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Newsletter - January 2016
Dear Constituent

As this is my first newsletter of 2016, may I wish you a belated Happy New Year?

This year has already got off to a busy start and I was particularly pleased with the excellent response to the first of my 'Talk to Tim' public meetings with a packed Sompting Village hall despite the atrocious weather. I will now be repeating these meetings around the constituency, especially to help the debate about the upcoming EU referendum, which is dominating our news at the moment, but, as I point out below, I am happy to take up any local or national issues people want to discuss.

I have also increasingly been using video podcasts to get across short messages on topical issues affecting my Parliamentary work, which I receive a lot of emails about. I am pleased that this seem to be getting a wide viewing so I will step up my output!

As usual, if there are any issues that you would like covered then please let me know.
Tim Loughton
Member of Parliament for East Worthing and Shoreham
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In Westminster
My thoughts on the upcoming EU Referendum
My thoughts on the upcoming
EU Referendum

One of the big issues dominating the political news this year is the looming referendum on our membership of the European Union.

I have started holding a number of 'Talk to Tim' public meetings around the constituency and one of the issues I want to have a proper debate on, without scare stories, is what our continued membership, or not, of the EU will mean.

Everything hinges on the Prime Minister's negotiations. I want to see what the Prime Minister comes back with before I commit myself to the way I am going to vote. Hopefully we can secure major reform - and it would have to be major reform. Realistically, that may be a tall order.

As it currently stands, I would hopefully vote to stay in, but the way things are looking I would probably vote to leave.

I discuss a number of potential concerns in the above podcast, including the free movement of labour, 'ever closer union', reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), protecting the non-Eurozone countries from deeper Eurozone integration and reducing the excessive waste in the EU. So please do watch and let me know your thoughts.
Meeting with Southern Rail
Southern Rail Meeting
This month I had a meeting with Network Rail, Govia Thameslink Railway, the Rail Minister, Claire Perry MP, official from the Department for Transport and 20 very angry MPs. I have to say that it was absolutely woeful. We heard a lot of excuses that frankly are just not good enough.

Southern blamed their pitiful service on, amongst other things, the outdated infrastructure, which was first built in 1932. Whilst I am sympathetic toward this and appreciate that they are only 6 months into a 4 year infrastructure improvement plan, which will include the training of over 200 new drivers, the service they have been providing has been woeful. 

Southern have the worst punctuality in the country, not to mention their trains, which have the unfortunate habit of suffering from near continuous technical problems. Often this is down to poor infrastructure, which is understandable, but what is not understandable is the lack of information being provided to passengers. For example, one of the primary complaints constituents have spoken to me about is the lack of quality communication between the Southern and the passengers informing them of train cancellations and the skipping of stations due to delayed running times.

I know my constituents who use Southern are sick and tired - and indeed have been for a good while - with the poor service. We made this clear to their representatives and to the Rail Minister, who must put more pressure on Southern to improve its service. If Southern do not step up the quality of their service, it may be time to look at taking the contract away and give it to a competitor that may be able to deliver a better service.  
Tim Loughton speaking during Urgent Question on the death of Poppi Worthington
Speaking during Urgent Question on the death of Poppi Worthington
I spoke in the Commons about the depressingly familiar catalogue of failure and cover-up behind tragic death of 13-month-old Poppi Worthington. Earlier this month, a family court judge ruled that Poppi's father had sexually assaulted his daughter before she died.

You can read more about this tragic case here:

You can read the Hansard of the full debate here:
Alternatively, you can watch the full debate here:
Daily Politics - Google and Tax Avoidance  25 January 2016
Daily Politics - Google and Tax Avoidance
It was welcome news this month that Google are paying more tax on their past profits. It is progress, but it is only the start of progress.

In the last few years, some of these companies were not paying any tax at all under previous governments. The new Profit Diversion Tax (the so called ‘Google Tax’, introduced in the Finance Act 2015,) is sending out the message loud and clear that if companies are selling goods and services to people in the UK and making a profit on it then they should be taxed on those profits in the UK.

Google is now going to pay up, it needs to pay up more and in the future it needs to pay up its full fair share. I expect to see many more multinational companies paying up in the future, rather than using tax avoidance measures that may be legal but which are are certainly not moral. It is calculated that these changes will bring in at least £5bn a year. 

You can watch the full show here:…/epi…/b06zc3s8/daily-politics-25012016
Daily Politics - Migration - 25 January 2016
Daily Politics - Migration
Watch Labour MP, Rachel Reeves, and I discuss the EU’s current problems with migration, including a recent recommendation from Save the Children for the UK to take in more unaccompanied, child refugees, Germany’s suspension of the Dublin Convention and the appalling way some asylum seekers were made to wear wristbands in order to receive food.

You can watch the full show here:…/epi…/b06zc3s8/daily-politics-25012016
House of Commons - Child Refugees - 26 January 2016
House of Commons - Child Refugees
I spoke during an Urgent Question debate on child refugees in ‪Europe. Whilst there is a humanitarian case for helping the children who are in limbo and very vulnerable to traffickers, we should consider that there is a record high number of children in the care system and a shortage of foster carers. I asked the Minister about our capacity to take these children.

You can read the Hansard of the full debate here:
Alternatively, you can watch the full debate here:
Signing the Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment

I signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment this week and in doing so pledged my commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and remembering those who were murdered during the Holocaust, as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people.

Wednesday 27th January marked the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, the site of the largest mass murder in history.

It is important to remember the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and make sure the lessons of some of the darkest days of history are not forgotten. We must never give up the fight against prejudice and intolerance.
Bowel cancer charity plans
On 27th January, I joined other Members of Parliament, bowel cancer patients and survivors, health professionals and members of the charity to hear more about how improving earlier diagnosis of the disease can increase survival rates.

Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer but this doesn’t have to be the case; if caught early over 90% of those diagnosed can survive more than five years. That figure drops to just 7% if they are diagnosed at a late stage.

I was excited to hear Beating Bowel Cancer’s plans for the future and pleased to pledge my support for them.  We all need to do our bit to keep bowel cancer at the forefront of the agenda and to ensure that the Government focuses on increasing efforts to improve early diagnosis rates, if the disease is to become a rare killer rather than one of biggest cancer killers in the country, as it is today.
Speakers at the reception included Debbie and Alistair Gammage, whose daughter Hannah died of bowel cancer aged just 26; Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Heidi Alexander; Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison MP; John Baron MP Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer and TV presenter, Matthew Wright, who lost his father to bowel cancer.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet

I was delighted to recently be elected the chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for ‪Tibet‬.

My first engagement as chairman was to welcome Tibetan political prisoner, ‪Golog Jigme,‬ to Westminster yesterday to talk about his torture at the hands of the ‪Chinese‬ simply for making a film about the people of Tibet.

You can read more about his shocking story here:…/human-rights/case-studies/golog-jigme

Food Waste

Thank you to all those who have contacted me about food waste. Whilst I happy to explain my position on the issue you raise, I must say that I never sign EDMs.
Preventing food waste is an objective the Government is working on, together with WRAP, food retailers and industry. I am pleased that Parliament had the opportunity to discuss the issue recently in a Westminster Hall debate.
Ministers have backed several rounds of the Courtauld Commitment, a voluntary agreement to limit waste, which 90 per cent of the food manufacturing and retailer sector have signed up to. As a result, domestic household food waste has already been reduced by 21 per cent, and food waste in the supply chain has reduced by 8 per cent. The process has also seen the amount of redistributed surplus food double between 2011 and 2013.
Separately, a voluntary agreement within the hospitality and food services industry was launched in 2012. Over 170 signatories and supporters have signed up to an ambitious set of targets both to reduce the amount of food waste they produce, and to manage it better by recycling and sending food for anaerobic digestion to produce energy.
Government also continues to work closely with industry to help them forge closer links with redistribution charities across the whole supply chain. It is wrong that anyone should go hungry at the same time as surplus food is going to waste.
Like you I was interested to hear about the new French policy of requiring supermarkets to donate food that would otherwise go to waste to charity. While I am not aware of any current plans to replicate it in this country I will be monitoring the situation as it develops.
For the moment, however, I am convinced that the Government is taking all reasonable steps to tackle this problem, so I see no need to sign EDM 66.
Liverpool Parent Infant Partnership (LIVPIP) visit
Delighted to see that the campaign for mental perinatal health and attachment for our youngest children is gaining momentum in political circles across all parties. I also chair the PIP charity which has 7 children’s centres around the country putting our vision into practice, including one locally in Brighton. This week I visited our LIVPIP project in Liverpool and earlier this month I was at EPIP in Enfield. You can find out more here:
Civil Partnership Bill progress
My Private Member’s Bill to extend civil partnerships to opposite sex couples failed to make any further progress when it came up on the House of Commons order paper this week and realistically stands little chance of passing in this session of Parliament. However the campaign continues for equal civil partnerships, despite the unfortunate judgement passed down by the High Court.
BBC Charter Review Consultation

Thank you to all those who contacted me about the BBC and the Charter Review period. 
I believe the BBC is one of the nation's most important institutions which is recognised internationally as a maker of quality content. Ten years ago, the last time the Government ran a Charter Review, the media landscape looked very different. The BBC has adapted to this changing landscape, and remains loved by audiences.
However, we need to ask some hard questions during this Charter Review. This should include questions about what the BBC should be trying to achieve in an age where consumer choice is now far more extensive than it has been, what its scale and scope should be in the light of those aims, how far it affects others in television, radio and online, and what the right structures are for its governance and regulation. Today, for example, 62 per cent of all programmes accessed online are watched using the BBC's iPlayer, a significant change from a decade ago.
The BBC is a national institution, paid for by the public. It will have spent more than £30 billion of public money over the current Charter period. The Government recently set out a consultation which marks the start of the Charter Review process and I firmly believe that everyone must be able to have their say on how well they think that money is spent. That is why I am pleased 190,000 responses were received to the consultation, which has now closed, and I look forward to the Government's response.

As the Secretary of State has said, a significant number of the responses were generated by 38 Degrees. That does not mean that they are not valid expressions of opinion, it just means that perhaps they are not wholly representative of public opinion at large. However, the Government is committed to reading and analysing every response, as I said above.

I join the Government in its wish  to stimulate a national debate over the coming months as we map out the future for our BBC.
In East Worthing and Shoreham
Apprenticeship Champion

I am backing apprenticeships in East Worthing and Shoreham and have joined a campaign to spread awareness of the opportunities that apprenticeships offer to both young people and businesses. 

I am one of 100 MPs who have joined the fight, pledging to champion apprenticeships in their local area – and ensure that their constituents benefit from the increasing number of quality apprenticeships on offer as the Government heads toward its target of three million apprenticeship starts by 2020.

The campaign, the Parliamentary 100 in 100 led by Stratford-upon-Avon MP, Nadhim Zahawi, as the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Apprentices – will see an announcement by an MP every day for 100 days. These announcements can include pledges from local businesses, charities or schools to take on apprentices for the first time, or to grow their existing apprenticeship programmes.

I absolutely believe that apprenticeships offer a brilliant opportunity for local businesses to help develop the careers of talented young people here in East Worthing and Shoreham and ensuring the workforce of the future has the skills it needs. People such as Jamie Oliver, Stella McCartney, and even Alex Ferguson all started their careers as apprentices – not to mention many of the today’s business leaders.

I want local young people to be the rising stars of the future, and local employers to help grow that talent. I will be writing to local business setting out the significant benefits, and how to get involved, but if you are reading this and want to find out more – please do get in touch with me to discuss in more detail.

The formal launch of the Campaign will be held in the House of Commons in February 2016. 
WSCC Adur Community Initiative Fund
There is still a significant amount (£15,604) left in the Adur Community Initiative Fund (CIF). The fund provides small grants to assist local community projects in reaching new people, developing services and supporting the local economy, and encouraging community growth and self-reliance. Preference is given to groups or organisations that have secured additional funding sources and are able to demonstrate strong community support and leadership in their project. 

If you would like to apply for funding, you can find copies of the application form here:

Any queries or support required please visit the Adur CIF's website:
Lancing Business Park -
Amazon making improvements

A number of business owners in Lancing Business Park contacted me before Christmas about the increasing traffic problems, in particular the problems caused by the large number of transit vans used by Amazon UK to deliver their packages, which made it difficult to navigate around Lancing Business Park.

I wrote to Amazon about the problems being caused and asked whether anything was being done to improve the situation. I received a prompt response from Amazon's Director of Public Policy in UK and Ireland, Lesley Smith, who informed me that Amazon had spoken to the Lancing Business Park community and agreed a plan to reduce the number of vans and better manage their movements so as to avoid congestion. By all accounts, since those agreements, there has been some improvements - there are fewer vehicles and they are being better managed. 
Skate-park Progress Update

Lancing Parish Council have listened to the concerns raised by local residents regarding the location of the skate-park proposed on the Beach Green. In response, a comprehensive stakeholder group was put together, made up of resident representatives, the police, local businesses, skaters and others. The group met in public on 16th January 2016 in order to with find a better location. The meeting was well attended by members of the public. 
The group decided that a better site for the skate-park would be closer to the existing children's playground and away from the café.
This is an important project for Lancing and the young people in the area are keen to see it go ahead - evident from their ability to organise and produce a short presentation at the meeting in favour of the development. I really hope this potentially important community asset is delivered. 

You may remember from previous newsletters that the whole project kicked off when a group of skaters from the Sir Robert Woodard Academy wrote to me and I arranged for them to give a presentation to Lancing Parish councillors after the Test Road facility in Sompting was closed. 
Installation of Puffin Crossing -
Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham

West Sussex County Council will shortly be installing a puffin crossing in Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, between the junction with Coventina Close and the Holmbush Roundabout.

They may need to remove vegetation overhanging the public footway in order to complete the works. If you have any vegetation on your property which crosses the boundary to the public highway, please ensure it is trimmed back to your property boundary prior to the work start date listed below.

It has come to the attention of WSCC that rogue tradesmen have been following their programme of works offering to improve driveways or undertake private works, usually by claiming to have left-over tarmac. WSCC do not offer these services and they strongly recommend that residents do not do business with these tradesmen.

For further information on the service WSCC provide please visit their website info.

The work will take place on 1st February 2016 and is expected to take 3 weeks to complete. The hours of work will be between 7.30am and 6.00pm.

Before the works start, WSCC will erect advance warning signs in the local area, letting you know when the works will start and marking the extent of the works.

Please note that this type of work is subject to last minute changes due to weather conditions, equipment breakdown or emergency work taking priority. The works may start at any time up to 5 days from the planned start date given above.
Local Government Financial Settlement
Following the Local Government Financial Settlement before Christmas, I wrote to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, to question the fairness of Adur District Council's settlement.

Whilst I am fully supportive of the Chancellor's endeavours to eradicate the deficit and completely agree that Local Government needs to shoulder is fair share of efficiency savings, I am concerned that Adur District Council has received one of the worst settlements in the country, in particular the speed with which Government revenue support is being withdrawn. 

Adur is an innovative council, including being one one of the first councils in the country to embark on a comprehensive sharing of services with its neighbouring local authority, Worthing Borough Council. The council is part way though ambitious transformations in its activities and so I asked the Secretary of State whether it would be possible for him to grant interim support to the council in order to enable them sufficient time to finish the transformation at the same times as protecting valued front-line services. 

I am still awaiting a response from the Secretary of State and will keep residents informed as and when I receive a reply. 
Subway at Shoreham Station
Unfortunately efforts led by the Shoreham Society to have Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) reopen the subway to members of the public at Shoreham station frustratingly continue to go round in circles. Despite previous discussions when GTR identified a way pedestrians access to the underpass would be re-opened to non-passengers to save waiting at the barriers.

However GTR have made it clear that they have no plans to reopen this part of the station. Operational reasons prevent them from doing so. They have not acknowledged offers from Shoreham Society to provide funding for the survey to be conducted, nor their offer to help fund raise for any potential works needed. 

Meanwhile, Network Rail have claimed - not without reason - that they have no authority over the station's operations. However they have not, despite being a publicly owned company, fought anywhere near hard enough for local residents. 

I will continue to work with local residents and the Shoreham Society in applying pressure to GTR and Network Rail to ensure there is some progress in this area. 
Shoreham Airshow 2016: Decision
Following careful consultation and consideration Shoreham Airshow Ltd has decided that the 2016 Shoreham Airshow will not go ahead.

The decision has been taken primarily out of respect for all those affected by last August’s tragedy and also in view of the ongoing Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigation – and any review of their regulations that the Civil Aviation Authority may subsequently undertake. 
It is unfortunate that the organisers of the Air Show have had to take this difficult decision but I fully respect their reasons for doing so and I pay tribute to the sensitive way in which they have handled this announcement.
With the continuing uncertainty over the exact causes of this terrible accident and the likely response from the Civil Aviation Authority once all the facts are known this decision became inevitable given all the planning that is involved. The CAA this week announced changes that will affect all air shows in any case:
Once a full report has been made with whatever recommendations are necessary, not just for Shoreham but for air displays up and down the country, I hope that the organisers will be able to consider an appropriate event in 2017 as long as additional safety measures can be realistically taken and the safety of spectators, residents and participants remains paramount.
We should remember that this is a charity event which is run by volunteers and has raised over £2m for RAFA over its 26 year history and I pay tribute to their dedication and acknowledge that they have also been adversely affected by this tragic accident.
Friends of Shoreham Fort's 2016 AGM

Friends of Shoreham Fort's 2016 AGM will be taking place on Thursday the 4th of February at the Sussex Yacht Club on the Brighton Road. It'll start at 19:00, and feature an update on what they've been up to, along with news of our continued plans for the future. After the meeting (at ~19:45), Trevor Povey will also be joining us to give a talk on Bungalow Town. Everybody is welcome.
'Talk to Tim' Public Meeting -
Sompting Village Hall
(and Sir Robert Woodard Academy 3G Pitch)

I recently launched a series of public meetings called ‘Talk to Tim’ with the aim of encouraging constituents to come out and engage with me and local councillors on the important local, national and international issues. The first of these took place on 9 January at Sompting Village Hall, where it was standing room only. 

I was slightly perplexed when I saw the Herald's headlines claiming the first of these such public meetings had been ‘hijacked’ and ‘crashed’ last week.In fact the meeting did in fact do exactly what it said on the tin and a group of Sompting residents, in particular, were keen to raise the subject of the 3G pitch at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy, which was fine.  

It was billed as the first of a series of ‘Talk to Tim’ constituency meetings for me to give my take on current issues, such as the upcoming EU referendum, and for constituents to raise any national or local issues with me.

After a spirited discussion on the EU, a number of local residents raised their concerns over the proposals for a new 3G pitch at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy site for community use. An application has just been submitted to Adur Planning Department and clearly it could have been handled better so I offered to find out exactly where it was at and help them lodge their objections to see if changes could be made. As a result, we have been able to get the consultation period extended and no decision will now be made before March at the earliest. I also arranged for a Sir Robert Woodard Academy to hold a further round of consultation drop-in meetings and we will hold further public meetings on the subject on Saturday 6 February 2016 at the United Reform Church in Cokeham Road from 2pm. 

This kind of discussion and action is exactly the point of such meetings and I am always happy to help where I can so I hope constituents will not be deterred from coming along in future.

I will be announcing dates of the next ‘Talk to Tim’ meetings elsewhere in the constituency soon, probably when we know what the Prime Minister’s current negotiations over the EU have produced.

I was delighted to welcome my inimitable colleague, Boris Johnson, to a fundraiser at the Amex Stadium. He gave a bravura performance to a large crowd of supporters and also helped raise money for the Rocking Horse charity.

Mindfulness in Schools Project Conference 2016

As chair the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Mindfulness and the former Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, I had the great opportunity to address delegates at Mindfulness in Schools Project Conference 2016. I spoke about how the rise in childhood depression meant that pupil well-being was becoming an increasing priority.

I think mindfulness has huge potential and the APPG has recommended more government funding for school-based mindfulness initiatives.You can read our report on the subject here:

The conference also heard from teachers who had successfully introduced mindfulness programmes to their schools. At the moment if you want to be an outstanding school you have to have well-being at the heart of what you do.

Swiss Gardens School Visit
I was delighted to welcome a very inquisitive group of pupils for a tour of the Houses of Parliament and a talk from me and member of the House of Lords.
Brighton and Hove Albion Training Academy
There is a lot of concern about the Brighton and Hove Training Academy, which, unbeknown to me and a lot of local councillors, put in a planning application to expand their facilities further a few weeks ago, but I will make sure there are details on my website when they become available.
The original planning application for the £29 million training facility included the indoor training facility and this was built at the same time as the rest of the training facility.  Then there was the subsequent application to build a dedicated community pitch and further pitches as the Club was able to negotiate the purchase of further land to the east of the former Council owned land. The most recent application for a spectator stand results from the decision by Sussex FA to install an artificial pitch at Culver Road which requires all under 21 games to be played elsewhere as these games have to be played on grass under FA rules. 
A lot of the concern from local residents relates to the impact of the training facility (and further development such as the spectator stand) on drainage and possible increased flood risk.  This is disputed by the Club and  drainage engineers but the concerns are understandable given the extensive flooding problems that have affected Manor Way area of Lancing and West Beach which reoccurred recently.  However, there needs to be evidence that any further development will exacerbate flooding and at the present time drainage authorities, EA, SWS and WSCC as lead flood authority, have not raised objections to developments on this site. 

I do share concerns particularly about the additional traffic that could be created given a 500 capacity spectator stand is envisaged. Such a facility was never put forward in the original planning applications and I can serious concerns about including it now. I will make my concerns known to Adur councillors and will make available the details of how residents can lodge their comments when they become available on my website. 
Shoreham Oratorio Choir
My wife and I were treated to a very relaxing at St Mary de Haura Church in Shoreham earlier this month with a fantastic performance by the Shoreham Oratorio Choir which was also the farewell concert for conductor Tony Allen who has been with the group for the last 34 years. We were particularly impressed by Shoreham Academy Student, Joshua Urban, who composed a particularly impressive piece, Journey, and I am sure we will be hearing a lot more for him in the future. 
Sir Robert Woodard Academy concert
I plead guilty to some pretty frantic toe-tapping and singling along to some childhood favourites when I was invited to the Academy’s ‘Back to the Sixties & Seventies’ evening for a fantastic musical evening. I felt rather old particularly when it was clear that some of the parents of the students performing were not even born (unlike me) when many of the hits came out the first time round! Good to see that SRWA has not lost any of its musical prowess from its Boundstone days.
E.Y.E. Newsletter
Eco, Young and Engaged (E.Y.E.) is a project designed for local schools and young people within those schools who want to make a difference to their environment. You can see their latest newsletter below:
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