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We are living in hard times – and not the least of our problems is climate change. We’ve already altered the climate so much that we’re plagued by extreme hurricanes and fires, the coral reefs are dying, and drought is leading to refugee crises all over the world. The recent reports from scientists say the situation is dire and we have very little time to make very big changes if we are to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. The scale of the disaster and the scale of the changes needed are overwhelming. It can be enough to make you want to crawl into bed and give up.

But I’m not going to do that, and I hope you won’t either.

These days, I’m doubling down on the work for a livable planet. I’m working overtime and so are most activists and organizers I know. We are not giving up. Will you help us do this work by making a contribution to Alliance for a Green Economy?

Today is Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”). Giving Tuesday is one of my favorite days, because on this day, the generosity of tens of thousands of people across the country helps propel social change organizations and charities forward. I hope you’ll participate today. And in the spirit of doubling down, a foundation is matching all contributions until we reach our goal of $2,500.

I’ve been involved in social movements for over two decades, and I’ve seen amazing things happen when people don’t give up. I’ve seen things get worse, but then get better because people keep going in the hardest of times. I’ve seen things I never thought I’d see if I lived to be 100 years old happen in the blink of an eye. Because when people fight together, when they support each other, when they confront the status quo and the corporations that fight to preserve it, when they say the hard truths about what they need to survive – guess what? Sometimes they win!

We need some big changes, but just because they are big doesn’t mean they are impossible. We have to get to 100% renewable energy as fast as we can. We have to replace the enormous amounts of gas and oil used for heating and driving with sustainable sources. We have to reduce the amount of energy our society uses while still making sure people have heat, lights, refrigeration, and other necessities. Making these changes will require unprecedented levels of public awareness and education. They will require us to take collective action to wrest control over energy decisions from the large corporate investors and put power and resources in the hands of our communities so we can make the choices that will save our lives. They will require us to coordinate at every level, from our homes to the halls of power, and to move quickly and strategically.

I’ve made a commitment to do everything I can to make these changes happen. And I’m not alone. I’m lucky to work with two amazing women who, despite the terrifying climate news, get out of bed every day and work as hard as they can to manifest the rapid and revolutionary changes needed in our energy system. And we are not alone. AGREE has a vibrant Steering Committee and dozens of volunteers that work with us on our various projects and campaigns. We work with colleagues in other organizations across the state who share our vision and our passion, and we are buoyed by hundreds of thousands of individuals like you who have joined the climate movement and are doing their part to shift the political conditions and make change possible. 

Together, we won an ambitious energy efficiency standard in New York this year. We have secured over $20 million in new incentives for geothermal and air source heat pumps over the last two years, providing an alternative to fossil fuel heating. We have helped stop utility gas expansion projects. We have built public support for the right to move our money out of nuclear subsidies and toward renewable energy instead. We have trained hundreds of people about the energy system. And we have forced changes to utility policy in order to enable more community solar to be built across the state. We are not done, but we have made some important steps toward the energy transition we know is necessary.

At AGREE we are very lucky to have support from some foundations who provide a large part of our budget and this allows us to spend less time fundraising and more time doing the work. But we do rely on individual donations to get us the rest of the way there. We need to raise $5,000 by the end of this year to stay on track financially. If we can raise $2,500 from people like you, we have a foundation that will give us a matching grant of $2,500.

I humbly ask for your support today. You can make a tax-deductible donation here.

No amount is too small, and remember that every dollar you give will be doubled until we’ve met our match.

Thank you so much. 

Jessica Azulay
Executive Director
Alliance for a Green Economy

Alliance for a Green Economy is a grassroots operation, working on a shoestring budget to pull off ambitious work. Every dollar we receive is used for public education, coalition building, and advocacy toward a 100% renewable energy system in New York State. No donation is too small to make a difference.
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