December 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday and compliments of the season! Enjoy your holidays and return refreshed and ready for 2017.

The ANPA committee have been hard at work ready to re-launch the new improved ANPA website in January 2017. An exciting series of 2 webinars on Aromatherapy for Naturopaths. How essential oils and aromatherapy techniques can work alongside your current therapies. Early bird registration closes 31st December 2016 and the webinars start on 1st February 2017. Share the information with those you know. If there are topics particularly relevant to naturopaths that you would like to see offered in a webinar format, please contact the office. We have application forms for presenters and are open to high quality education for our members.

I am so pleased to welcome Marta Browne to the ANPA executive as Vice-President. Since she joined the ANPA committee she has been a dedicated committee member taking on many tasks to support the work of the association. She is a practitioner and busy mum of three small kids. Thank you Marta for stepping up. I know you have skills that will continue to strengthen the ANPA. I look forward to your continued excellent support and input in this role.

Continued growth is fundamental to the future of ANPA. This is every member’s opportunity. Many members join ANPA because we are only for naturopaths. What this means is we do not dilute our efforts. We run on a tight budget. Continuing to be resilient requires many more members each year. I am asking each member to introduce one new member in 2017. If you need support in doing this … then please reach out. Our admin staff as well as committee members are happy to assist.  

Let's keep the light of Naturopathy burning bright.

Yours in good health.


Editor, ANPA President

Office Holiday Hours

Closes: Friday December 23rd 2016

Re-opens: Tuesday January 3rd 2017

There are three new private health insurers who recognise ANPA members as providers for Naturopathy.

Please use your ANPA membership number on your client receipts for APIA and Qantas.

Budget Direct will use your ARHG Provider Listing for Alternative Therapies.


Full Members 

Marianne Fernance, Nicholas Filippakis, Ian Flay, Vanessa Goldsmith, Debbie Lam, Judy Palankay and Alexandra Preston.

Student Members 

Susie Bland, Eberle Brooke, Sophie Buchinger, Samantha Carcour, Asha Clarke, Kelly Dickinson, Jan Discombe, Susan Doumtsis, Evie Grbin, Olfa Hafsa, Jodi-lee Howlett, Barbara Jamesson, Tanya Jones, Monika Kurkiewicz, Vanessa Mcdougall, Vicky Melis, Joanne Murphy, Maree Noonan, Nick Psegiannakis, Diana Ristevski, Madeline Spawton, Emma Van den driest, Tanja Vrljic and Leone Wilson.

10 Student Winners!


A special thank you to those students who filled out the recent ANPA student survey. We now have a better idea of the important issues that you have raised. We are still in the process of reviewing all the data. Congratulations to ten lucky student members: Desiree Davis, Cindy Currie, Vincent Bowyer, Judith Ruggeri, Alexander Brown, Kate  McColm, Belinda Anderson, Catherine Ryall, Olfa Hafsa and Terri Stevenson.                                                

A special thank you to the sponsors who have generously donated prizes: Ariya Health, Bioceuticals, BioMedica, Brauer, Healthworld, Herbal Extract, Integria/Mediherb, NRG and Research Nutrition.

Well done to all students who have completed another year! If you need mentoring, please make contact with the office. We have a list of full members who are willing to offer you support. Please take advantage of this benefit we have to offer you.

Special congratulations to those students who have now completed their finals.

Remember ANPA is the only association that only looks after naturopaths.

We are ready to continue to support you as you transition from student to professional naturopath.

Contact the office if you need any assistance with filling out applications and what you need to do to become an ANPA full member.


Janet Haworth

Where did you train as a naturopath?  
I was lucky enough to have trained as a naturopath at Southern Cross University in Lismore and graduated with a B. Naturopathy in April 2003. In addition, I have been a qualified Registered Nurse (RN) since 1992. I have a Graduate Diploma in Health as well as a Masters in Nursing.
How many years have you been in practice? 
I went into practice in Brisbane for a year after graduating, before moving to Darwin. I practiced for a couple of years in Darwin. I gave up my professional membership and practice and moved to the Sunshine Coast QLD after my son was born in 2008. I re-established myself as a practicing Naturopath early in 2016.
What led to your joining ANPA?
In 2016 I decided enough was enough and wanted to re-establish myself in practice again. I sat down to explore my options and I noticed that the professional association landscape now offered a naturopath-run association solely for naturopaths. This interested me, as I wanted my association to reflect my values as well as being there to support the profession of Naturopathy. There are many issues that we as naturopaths are faced with and I felt I could support my profession by being involved in a profession run association.  
What motivated you to become a naturopath?
My journey in the health profession began as a Registered Nurse. I graduated as a RN when I was 20 years old. Working as a nurse I noticed that there was a huge gap in the way the medical model operates. We weren’t preventing any illness or chronic disease. The band-aid approach just wasn’t working. Individuals didn’t have the skills or knowledge to make good health choices. I also felt that as a society we depended far too much on others for our health care, and the dependence on the pharmaceutical industry often caused more harm than good. Whilst backpacking through Africa in the early 1990s I listened to local guides discussing herbal medicine as they showed us different plants for different symptoms. This really inspired me to study naturopathy. I love to empower individuals to healthy lifestyle practices in order to reach and maintain their full health potential.
Is this motivation still the same now compared to when you first began?
I think nowadays I am even more inspired to empower individuals to health. Working in renal medicine for the last 20 years within a hospital setting, I have been around too many cases of serious illness and shortened lifespan due to preventable disease. Waking people up to the reality that there is no magic pill to fix kidney failure is not my idea of a fulfilling job. Empowering individuals to prevent chronic disease by living well and making good choices is something I love to do.
What modalities do you mainly use in your practice?   
I use herbal and nutritional medicine, lifestyle counselling, flower essences and homeopathy. I also have a Bio Impedance Analysis Machine for body composition analysis. I was taught to use massage as well, however I don’t use that so much anymore.
Do you have a vision for naturopathy in Australia?  
I do believe that each of us individuals should have a naturopath. Even we naturopaths! My vision for naturopathy is that we are the first line health stop for individuals. If we all went to naturopaths routinely we would certainly influence the chronic disease landscape substantially. I do think societal change is required in order to change the belief system of ‘disease treatment’ to ‘disease prevention’. This begins with us as individuals teaching society and other health professionals of our role in health management and disease prevention. Then we may see change and more acceptance of our profession as a whole.
What are your interests besides naturopathy?
I love nature, of course, and try to get out amongst it as often as I can by going camping. I do what I can to be an active member of the community and you will often find me at the farmers’ market or at the gym.
What words of wisdom would you share with a new graduate naturopath? 
Believe in yourself, get out there and get as much experience as you can interacting with other health professionals.


February 1st & 8th 2017: 
romatherapy for Naturopaths (1 & 2)

with E Joy Bowles PhD, BSc (Hons)

How essential oils and aromatherapy techniques can work alongside your current therapies, with a special focus on dosage, safety, essential oil quality, and current evidence.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:  
  • Clinical conditions and ailments that could be treated with essential oils
  • Appropriate oils, doses and application methods
  • Top 5 most useful essential oils, chemical constituents and supporting scientific evidence.
Dr E Joy Bowles is a gifted and entertaining speaker, published author and international presenter. She developed the first course in essential oil chemistry in Australia. She completed her doctorate on the effects of essential oils on cognitive function in dementia. Dr Bowles is now establishing a global network of researchers to provide a comprehensive evidence base for the use of essential oils in mainstream health care.
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