November 2014 - Special Edition/ Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter

Guimbal Cabri G2: Performance

Engine: Lycoming O-360/ 180 derated to 145 shp.

Max cruise speed: 100 kts.
Cruise speed: 95 kts.
VNE (sea level): 130 kts.

Hover ceiling IGE: 5000 ft.
Hover ceiling OGE (154 kg crew + 2 hrs fuel): 7500 ft.

Service ceiling: 12500 ft

Max range: (15 min. reserve): 380 NM

NB! Certified under falling snow.
Mo-gas approved via Service Bulletin.


The Flypad 

With all its exclusive features, the iPad support has been a bestseller since its introduction: More than one per helicopter is sold - some have one on each side! Needless to say, it’s not easy to keep up with the constant evolution of the tablets. A new version of the support is now available on new helicopters and for retrofit: It nicely fits the newest iPad Air and accommodates any iPhone or iPad Mini for charging.

No Life-Limited Components

The Cabri G2 has no life-limited components, meaning: On condition – no calendar! … meaning: Super efficient maintenance costs!
Main gear box & tail gear box overhaul: 2200 hrsFuel tank: 15 years. 

The Maintenance-Free Rotor

… is incredibly strong, amazingly maneuverable and comes with a lot of inertia for safe, demonstrative and forgiving utorotations. 

You may fly with confidence in winds and turbulence that would ground most light helicopters. The Fenestron tail rotor provides excellent maneuverability and safety for people on the ground. Crosswinds and flare become a no-brainer.


The innovative emergency float installation offers unusual features: No change in performance or flight envelope, removal/ installation in minutes by the pilot due to quick-disconnects, manual or automatic deployment by high-reliability sensors.

Roomy Cockpit

Cabri occupants enjoy a roomy, luxurious, leather-clad cockpit, with perfect all-round visibility and outstanding ergonomics.

We wish everyone blue skies and many happy landings! 

Best regards,

Air Service Vamdrup 

Denmark: Lufthavnsvej 7A, DK-6580 Vamdrup
Tel.: +45 75 58 37 08

Norway: Flyplassveien 25, N-3514 Hønefoss
Tel.: +47 21 999 708

Welcome to the Guimbal Cabri G2!

As you might very well know, we are the official dealer and service center for this magnificent light helicopter. The French company founder, Bruno Guimbal, is a former Eurocopter engineer, and it shows in the details of the helicopter ... 

The 2007 EASA type certified Guimbal Cabri G2 is a Lycoming O360-J2A-powered, 100 kts, 2 seat, 3 blade helicopter. Ergonomically and beautifully designed, the Cabri G2 is a sleek and modern helicopter, perfect for many uses:

  1. Professionals (helicopter pilots, photo flying, aerial work, operators, flight schools, etc.)
  2. Helicopter “1st timers”
  3. Event flying

There's a new boy in town
We can't wait to welcome our new Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter (s/n 1083), in Vamdrup, Denmark, in January 2015 - ready for sale! Contact us for a demo booking in January - in Vamdrup, Denmark, or at Eggemoen, Norway.

Succesful G2 Year:
Playing with the Big Boys

The last year has been marked with remarkable successes of the Cabri G2 now playing with the big boys. After having captured several pioneers and advanced flight schools in Germany, France, Sweden, UK, the helicopter is building its reputation as a workhorse - the best private and professional trainer available.

Historical and prestigious aviation organizations in the world selected the Cabri G2 as their future training helicopter, e.g. the French historical Oil & Gas operator Heli-Union, the Polish Air Force, VNH, the national helicopter operator of Vietnam, the Lithuanian Flight Academy in Vilnius - and new big ones are preparing to join the club …

(Photo: The first two Cabris of the Polish Air Force Academy).

Easy to Fly

The Guimbal Cabri G2 is every pilot’s dream:
  1. Modern and ergonomically designed
  2. Superior flight qualities
  3. Great all-round visibility - 180 degree view
  4. Spacious cabin for two
  5. Multi function smart glass display (“glass cockpit”)
  6. Smart and especially accurate fuel computer
  7. Dual electrical trim
  8. Fenestron tail rotor for low noise level, smooth handling & excellent maneuverability
  9. Automatic carburetor heat
  10. Advanced vibration isolation for very smooth ride
  11. 200-liter separate luggage compartment with external door and internal access + 20-liter forward compartment
  12. Hard point for 220 kg capacity cargo hook.

Multi-Function Display at its Best

The heart of the avionics is the EPM, a dedicated multi-function display monitoring 36 parameters of the helicopter and providing advanced functions like: Smart power indicator, engine and rotor RPM, advanced fuel computer, automatic carburetor heating, and gearbox chip detectors.

Safety First

The Cabri G2 is the only piston engine helicopter certified under the most stringent EASA CS-27 regulation. It features many safety-oriented innovations:
  1. A 3-blade fully articulated main rotor head
  2. Fenestron shrouded tail rotor (Eurocopter-like)
  3. A cabin and seats with unique energy-absorbing devices to protect the crew in a crash
  4. Crash protection up to 2000 ft/min impact
  5. Lightning strike protection
  6. High damage tolerance
  7. A fuel cell designed for impact protection and circuit
  8. Several advanced digital avionics designed to improve safety
Optional: Quick-removal, integrated pop-out floats.
Read more about the Guimbal Cabri G2 - ENJOY! :-)
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