October 2014

Changing a Skin Panel

During a stormy night, a ladder had blown across the apron and hit a PC-12 in the aft fuselage section, just behind the pressure bulkhead. The skin was cut and penetrated, stringers bent and damaged.

After evaluation, damage report, preparations, receiving all parts in Vamdrup and tooling up, the two-man repair team was picked up by another PC-12 and flown almost 8 hours to the scene of the repair in Russia...

See and read the full photo case

Diesel engines in Norway

At the moment, we are finalizing the formalities regarding an approval for Centurion diesel engine installations and service in Norway.

Photo: The popular Piper Archer DX - the new diesel engine aircraft from the American manufacturer.

JetExpo in Moscow

September 4th - 6th we attended JetExpo at Moscow, Russia - the top business aviation show in Eastern Europe and Asia. We have had a lot of new contacts, customers and leads and look forward to working with them.

NB! More than 80 world leading companies exhibited at the show - and more than 8000 visitors attended the show.

Please welcome …

In 2014, we have been hiring a number of new employees, so please say hi to (from left): Marina Klausen (Logistics), Frederik Seidenfaden (Apprentice), Jesper Betak (Avionic Technician) and Nic Bonnen (Aircraft Technician) - plus Knut Tronrud in Norway (not in this photo).
We wish everyone blue skies and many happy landings! 

Best regards,

Air Service Vamdrup 

Denmark: Lufthavnsvej 7A, DK-6580 Vamdrup
Tel.: +45 75 58 37 08

Norway: Flyplassveien 25, N-3514 Hønefoss
Tel.: +47 21 999 708

More employees in Norway

At our facilities in Norway, at Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park, close to Oslo, we are super busy at the moment. As a result, we have several employees stationed there on a regular day-to-day basis.

"Since May, when we launched our new facilities at Eggemoen, we have had busy days," said Torben Biehl Jensen, Business Development Director at Air Service Vamdrup and responsible for the company's affairs in Norway.

"We meet new customers almost every day - and everyone is so interested and happy that we are there. Both single and twin engine aircraft owners and helicopter owners from the valley, the mountains and the city from all over the Oslo area come to see us. It's great to be here, up and running on a day-to-day basis, and we look forward to maintaining a lot of wonderful Norwegian aircraft and helicopters."

See our capability list (Denmark/ Norway)

Our regular staff at Eggemoen - from left: Knut Tronrud (Logisics Staff), Lars Kristensen (former RDAF Helicopter Engineer), Torben Biehl Jensen (Fixed Wing & Piston Helicopter Engineer) and Morten Dates Jørgensen (Fixed Wing & Helicopter Engineer).

Busy in Vamdrup

At our facilities in Vamdrup, things are also adding up. We have many exciting jobs on the everyday to-do-list, including inspections of a number of Russian Pilatus PC12 aircraft. 

We are happy to always have a lot of maintenance jobs to do for aircraft and helicopter owners in Denmark, Northern Europe and Russia.

At the moment, we have several Pilatus PC12 aircraft flying in from Russia to have service, inspections etc. performed. In addition we do a lot of maintenance on small single and twin engine aircraft these days.

How may we help you? Get an overview in the 'Maintenance' menu on our website

Preparing for R66 Service

Key helicopter technicians from our staff are preparing for Robinson 66 service in Norway and Denmark. So we'll soon be ready to welcome those of you who fly this wonderful helicopter. Contact us for further info.

BONUS - about the R66: The Robinson R66 Turbine retains many of the design features of the R44, including a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic, and an open interior cabin configuration. Notable differences are the R66's increased reserve power, improved altitude performance, fifth seat, and large baggage compartment. Popular upgrades including HID landing lights, leather seats, and a stereo audio control panel are standard in the R66.
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