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Elise Y. 

Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University

The Sci|Art Lab + Studio Summer Institute was more than just an activity to check off in my college applications; it was a character-building, friendship-building, and skill-building experience that I will never forget. From intriguing labs and lectures to fun-filled learning adventures with my new friends, the program allowed me to grow as a person while exploring the many ways science and art intersect. At UCLA, I wasn’t just a student—I became an innovator and a much better critical thinker and writer (the daily blogs really paid off!), and I was able to display all of this growth and increased interest in “STEAM” in my college applications.

Anna W.

Pharmacology and Drug Development, University of Southern California


The Sci Art Program definitely prepared me for college because the learning we did took a more creative and applied approach, rather than standard note taking and testing, which is what I experienced in high school. Also, I was responsible for most of my learning and I truly think that since I put in so much effort, I got a lot out of it and I held a lot of responsibility in learning that I hadn’t really had to hold before. And other than the learning, there was a really strong community that was formed through lectures and labs. Being able to experience a college class and actively partake in learning that was applicable to what I actually wanted to pursue in life was definitely an opportunity I would recommend for other students.

Esther N. 
Arts and Entertainment Technologies, University of Texas at Austin

SciArt was a really great experience to implement my creative thinking into various technical principles. The program helped me diversify my portfolio and experiment with various forms of interactive media, including AR and VR illustration, which greatly impacted my decision to pursue Arts and Entertainment Technologies major at the University of Texas at Austin.

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