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Fake Chefs Cooking Fake Meat
Today, Blue Apron announced that they are partnering with Beyond Meat. And since $BYND is hot hot hot, it caused $APRN (a stock that is normally not not not), to pop pop pop 61%. They came back down to close the day up 35%. 

 “Blue Apron customers can now order meal kits for delivery in August that will include Beyond Meat's plant-based proteins.” $APRN did a reverse split last month as to not get delisted, while $BYND has soared since its recent IPO in May. $BYND was also up over 3% today. Can sexy new partnerships save the meal kit service? 

The ‘Za
Domino’s has been expanding by adding more stores to existing markets in order to make deliveries faster, as third-party delivery services pose a threat. Critics say this new growth strategy has been negatively affecting same-store sales growth. By the numbers, that may be true, since same-store sales grew by only 3%. $DPZ was down 8.7% today.

It All Started with Opium
$LK has had a rough day, down 4%, but investors are building a strong narrative around the native Chinese coffee company. One of the lasting themes of Chinese history is the population of China being introduced to, and then eventually hooked on, drugs conceived in Western nations. In 2019, that drug is Coffee.

Roku was up 7.5% today to hit a new all-time high. Why? Here is one take.


This is not a drill. $50 wine credits are here!
This company is putting its money where its mouth is. Bright Cellars’ two MIT grad co-founders built a quiz that can scientifically predict the top 4 wines you’ll like in 7 questions. Don’t believe them? They’re offering a $50 credit to try your first wine shipment.

Take the quiz to see your matches. 
Take The Quiz Now

Bank On It
$JPM beat on earnings. Jamie Dimon *sniff sniff* discussed strong credit card and consumer business. $JPM was up 1%. 

Wells Fargo $WFC also reported an earnings beat and that they saw strong lending and consumer business as well. $WFC was down almost 3%. 

Goldman Sachs reported earnings this morning and beat analysts expectations. The stock was up 1% today. According to the WSJ, CEO DJ D-Sol committed to giving more transparent updates about the business, moving away from the firm’s reputation for secrecy.

Cryptos started trending on the streams as they dropped in unison. $BTC and $ETH were down 10% and $LTC was down 12%. Read this take on why $DB could have influenced $BTC’s drop from 13K to 9K. 

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The People's Coin
Vertcoin ($VTC) wants everyone to be able to mine their own cryptocurrencies at the click of a button. As long as you have a laptop, you can acquire $VTC. The asset acts as a store of value/transfer of value like Bitcoin, and has significantly increased its development as of late. FCAS ratings are up 154-points. Outsmart your friends with other crypto knowledge bombs here.

The King of Trends
Burger King is becoming “trendy” with its “Stranger Things” inspired upside down whoppers. They are also offering a 50/50 menu that will debut in Sweden. No it’s not a raffle, it’s a new campaign promoting their plant-based options. The 50/50 menu consists of sandwiches that are either real or fake meat… and the customer has to figure out if they were lucky enough to get real meat. 

Healthy Chocolate?
Yup, healthy chocolate. Nestle $NSRGY invented a technique so their 70% dark chocolate can be made with no sugar added. #Winning

Original Podcasts
Apple will reportedly be funding exclusive podcasts. This comes after Spotify planned to spend over $400 million on podcasts this year. $SPOT was down over 2% today. 

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