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Use discount code SLC2016 for 25% off select products through 1/25/2016.

Not long ago, I sold my house and moved the family into a couple African safari tents somewhere just outside Fort Worth, Texas. They’re pretty cool. Come to find out, tents don’t have much in the way of closet space (they’re also not great in tornados, but I’ll tell you about that another time).


You should’ve seen the closets in my old house. Stacked to the ceiling with cool leather designs. But these tents we moved into don’t have many closets and Suzette pretty much filled the ones we have, so I need to unload some of this stuff. Tent sale, closet sale, whatever you want to call it. I think we can both agree to call it 25% off.
I don’t do this very often, and I'm sharing it with a group I think might especially be interested instead of everyone I know (yet), so go nuts.

Just use the discount code SLC2016 at checkout.
This code is only good through 1/25/2016, and is only while I've still got these items to sell, so if you want it, might want to move on it quick.
Description Color Size SKU (for Customer Service if needed)
Clutch Purse Tobacco Small 01-11-0010-SM-TO-NP-C
Digital Paper Sleeve Dark Coffee Brown   01-39-0012-DCB-NP-C
Dog Collar Carbon Large - 1.25" 01-35-0005-LG-CN-1.25-C
Dog Collar Carbon Medium - .75" 01-35-0005-MD-CN-0.75-C
Dog Collar Carbon Small - .75" 01-35-0005-SM-CN-0.75-C
Dog Collar Dark Coffee Brown Medium - .75" 01-35-0005-MD-DCB-0.75-C
Dog Leash Carbon .75" 01-35-0010-CB-0.75-4-C
Dog Leash Carbon 1.25" 01-35-0010-CB-1.25-4-C
Dog Sitting Tags Dark Coffee Brown   01-35-0016-DCB-C
Dog Sitting Tags Black   01-35-0016-BK-C
Dog Sitting Tags Chestnut   01-35-0016-CH-C
Dog Sitting Tags Tobacco   01-35-0016-TO-C
Dry Bag Dark Coffee Brown Medium 01-10-0003-MD-DCB-NP-C
Front Pocket Backpack Chestnut Medium 01-20-0003-MD-CH-NP-C
Gadget Bag Chestnut Large 01-10-0004-LG-CH-NP-C
Gadget Bag Chestnut Medium 01-10-0004-MD-CH-NP-C
Gadget Bag Dark Coffee Brown Medium 01-10-0004-MD-DCB-NP-C
Gadget Sleeve Black Large 01-30-0023-LG-BK-NP-C
Gadget Sleeve Dark Coffee Brown Large 01-30-0023-LG-DCB-NP-C
Gadget Sleeve Dark Coffee Brown Medium 01-30-0024-MD-DCB-NP-C
Gadget Sleeve Tobacco Large 01-30-0023-LG-TO-NP-C
Gun Sleeve Chestnut   01-45-0003-CH-NP-C
Gun Sleeve Dark Coffee Brown   01-45-0003-DCB-NP-C
Gun Sleeve Tobacco   01-45-0003-TO-NP-C
iPad Air 2 Sleeve Black   01-30-0010-BK-NP-C
iPad Air Case Black   01-30-0008-BK-NP-C
iPad Air Case Chestnut   01-30-0008-CH-NP-C
iPhone 6 Case Black iPhone 6 01-30-0031-SM-BK-NP-C
iPhone 6 Case Dark Coffee Brown iPhone 6 01-30-0031-SM-DCB-NP-C
iPhone 6 Case Tobacco iPhone 6 01-30-0031-SM-TO-NP-C
iPhone 6 Plus Case Dark Coffee Brown iPhone 6+ 01-30-0031-LG-DCB-NP-C
iPhone 6 Plus Case Tobacco iPhone 6+ 01-30-0031-LG-TO-NP-C
Long Trifold Wallet Black   01-40-0010-BK-NP-C
Old Bull Belt Carbon 42" 01-50-0005-42-CB-C
Old Bull Belt Chestnut 44" 01-50-0005-44-CH-C
Old Bull Belt - Built in the USA Chestnut 42" 01-50-0004-42-CH-C
Old Bull Belt - Built in the USA Chestnut 44" 01-50-0004-44-CH-C
Pistol Wrap Black Medium 01-45-0002-MD-BK-NP-C
Pistol Wrap Black Small 01-45-0002-SM-BK-NP-C
Pistol Wrap Chestnut Small 01-45-0002-SM-CH-NP-C
Pistol Wrap Dark Coffee Brown Small 01-45-0002-SM-DCB-NP-C
Side Pocket Duffel Black Large 01-60-0004-LG-BK-NP-C
Simple Backpack Black Medium 01-20-0002-MD-BK-NP-C
Simple Backpack Chestnut Large 01-20-0002-LG-CH-NP-C
Simple Backpack Chestnut Medium 01-20-0002-MD-CH-NP-C
Suitcase Black Large 01-60-0007-LG-BK-NP-C
Tote Bag Black Large 01-11-0005-LG-BK-NP-C
Unisex Bracelet Black   CLC-BRTA-BK
Waterbag Black Medium 01-60-0009-MD-BK-NP-C
Waterbag Dark Coffee Brown Large 01-60-0009-LG-DCB-NP-C
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