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HOX ZODIAC Animal Gathering Honoring the

Het Lam Gods (The Lamb of God, The Ghent Altarpiece), Jan van Eyck/Hubert van Eyck, 1432
Victoria Vesna &
Siddharth Ramakrishnan


Invite You to Participate in Storytelling & Sharing Food for the Evolving Cookbook Featuring the SHEEP/GOAT!


SATURDAY, Aug 13, 
12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm EDT
Year of the TIGER, 2022


In a Series of Monthly Animal Gatherings, 
We Move Around the Wheel of the Chinese Zodiac. We are on the 8th Animal...SHEEP/GOAT! 

A Sheep and Goat by Chinese painter Zhao Mengfu, Handscroll, ink on paper, circa 1300
[The subscription at the left of the painting states Zhao's motivation for the work:  "I have painted horses before, but have never painted sheep [or goats]. So when Zhongxin requested a painting, I playfully drew these for him from life. Though I cannot get close to the ancient masters, I have managed somewhat to capture their essential spirit."]

 Featuring Fantastic People Born in the Sign of the SHEEP/GOAT

Siddharth Ramakrishnan (Seattle)

Siddarth Ramakrishnan is interested in the cusp of disciplines and the dialog that arises at that juncture. Art and Science have long been thought to be completely divergent fields, but he believes that there is a lot to be discovered by blending the two, and by allowing scientists and artists to engage with one another.
Janis Wilkins (NY)

Janis Wilkins, a native New Yorker, has been creating photographs, graphic designs and art for 35 years.  Much of her work is informed by her extensive travels.  

She designs for ArtGraphica, where she is Creative Director. ArtGraphica creates branded logos with related print and online roll-outs, CD packages and promotions for foundations, record companies and businesses. Clients have included two International Symposiums on Micro-Finance and Restorative Justice, held in Cali, Colombia, attended by Nobel Prize winners, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Mohammad Yunus.

In addition to design, her photographic portrait series of ten distinguished women form the visual basis for the recent Rizzoli book penned by Tziporah Salamon, “The Art of Dressing”. Her photographic and design work can be seen on many musical releases and print materials.  

With special Hox guests honoring the sheep with their stories / food:


Lili No (TIGER / Slovenia)

CC Hart (SNAKE / SF)  

Jim Gimzewski (RABBIT / NY)

Maroon Tabbal (RAT / Ireland)


Flash Back to Siddharth's Hox Zodiac Dinner Gathering Held on July 30, 2022

"On the wake of the Leo new moon, on July 30th, 2022 the Sheep (Siddharth) gathered a group of friends for a private Hox dinner gathering. Aside from a monkey, a rooster and a tiger, there were four dragons! (What is a bunch of dragons called anyway? A host? A flock?). Dragon fruit -cod tacos, ginger vodka, Japanese curry, chicken with black rice, idlis and many more delicacies were shared - along with conversations that ranged from poetry to love letters to children’s books, history of roosters, Roe V Wade and abortions  and conservation in Chile. There was many a laugh and story shared, yet another memorable Hox Zodiac Dinner."

Recommended Plate for the SHEEP/GOAT

EAT or be EATEN --
SHEEP/GOAT -- offer yourself as the animal or what is recommended for you.


Josefa de Ayala, circa 1650


While we consume, co-habit, collaborate, and even

create animals around us - we as humans forget that

we ourselves are animals. Animals serve as our

foods, offer companionship, are sacrificed for

science and are entwined in our myths and stories -

yet always take a back seat as we move forward.

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