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Victoria Vesna and the UCLA Art Sci collective invite you to experience 

Fulcrum Festival: [Alien] Star Dust Meets Plankton

N/S Projections & Sound Walk  

Date: Fri. Sept. 23, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Broad Arts Center
Event Price: Free
Parking: UCLA Parking Structure 3 ($3 per hour)

[Alien] Star Dust Meets Plankton is an iteration of ALIEN STAR DUST: Signal to Noise, a multifaceted and multidisciplinary project conceptualized and created by artist Victoria Vesna, which originally premiered March 10, 2020 in Vienna at the meteorite gallery of the Natural History Museum. This research-based art project invites viewers to gain an intimate understanding of the importance and complexity of dust and microbes.

Every creature contains hydrogen atoms and every material element is manufactured in stars through their fusion. Humans, along with their myriad siblings of animals, plants, insects, plankton, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, are created from stardust by nuclear fusion. We all function together in vibratory fields from the bottom up, just as nature and nanotechnology work.

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Visitor Information

Projections of plankton on the northern side of UCLA’s campus will happen in parallel to projections of meteorites exploding on the campus’s southern end. Audiences are invited to make the walk from one side of the campus to the other while listening on their phones to the binaural sounds of explosions of the cosmos mixed with underwater noises. This sensorial experience will also be available online as a collective meditation

To experience the full scope of [Alien] Star Dust Meets Plankton, start at the Broad Arts Center, North Campus and immerse yourself in the Noise Aquarium, then follow the map and guided soundscape to the Planetarium, South Campus. End by immersing yourself in [Alien] Star Dust.

Each 30-minute cycle starts on the hour and the half-hour. Bring mobile device and headphones. 

Public parking is available at a wide variety of parking lots on the UCLA campus for $13.00 per car, per day. The closest parking to the Broad Arts Center is located in Lot 3.

[Alien] Star Dust Meets Plankton is curated by Anuradha Vikram and produced by Victoria Vesna in collaboration with the UCLA Art|Sci Collective: James Gimzewski, Paul Geluso, Ivana Dama, Clinton Van Arman, Alfred Vendl, Martina Froeschl, John Brumley, Santiago Torres, Ivy Lovett, and Sunaina Bose.

About the Artist

Victoria Vesna is an artist and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Department of Design Media Arts and is Director of the UCLA Art|Sci Center. With her installations she investigates how communication technologies affect collective behavior and perceptions of identity shift in relation to scientific innovation (PhD, University of Wales, 2000). Her work involves long-term collaborations with composers, nano-scientists, neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, and she brings this experience to students. She has exhibited her work in more than 20 solo exhibitions, 70 group shows, has been published in over 20 papers and given over 100 invited talks in the last decade.

About the Art Sci Collective Members

Ivana Dama studies Design Media Arts at UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture. Born and raised under a post-communist regime in Serbia, Ivana explores the infusion of technology with traditional art practices. While only a young child when the bombings began, images of the destruction still clearly permeate her mind. The memories of living in a small shelter, with the sounds of bombs and vibrations, contributed to her interests in sound and space ranging from microscopic, architectural, and satellite scale. Ivana uses the variety of media including audio visual installations, metal engraving as well as a range of open source software for creative coding.

John Brumley is an artist and researcher based in California. John's work focuses on using mixed reality systems to promote collaboration in physical space, while engaging with digital skill sets, constant distractions, and hidden infrastructure. John has a PhD in Empowerment Informatics from the University of Tsukuba, MFA in Design Media Arts from UCLA, and BA in music from UC Davis. 

Santiago Torres is an astrophysicist working as a postdoctoral scholar in UCLA's Physics and Astronomy department. His research focuses on the dynamical interactions of different celestial bodies, from stars to planets and comets. Santiago obtained his Ph.D. in Astrophysics at Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands. Since then, he has also explored the universe through Art and traverses the intersection between Art and Science. Santiago is currently developing the project: ScienceArt:Collective {SA:C}, a space to connect and initiate collaborations between scientists and artists worldwide. Santiago has published his scientific work in several high-impact journals in astrophysics.

Ivy Lovett is an artist, designer, and avid doodler based in Southern California. Her work aims to integrate illustration into a variety of media, playfully weaving together themes of nostalgia, memory, and eclecticism as a way of exploring the relationship between the tangible and the digital. Aside from her main body of work, she is an active graphic artist and multimedia instructor. She received her B.A. in Design | Media Arts from UCLA’s School of Arts & Architecture.

Sunaina Bose is a student at UCLA’s Design Media Arts program. Her work explores the undercurrents of reality and the impact it has on her life and the life of others. She is now focusing on developing skills that will lead her towards the UI/UX and artificial intelligence aspects of design.

About the Fulcrum Festival

Fulcrum Arts is pleased to present Deep Ocean/Deep Space, a regional celebration across Greater Los Angeles that foregrounds the union of art and science as a powerful engine of contemporary culture. Featuring a robust program of exhibitions, performances, lectures, screenings, and workshops presented by over a dozen partner organizations, Deep Ocean/Deep Space provides public opportunities for discovering the fascinations and tensions catalyzed by two arenas of human knowledge often considered opposites. 

Our 2022 edition looks above (to the furthest reaches of space) and below (to the depths of the oceans) and revels in the mysteries that surround us. By mirroring one abyss against another, it seeks to go beyond what we know about the universe thanks to the extraordinary discoveries made by astronomy and oceanography.

We invite our communities to gather in the spirit of exploration and contemplate the incredible, impossible symmetries to which we all belong, just as we invite our communities to interrogate these symmetries in terms both immediate and infinite, from our critical ecological entanglements to the vastness of the frontiers that inspired this celebration.

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