HOX ZODIAC Animal gathering honoring the 


Buraq with Taj Mahal, poster bought in Delhi. Sandria Freitag personal collection.
Victoria Vesna &
Siddharth Ramakrishnan


Invite you to participate in storytelling & sharing food for the evolving cookbook featuring HORSE!

12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm EDT
Year of the TIGER, 2022


In a series of Monthly Animal Gatherings, 
we move around the Wheel of the Chinese Zodiac. We are on the 7th animal...HORSE! 

Male deity with Uchchaihshravas, gouache on paper, Rajasthan School
circa 1790-1810, India

Featuring fantastic people born in the sign of the HORSE! 

Linda Weintraub (New York)
Linda Weintraub practices eco art as an author, artist, educator, curator, and homesteader. Throughout her career she has championed the outposts of vanguard experimentation in the arts as they have evolved over the decades. Weintraub has curated over fifty exhibitions. She is the author of innumerable essays and several books exploring contemporary art and ecology.  
They include WHAT’s NEXT? Eco Materialism & Contemporary Art (2018), To LIFE! Eco Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet” (2012), and Avant-Guardians (2007), a series of textlets titled EcoCentric Topics: Pioneering Themes for Eco-Art; Cycle-Logical Art: Recycling Matters for Eco-Art; EnvironMentalities: Twenty-two Approaches to Eco-Art. Additionally, she is the author of such popular books as Art on the Edge & Over, and In the Making: Creative Options for Contemporary Art.    


Aleksa Mara (Los Angeles)

Aleksa Mara has spent her entire career in the branded experience space. Aleksa has produced live events for Vanity Fair, Coca-Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, Glossier, Kanye West and more. She managed the experiential marketing launch of Absolut Elyx in the US while working with The Projects agency before starting her own creative agency in 2017, AMARA Studio - which quickly became the exclusive experiential agency for EQUINOX.

At the turn of the pandemic, Aleksa Mara was the Director of Experience for Conscious City Guide where she pivoted from producing festivals to producing virtual events and live-stream concerts for millions of viewers.  Aleksa has produced a documentary for Netflix, and is the co-founder of Mountain Gate - a dinner series for entrepreneurs with 3,000 members in 3 cities. 

She has co-founded multiple startups before founding Boxxie - The Corporate Gifting Agency in July 2020.

Maryam Razi (Tehran)
Maryam Razi is a graphic designer, eyewear designer and independent curator based in Tehran and Southern California, with special interest in intersections of transdisciplinary innovative projects involving art, science and technology. Maryam is passionate about building a transdisciplinary platform for Iranian media artists, scientists and all who believe in variable realities to join, collaborate and discover. Maryam has served as the chair of  LASER talks in Tehran (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) since 2017.


Petia Morozov (New Jersey)

For over 30 years, Petia has been deploying design as a powerful tool to re-ignite curiosity and meaningful engagement with the world around us. She draws from her experiences in architecture, interiors, infrastructure, product design, retail branding, landscape, transportation, interaction design, systems thinking, place keeping and public programming to spark social, cultural and environmental worth in every project.

MADLAB, DesignShed and DENSE serve as creative settings to affirm her commitment to design's catalytic potential. Petia worked with individuals, organizations, hotels, museums, and non-profit institutions to help them realize their vision, with projects ranging from innovative buildings, to cutting edge retail concepts, to custom light fixtures, to non-profit rebranding strategies, to traveling exhibitions.


A Sneak Peek from the first Hox Zodiac dinner gathering in Tehran hosted by Maryam Razi (HORSE) on June 2nd, 2022

Recommended Ingredients for the Horse

EAT or be EATEN --
HORSE -- offer yourself as the animal or what is recommended for you.

A painting, depicting Bahram Gur (the 15th king of Sassanid Empire) taking aim at an open-mouthed dragon, is attributed to Muhammad Paolo Zaman Kirmani known as Muhammad Zaman, a famous Safavid calligrapher and painter.



While we consume, co-habit, collaborate, and even

create animals around us - we as humans forget that

we ourselves are animals. Animals serve as our

foods, offer companionship, are sacrificed for

science and are entwined in our myths and stories -

yet always take a back seat as we move forward.

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