April 2020
Due to the present pandemic of COVID-19, many ANPA members will now be offering naturopathic support via telephone or online platforms. This is understandable and reasonable to maintain continuity of care, as well as start to see new patients seeking support. The ANPA is reviewing the policy for distance consultations because being able to meet a new patient face-to-face for the first visit, or subsequent visits may not be possible. Some online platforms are more reliable than others for video-conferencing. Being able to maintain confidentiality is paramount when using any of the platforms. As soon as this policy is updated, you will receive the notification from the ANPA office via an email. Many members are already offering online support. If you are able to share how you did this and some tips to those just starting please make sure you are on the ANPA Members Facebook Page so you can share and take some questions. Thank you. We are all in this together!
Watch out for information to join with fellow ANPA colleagues for support during this challenging time. Dates and times to be advised. 
ANPA Office

ANPA Membership Renewal

ANPA is unique in that it is the only professional association exclusively serving naturopaths. We are always looking to grow our membership to better serve the profession. If you need any support regarding your membership, please contact the ANPA office.
SPECIAL OFFER: Recommend a new full member to join ANPA and receive 10% off your 2020 renewal fee once their application is approved.

Keeping Your Membership Current

Recently companies that supply supplements and other products to practitioners have changed their policies. What this means is that you will first need to verify your membership in a professional association in order to access and purchase their products. While you may have already met this requirement when setting up your account, it is a good reminder to keep your ANPA membership current. Bioceuticals, Mediherb and Metagenics require professional association membership for all products, while Bioconcepts currently requests it only for their Orthoplex White range. If you purchase products from companies not listed here, please check their policies for clarification.

A special welcome to new ANPA Members

Full members:

Piia Brownell, Emma Burgess, Sophie Cutler, Jacqueline du Plessis, Rebecca Harwood, Meghan Lague, Emma Lloyd, Lorna Mergard and Kathryn Pollard.

Student Members:

Jessica Burton, Cathrina Geldard, Kelsie Kahl and Nathan Organ.
eta brand

Eta Brand, ANPA Immediate Past President

There are important reminders for Naturopaths as we watch the international coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unfold. The information changes almost daily as more is understood about this virus and its impacts around the world. Mainstream public health messages and strategies are aiming to contain the virus, slow the spread, and flatten the curve with hopefully fewer people becoming sick at the same time. This strategy is to spare the availability of public health resources, especially in hospital settings that are in short supply. Some countries are doing better than others. Resources like ventilators and pathology testing to identify the virus continue to be in short supply. How can Naturopaths play their part in this unfolding health crisis?

Make sure you open the links at the end of this information. Lots more good support there!
Importantly, Naturopaths cannot make claims about specific medications and cannot treat communicable diseases. However, we know that there are many gaps in mainstream approaches. Sadly, treating viruses is no exception. There are many questions and some answers in a time when a 24-hour media is saturating and often scaring the public with confusing and inconsistent messaging.  Health practitioners at the front line are also trying to make sense of the best path forward.

Tracey Seipel

Bladder Control: Taboo Subject, Neglected Treatment

Sincere thanks to ANPA Fellowship Member, Tracey Seipel, for her excellent webinar in February. She presented a comprehensive insight into the complexity of bladder control and the myriad of conditions it presents. With an aging population and high obesity rates, both of which raise the risk of bladder control issues, this is a much-needed discussion. Although they seem like difficult conditions to treat, there are several common herbal medicines that can help to restore tone and function to the bladder. Breaking the stigma of bladder incontinence and spreading awareness of these treatment options for practitioners is essential for the improved health and quality of life of those suffering with these chronic conditions.
Register for this not-to-be-missed webinar here.
Renee Eldred

Renee Eldred

Where did you train as a Naturopath, and when did you qualify?
I studied at the Gold Coast campus of Endeavour College of Natural Health, and graduated in December 2018. So far, I have been in practice for one year.
What led to your joining ANPA?
After looking through the options of associations I joined ANPA for a couple of reasons. ANPA is run by and for Naturopaths. They focus on issues that only affect Naturopaths, whilst many associations represent multiple modalities. Speaking to other Naturopaths, I heard great feedback about ANPA, and so I decided to choose them as my association.


Patricia Oakley, ANPA Committee Member

Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) hosted their Healthy Breakfast for Healthy People event at Parliament House in Canberra on 12th February 2020. It was an enjoyable occasion, and I was pleased to attend on behalf of ANPA.

The Natural Therapies Review 2020 evidence submission (NTREAP) was due the following week. It was an ideal time to network with other professional associations and be updated with current issues while enjoying breakfast in the iconic Parliament House.

Greg Hunt

Health Minister Greg Hunt gave a short address. He thanked the TGA, stating that Australia’s complementary health regulation is highly respected internationally. He mentioned the treatment of chronic disease, involving a healthy diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as natural medicine, is unrivalled. Chronic disease is a large burden on the healthcare budget, and expected to increase dramatically over the next 10 years. Natural supplements prescribed by practitioners achieve improved health outcomes in chronic illness, and also generate a high revenue from export sales internationally. One of the attendees was Maurice Blackmore.
The ANPA was pleased to review more recent evidence for Naturopathy since the previous review in 2013. The Natural Therapies Review Secretariat required this new evidence submitted in their prescribed template format. All submissions of in-scope evidence will be compiled and submitted to the NHMRC Review Panel.

View the ANPA submission here.
tga news



Lesley Parker, ANPA Member (Retired)

After thirty years in clinical practice, there came a time when I felt I had been through a forest. I have now come out the other side into clear open fields.

When the Blood Type Diet protocol came into my hands I thought, “Not another diet!!”. Then, someone came into my health food shop requesting specific foods, according to the protocol. I looked into it. For me, it meant the end of experimenting. This knowledge made scientific sense. I applied this to clients’ food plans, and I found many advantages for them. For example, wheat is an agglutinin for blood type O, but limited for A, B or AB. Many are reactive to wheat, but not other glutinous flours unless they are diagnosed with coeliac disease. In my practice, the focus on allergy testing became unnecessary and food intolerances potentially eliminated using the Blood Type Diet.


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