of Human Nutrition (with a minor in Sports & Exercise Physiology), Certificates III & IV in Fitness, Les Mills Body Pump & Body Attack Certifications.

Why have you chosen to study Naturopathy?  
When I was studying to become a dietitian, I realised that as a dietician I would be limited in what I could offer clients. At the same time I was working in a health food store. I was introduced to an exciting world that I had never experienced before: naturopathy and herbs! My zest for learning and the excitement of what naturopathy and real, nourishing nutrition can do for health have led me to follow my heart and study naturopathy. 
Why did you become an ANPA student member?
I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to start connecting with other naturopaths and keeping up to date with what's happening in our profession.  

What are the aspects of your study that you enjoy? 
I love learning. I especially adore our herbal and nutrition subjects. One of the greatest things about Endeavour is having brilliant lecturers that bring their real-world clinical knowledge into the classroom, share their incredible passion with us, and inspire us with their stories of personal and client successes.
What aspects of your study could you see improved?
Work-life balance is a big thing that needs to be improved for me. As a perfectionist it's hard not to give 110% to all aspects of my study, which can often leave me feeling burnt out.
What have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before you started your studies?
I've discovered the value of having really amazing lecturers!  A lot of the most important and fascinating things I learn are not on the lecture slides. It's the value the lecturer adds from their own experiences and clinical knowledge that takes our lectures the extra mile. Having attended multiple universities before Endeavour, I have never experienced the same passion and value in attending lectures as I do here.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? 
Such a hard question! I'm still discovering where I want to go with my degree, but potentially I would love to be a part of a multi-modality natural health clinic to develop my experience whilst also continuing to inspire people and improve their health as a Les Mills group fitness instructor. I am also considering doing a Masters of Acupuncture at some stage! No plans set in stone at this stage, will just see what life brings :)
Do you have any special interest areas?
So many! I am especially interested in digestive health as it is absolutely integral to so many parts of health! Adrenal health, sleep disorders and thyroid disorders are also special interests of mine. I would also love to learn more about how to support the body nutritionally and naturopathically for athletic performance and recovery. One of my loved ones has recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Although controversial in Australia, this is another one of my special interest areas.
Any comments about registration for naturopaths?
I fully support naturopathy becoming a registered profession. There are so many brilliant practicing naturopaths out there, but unfortunately the media is often focussed on the few 'naturopaths' that taint the name of our profession. Registration will mean a lot in terms of bringing our profession credibility and the recognition it deserves.
Are you involved in an ANPA Chapter?
As I have only recently joined, I'm not involved yet, but am hoping to attend the next Brisbane Chapter meeting.
Any tips for survival with a demanding study load and often working to pay your way through the program?  
Although it's hard as many of us are so time poor, making time for yourself and the things you enjoy is so important. We're constantly told how detrimental stress is to our health, so even if it's only for a small amount of time each day, we owe it to ourselves to catch some R&R - exercise, cooking, meditation, music ... whatever makes you happy! Chances are, by taking a small amount of time out to catch your breath, you'll actually gain more time by being more focussed and having a clearer mind!


Get Connected

There are three opportunities for ANPA members to connect:
  • ANPA closed group (for members only)
  • ANPA public group
  • ANPA Media Monitor (closed group for ANPA members as well as non-ANPA members).  
If you are an ANPA member regularly on social media we need your help on our social media pages. Volunteer a small amount of your time on social media and assist growing ANPA’s social media presence.
Do you have expertise in an area of naturopathy that you can share with colleagues? 

ANPA plans to deliver more high-quality online webinars. Please contact the ANPA office for an application form. If you missed any previously offered webinars, you can easily access them as recordings here.
If there are topics that you are interested in being presented, please let the office know.

Carisma Martorejo

Where did you train as a naturopath?  
Endeavour College of Natural Health, Melbourne Campus. I qualified in November 2015.
How long have you been in practice? 
6 months.
What led to your joining ANPA?
I was attracted to an association only for naturopaths. I wanted an organisation to be fully focused on naturopathic issues, not an umbrella association. Some of my lecturers also recommended ANPA.  
What motivated you to become a naturopath?
Resolving my own health problems with natural medicine and creating self-awareness in this process.
Is this motivation still the same now compared to when you first began?
Now I feel that my motivation comes from listening to clients and their stories. Through practicing naturopathy we can acknowledge that everybody is unique, and this motivates me to create an individual plan for each client.
As a new practitioner what modalities do you mainly use in your practice?   
Flower essence therapy, herbal medicine and guided meditation.
Do you have a vision for naturopathy in Australia?  
I want naturopathy in Australia to have much stronger recognition as a complementary and alternative professional medical practice.
What are your interests besides naturopathy?
Teaching and practicing yoga, cooking, bush walking and Vipassana meditation.
What words of wisdom would you share with a new graduate naturopath? 
Seek a mentor! 


The aims of the WNF are worthy. However, the ANPA is unfortunately still not able to sign up to the Australian Naturopathic Federation (ANF). We cannot sign until the governance issues in the agreement are cleaned up. The only signatory to the ANF at present is the NHAA. One signatory approved by the WNF for Australia is hardly a ‘federation’. The WNF has accepted this ‘federation’ knowing full well that the issues now playing out have been repeatedly raised and ignored. ANPA will not sign a Terms of Reference (TOR) agreement that supports the following two unacceptable and questionable governance processes:

  1. A quorum of one association (NHAA) is allowed to conduct meetings on its own without the requirement of second or third member associations being present; and
  2. Decisions can be made by one member association (NHAA) without the requirement of support of a second member association.

The ANPA and CMA have proposed two minor changes. These minor changes do not diminish the standing of the larger organisation, but bring rigour to the process of conducting business for the ANF:

  1. A quorum comprises of the larger organisation (NHAA) plus one of the other associations; and
  2. Decisions by the larger organisation (NHAA) require the support of one other association to be carried

Until the NHAA board makes the correct decision and moves a motion in favour for these changes, NHAA board members are complicit together with the WNF in sanctioning and participating in questionable governance. This goes to the moral and ethical responsibility of NHAA board members despite the flawed documentation requirements as set out by the WNF.
ANPA was refused the reasonable right of a formal agenda item on this issue many months ago. These same problems are now translated into the TOR document. The issues are clear: the NHAA board needs to act to allow the ‘federation’ to be a respectable, inclusive and collaborative entity.  

For more info visit the WNF website.


Reduced Subscription to BioConcepts Education Centre

We are pleased to offer a reduced subscription for ANPA members to access the BioConcepts Education Centre (BEC) portal. This portal offers education on demand with a catalogue of articles, videos, podcasts and case studies. Natural Medicines (formerly Natural Standard) is included. This database provides high quality, evidence-based information on dietary supplements (including herbs, vitamins, and minerals), functional foods, diets, complementary practices (modalities), exercises, and medical conditions. 

The BEC includes interviews and complementary webinars.  

The purchase of a subscription can go towards your ANPA CPE points.  There are additional BEC members-only benefits. These include discounts to BioConcepts events and publications.  

The annual membership is $60 . ANPA members receive 10% off until the 31st of December 2016. Use coupon code: AbK21a 


ANPA members have access to EBSCO database to access primary research articles. We want all members to take advantage of these excellent resources. Please find a list of training resources below. If ANPA members are interested in a webinar hosted by EBSCO please contact the office.    

Introduction to EBSCOhost - Tutorial

EBSCOhost Basic Search - Tutorial

EBSCOhost Advanced Searching - Tutorial

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