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Newsletter - October 2016
Dear Constituent

Welcome to my October constituency e-newsletter. A lot has been happening since Parliament returned from the conference recess at the beginning of this month and just this week we have had the announcement on Heathrow Airport. I have posted a short podcast on my website addressing this issue, along with others recently added about the WASPI campaign, Europe and Southern Rail. Whilst I am a supporter of the Gatwick option which I think will be easier and quicker to achieve at least we have a decision from the Government at last though I think it will be challenging to deliver the project within noise and pollution tolerances.

Thank you to all those who wished me well with my temporary role chairing the Home Affairs Select Committee. It was certainly a lively time what with the latest revelations over the Historic Sex Abuse Inquiry and a very high profile report on Anti-Semitism, see further down for details. Last week a new Chairman, Yvette Cooper, was elected by MPs as this is designated as a Labour chaired committee which is why I was not able to stand but remain a member.

Finally do remember the public meeting being held this FRIDAY October 28th, 7pm at the Worthing Pavilion on the proposed work to the A27 with a presentation from Highways England. We have hired one of Worthing’s largest venues to encourage as many people to come as possible to put paid to a lot of unhelpful speculation and misinformation that has been doing the rounds. Please do pass it on.
Best Wishes

Tim Loughton MP
Member of Parliament for East Worthing & Shoreham
Surgery Dates

Advice Surgery

Friday 11 November - Southwick

17:00 - 19:00

Thursday 24 November - Shoreham

17:00 - 19:00 

Shoreham Street Surgery

Saturday 12 November - Shoreham Farmers' Market 

10:00 - 12:00

Lancing Street Surgery

Saturday 19 November - Lancing Queensway

10:00 - 12:00

Worthing Street Surgery

Saturday 19 November - Worthing Town Centre

12:15 - 14:00

In Westminster
Latest GTR Southern Rail update

In my latest update on the fiasco and farce that is Southern, which you can see here:, I am sad to say that there is not much in the way of immediate good news. However, in my podcast, I set out three key areas of concern and explain what is happening in each area :

1) London Bridge
2) Infrastructure 
3) RMT industrial action

As I explain in the video, I am enthused that Chris Gibb - a very experienced professional in the railway industry - will bring some joined up thinking between GTR and Network Rail. I am also pleased with the seriousness with which the new Transport Secretary, Chris Crayling, is taking this and he has taken immediate action since taking over the transport brief. 

I know this is not answering or solving the issues right here right now, but I hope it will go some way to explaining where we are and where we are going.

As ever, you can keep up-to-date with all the work I am doing in Parliament and the constituency to hold GTR and RMT to account on the Trainwatch section of my website:

Schools Funding Update

Not surprisingly the subject of fair funding for our school in West Sussex has arisen again in the light of recent announcements by Government and the absence of a solution which has been disadvantaging our schoolchildren over many years. I am aware that some Head teachers have sent a letter out to parents about Fair Funding and Transitional Support and some of them have passed it on to me. Its contents will of course be a huge cause of concern for parents.

I have therefore created this special area on my website where I have posted a new podcast explaining my position on the subject and will update with news as and when. Regular readers of my newsletter or Facebook page will be aware that this is an issue I have been very actively involved with for some time, along with my fellow West Sussex MPs.

After the general election we lobbied ministers strongly to bring in a new funding formula to address the historic injustice which has effectively meant that pupils in West Sussex are the worst funded of any shire county in England. I give specific figures in my podcast but essentially our pupils would be enjoying an additional £41m each and every year if we were funded at the same rate as the average for English local authorities. It was a major achievement therefore when in the 2015 Spending Review the Government agreed to consult on a new funding formula which could only result in a better deal for our pupils. The intention was to bring in a new scheme from 2017/18 which would hopefully solve the problem.

We are only too aware that after years of accumulated under funding local schools are really struggling to make ends meet and that some degree of transitional funding could be necessary to avoid possible reductions in staffing. In the event despite the strong case we made to ministers after consultation with local head teachers we were unable to achieve this in the current difficult financial climate. However the recent announcement that the consultation will take longer than anticipated and will not now come into force before 2018/19 has made the situation even more dire which is why schools have been warning about more immediate consequences. Whilst I think some of the warnings that have gone round are too alarmist and are unhelpful, clearly the situation is getting worse. It is also not helpful to claim as some have, that Government funds which could be used are being diverted to academies or the grammar school programme. Academies are funded at just the same rate as schools still run directly by West Sussex County Council whilst the Government’s recent announcement about expanding grammar schools has not even passed into legislation yet and is some years away, if at all.

However, West Sussex MPs have again been active in taking this problem up with ministers. Over the summer we secured meetings with the Minister for Schools on 18th October and with the Secretary of State on 2nd November on the NFF and transitional funding.  These follow earlier meetings - including local MPs uniquely arranging for West Sussex Heads to present direct to the Schools Minister on the financial challenges their schools face and the need for change.

Two of my colleagues will be representing local MP’s by attending a County Head teachers’ conference on 19th November but in the immediate term I would welcome any direct, practical information from you that you wish to share on the importance of the NFF and transitional funding to your local school budget. 

The Government's response to the first phase of its consultation on Fair Funding will be published this autumn and the second phase of the consultation will be launched shortly after. Final decisions will be taken in the New Year and Fair Funding will then be introduced in the 2018-2019 academic year. 

The NFF should provide equitable funding for local children long into the future.  However the actual impact of the NFF on West Sussex schools could vary dramatically dependent on the formula adopted.  It is critical that no one loses sight of the overwhelming importance of participating in the consultation and to get that formula right to secure long-term financial benefit for our schools.  This is the most important series of long-term decisions for West Sussex schools that will have been taken in decades. Can I therefore suggest that you play your part in the consultation by writing directly to the department for Education and the Education Secretary? By all means copy me in but I can assure you that I along with all my fellow MPs are well and truly onside and do not need any more convincing.

As always if you have any other specific questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will post any updates on my website as I have indicated.

You can see my latest video update on this here:

Presenting WASPI Petition to Parliament

It was a pleasure to present a petition on behalf of the residents of East Worthing and Shoreham in support of the WASPI women. There was a fantastic spectacle in House of Commons as members of all parties present over 90 petitions on behalf of WASPI campaign from around the country

I hope the sheer number of MPs involved and strength of feeling we have shown today with this collective, cross-party action, including many Conservative MPs, will finally encourage the Government to get real about this issue, get around the table and properly address the concerns of women up and down this country, who have worked hard their entire lives and face an unfair and worryingly uncertain future at present.

The Government have not properly engaged in this issue and the WASPI women, some of them in real dire straits, deserve to have their case heard and for the Government to listen and deliver on its promise to build a country that work for everyone.

You can watch me present my petition here:

You can also see my latest podcast on the WASPI campaign here:

Home Affairs Select Committee - Anti-semitism Inquiry

A lot of my time as Interim Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee was taken up with work on the Home Affairs Select Committee report into Anti-Semitism, which was recently published.

It is a hard hitting report which pulls no punches about the growing problem with anti-Semitism in parts of the UK and in parts of political parties and particularly the far left of the Labour Movement. All the parties come in for criticism but the recent high profile incidents involving Labour Party members suspended for anti-Semitic activity have raised the profile of the problem.

Seeing such incidents in a main steam political party and with a number of Jewish Labour MPs coming in for a torrent of vile abuse, in one case resulting in three prosecutions so far, is not good for our politics or our country generally. It was notable that despite the criticism the report was approved unanimously by all the Conservative, Labour and SNP members of the committee and this added to its weight when I spent most of my Sunday touring the media studios to be questioned on it, you can see my appearance on the Andrew Marr Show here:

You can find the full report on the Home Affairs Select Committee website, here:

Child sexual abuse is far too important to allow this inquiry to run into the sand

The good news is that the horror that is child sexual abuse has probably never had such a high profile amongst the public in the UK. I say ‘good news’ as we all have a responsibility to be vigilant, to report and root out this particularly pervasive form of child abuse which is much more widespread geographically, socially and culturally than many had ever appreciated. A culture of denial and cover-up had side-lined this for too long.

The bad news is the headlines have been dominated by the shortcomings and goings of those at the top of the historic child sex abuse inquiry set up by the now Prime Minister in 2014 to get to the bottom of how so many vulnerable children were systematically failed by society over so many decades. The Inquiry is now on its fourth chair, the departure of senior legal advisers has been shrouded in mystery, huge amounts of public money have been spent and it is unclear what progress it has bought to date.

Elsewhere, police and the justice system have come in for criticism for the ham-fisted way they have ...

You can read the rest of article here:

Baby Loss Debate

I was lucky to have caught many of the emotional speeches during this debate, which was extraordinarily well informed by personal experience. 

It showed the House at its best. It has also shown some quite extraordinary systemic insensitivities within the health system that can only make a tragic outcome even worse for parents experiencing the grief of baby loss. We must do so much better.

This is a big and partly hidden problem. The rates of prenatal, perinatal and post-natal mortality in this country are appalling and shameful. We rank for stillbirths 33 out of 35 developed nations in the world. One in every 200 babies dies as a result of stillbirth in the UK, which is 15 times the rate of mortality for cot deaths, an area on which we have made huge progress. 

We need to be doing better as a nation, but certainly we need to be doing much better for certain parts of the country that do not deserve to be lagging so far behind in the progress that has been made elsewhere. 

We have heard that that is down to a whole host of reasons, including poor and patchy monitoring during pregnancy and a shortage of specialist midwives in some parts of the country, but at the end of the day 4.9 out of every 1,000 live births are stillborn. That figure must come down, because it has stayed stubbornly high for too many years.

You can watch my contribution to the debate here:

Why I am one of the Conservative MPs supporting the restoration of a Royal Yacht - Advance Britannia!

This letter from an old friend of mine who has lived and worked extensively in business in the Far East and Middle East says it all:

Subject: A new Britannia

I have been following the discussion in the media about the possibility of commissioning a new RY Britannia. Can I add my voice to calls for making this important gesture in reaffirming our national identity abroad post Brexit?

You might remember that I was privileged to host a party on Britannia in Tokyo in 1997. The yacht was about to embark on its final duty in supporting Prince Charles at the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese.

No member of the Royal Family was present for the reception for Japanese insurance industry leaders but the allure of the yacht alone meant that the turnout from our invitation list was practically 100%- something that would have been impossible if we had simply had a party in a hotel in the middle of Tokyo. Literally billions of yens worth of business with the UK was represented at that function in a way that no other country could possibly compete with. The band of the Royal Marines playing first the wonderful Sunset and then, even more movingly,  our own God Save the Queen which at its climax seamlessly became the Japanese National Anthem was one of the most moving events I, or many of the other guests, could remember. There was literally not a dry eye in the house.

However,  a Japanese (extremely anglophile) friend of mine said to me later - in words I shall never forget – “you British are the only people clever enough to build a boat like that…… and stupid enough to scrap it”.

Anybody who has  been involved in promoting the UK abroad knows that our unique heritage – albeit always depicted in modern and relevant way – is exactly the brand that foreign customers  expect to see and want to see from us . We have a huge advantage over other countries in that that heritage requires absolutely no introduction…. but too often in the recent past  we seem to have been apologising for things that require no apology and pretending we are the same as everyone else.

As one of the world’s leading maritime nations it always was entirely appropriate that our soft power should be manifested in a national flagship associated with our beloved Queen – probably our most popular global brand of all. The scrapping of Britannia was a national disgrace that should never have happened and at the time was much remarked on by our competitors and many business and social commentators. It was just one more symbol, in my view, of the stranglehold that the Europhiles had and how they wished to completely  submerge our national identity in the europudding.

A new modern Britannia showcasing our amazing , political, military, commercial, artistic and cultural strengths would send a deafening message across the globe after the great victory of Brexit. Frankly, there has never been a better time to show the world –our customers- that Britain is back, confident in ourselves, proud of our unique heritage and forging ahead again.

Advance Britannia!

Couldn't have said it better myself !

You can watch the full debate here:

Record number of people in work

I welcome the news that the number of people in work across the UK remains at a record high, and the rate of women in work is at the highest level since comparable records began.  According to latest figures there are 331,009 more people back in work in South East since 2010. 

In East Worthing and Shoreham the number of people claiming the key out of work benefits has fallen by 902 – a 56 per cent drop – since 2010.

As well as the employment continuing at a record-high, today’s figures show that the unemployment rate is holding steady, and average wages are growing ahead of inflation.

I welcome the news that the Government is rolling out the Jobcentre Plus Support for Schools scheme in England which will give tens of thousands of young people help in taking their first steps into the world of work.

The number of people in East Worthing and Shoreham relying on the key out of work benefits has fallen by 902 since 2010 – a 56% drop – as businesses are able to get more people into work.

Defibrillator Champions

Every single year in the UK, 30,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. Sadly, just less than 1-in-10 survive. It’s time to take action.

As part of European Restart a Heart Day I visited The Oliver King Foundation at their launch event in Westminster to show support.

The Oliver King Foundation setup following the tragic death of 12-year-old Oliver King from a sudden cardiac arrest, which kills 12 young people every single week. Oliver was winning a swimming race at school.

In 2012 footballer Fabrice Muamba was shocked 16 times by a lifesaving defibrillator in front of the nation.

Early access to a defibrillator is vital. For every minute that passes, chances of survival drop by 10%.

I am proud to become a lifesaving Defibrillator Champion for East Worthing and Shoreham. It is vital that we take action to prevent any loss of life where one can be saved. I will be working with local schools in my constituency to fundraise and get lifesaving defibrillators in our area, protecting our students, teachers and visitors whilst at school.

It was interesting to hear from the Foundation about how many lives have been saved, including a caretaker at a school who had only received the defibrillator two weeks earlier.

I will be delighted to work as a Defibrillator Champion, saving lives is a legacy that we can all be proud of.

I am also pleased that Sompting Big Local has installed three defibrillators in the village, on the western wall of St Peter’s Church, Bowness Avenue, outside the chemist in Cokeham Parade and outside the Marquis pub in West Street.

Sompting Big Local is providing free training both in how to use the equipment, and how to give cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR, or chest compressions). All three of Sompting’s defibrillators are housed in large, green boxes, ready to be used on someone who has suffered a heart attack.

Dementia Friends
This week Sir Peter Bottomley and I, along with our London office staff, took part in a Dementia Friends information session to become Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends Information Sessions are run by volunteer Dementia Friends Champions, who are trained and supported by Alzheimer’s Society. Each Information Session lasts around one hour.

In our session, we definitely learnt a lot about dementia and how you we could help to create dementia friendly communities. There are information sessions running across England and Wales.

Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition.

You can find out more about their work here:
Urgent action on child rights

I have joined forces with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Children’s Commissioner for England and the Children’s Rights Alliance for England to call for swift action from the UK Government in response to the latest report from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. 

The UK Government was recently examined on its compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) for the first time since 2008. In June 2016, the UN Committee made its final recommendations (Concluding Observations) and identified areas where improvements need to be made to respect children’s rights in this country.

Children’s rights are the basic things children need to thrive – the right to an adequate standard of living, access to education and healthcare, and to be cared for and protected whatever the changing economic climate. The rights contained in the Convention of the Rights of the Child should be considered in the development of any legislation or policy that affects children.

The UN Committee recommendations have highlighted a number of areas where improvements need to be made including child poverty, mental health, education, homelessness, youth justice and more. 

As Co-Chair of the APPG for Children, I have, along with other Parliamentarians from across the political divide, including Harriet Harman MP, Chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights Committee, heard from young people who drafted their own report to the UN and met with UN Committee members in Geneva.

We need to listen to young people, but it shouldn't feel special for them, it should feel normal. Young people can offer a different perspective and there is no one better placed to say how ‘young people’ feel about something than young people themselves.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Children’s Commissioner for England, and the Children’s Rights Alliance for England will be pressing the Government to set out an urgent plan to tackle these injustices against children. 

In East Worthing and Shoreham
New Information Boards on Shoreham Beach Nature Reserve
Seven new boards were commissioned by Friends of Shoreham Beach after a £6,700 grant from the Awards for All lottery programme. It was a beautiful morning to unveil the new information boards, which have information about local flora & fauna.

Joy Daintree, chairman of Friends of ShorehamBeach, said she was ‘really pleased and proud with what we have achieved’.

Karen Wells from Shoreham Beach designed the information boards and carpenter Dave Backshall, also from Shoreham Beach, built the lecterns.

The information boards are positioned at each major entrance to the beach, which is celebrating its 10th year as a nature reserve.

It is a vegetated shingle beach, a rare habitat which is only found in New Zealand, Japan and the South East of England.

Around 90 plants can be found growing there and the environment supports many birds, molluscs, moths, butterflies and reptiles.
Rotary Variety Concert "Young @ Heart" 12th November 2016

A Variety Concert raising funds for West Sussex Young Carers and Superstar Arts. The Concert will include talented performers from Worthing comprising a Male Voice Choir, a School of Performing Arts (both juniors and seniors) a Ukulele Band, the Salvation Army Band, school student Guitarists, Soloists in song and on the piano plus a Monologue or two of the highest order!

The event will be taking place Saturday 12 Novermber 2016 from 7pm at the Salvation Army Citadel, 9 Crescent Road, Worthing, BN11 1RL. 

Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased on the door or pre-booked by calling 07941181601
Worthing 4 Refugees
I was very pleased to attend a briefing at Worthing Town Hall  'Worthing 4 Refugees', an interdenominational Christian response in Worthing to helping the refugee crisis.

The initiative encourages churches and other communities and networks to help Syrian refugees granted asylum in the UK. This results from suggestions that several of us made to the Home Secretary at the Home Affairs Select Committee that in addition to local authorities placing families in social housing many local organisations such as churches can offer sustainable accommodation and support groups too.

Find out more here:
Unfortunately I was not able to attend the meeting held by Shoreham and Worthing Amnesty Group about refugees at Shoreham Methodist Church earlier this month. 

However I was more than happy to sign a pledge stating that 'Adur and Worthing stand with refugees'. You can see me above with Peter and Margaret Bedwell, the local Amnesty organisers. 
CQC Inspection Notification (Primary Medical Service)

I was delighted to to hear that England’s Chief Inspector of General Practice has rated St Lawrence Surgery (West Sussex, BN14 7JL) 'Outstanding' following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Well done to the excellent and hard working staff at St Lawrence. 

Inspectors rated the services provided by The St Lawrence Surgery, Worthing, West Sussex as Outstanding for being responsive and well led, while rating it Good for being safe, effective and caring. A full report of the inspection in August 2016 has been published today:
The report highlights a number of areas of outstanding practice, including employing a practice care co-ordinator who had an essential role as a liaison between the practice, patients and external agencies. This meant that members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT), safeguarding teams, palliative care teams, pro-active care teams and carers all had a single contact point within the practice which ensured that patients had seamless care.
The practice worked very closely with the patient participation group (PPG) and considered them an important part of the practice team. The practice ran walking, singing and weight management groups in conjunction with the PPG in order to promote patient well-being. They also formed a self-care forum that led their self-help initiative producing a variety of self-care leaflets and devoting an area in the waiting room to self-care advice. The PPG chair was involved in the recruitment and selection of new GPs and sat on the interview panel. The PPG also helped organise an annual health promotion day for patients and regular evening educational events
Ruth Rankine, Deputy Chief Inspector of General Practice, said:

"We found that The St Lawrence Surgery is providing an excellent service, particularly in working with other organisations and the local community to ensure that they met patients’ needs

“I was particularly impressed with practice’s work to ensure a clear vision which had quality and safety as its top priority and the strategy to deliver this vision developed in conjunction with the patient participation group 

“The surgery staff have demonstrated a real commitment to their patients.

 “All of this hard work and dedication pays off in making a real difference– which is why we have found this practice to be Outstanding.”

Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector of General Practice, said:

“I am delighted to highlight the exceptional standard of care which is being provided at The St Lawrence Surgery.   

"Throughout the inspection we were particularly impressed by the way the practice worked with the public to shape its service to meet the needs of its patient groups. 

"The GPs and all their staff deserve the credit for this Outstanding service."
Climate Change Art Exhibition at The Ropetackle Arts Centre

The Climate Change Art Exhibition, in association with the EYE project, featuring artwork, posters and topic work by over 100 pupils from six Worthing & Adur Primary and Secondary schools took place between 10th and 14th October 2016 at the Ropetackle Art Centre in Shoreham. 

There was a reception event on 11th October for the young artists and their parents which was attended by The Mayor of Worthing, and Chairman of Adur Council.

There were lots of wonderful pieces of work from a number of schools, including Worthing High School, Bohunt Worthing, Chatsmore Catholic High School, Eastbrook Primary Academy, Thomas A Becket Junior School and St Nicholas & St Mary CE Primary School. I hope that pupils enjoyed being part of this exhibition for the local community.

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Update

Please find the latest Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Newsletter on my website here:

This issue summarises the construction works to date – both offshore and onshore - and gives an indication of the future timelines and activity in relation to this landmark offshore wind development.

Think Pink
Former councillor, Julie Searle, was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and is being positive about her treatment and encouraging people to check themselves regularly. In preparation for her cancer treatments, Julie has had her hair cut short and is donating her plaits to Little Princess Trust, based in Dolphin Way, Shoreham, which collects hair to make wigs for children with cancer.

Julie has said that being positive is key and cannot thank the staff at Worthing Hospital enough with their supportive calm approach to a very emotional time.

Details of the charity can be found here:
RSPCA Animal Hero Awards
This annual event celebrates the unique achievements and bravery of animals and owners alike. I am delighted to inform you that Mike Butcher, a resident of Worthing, won the prestigious RSPCA Superstar of the Year Award.
Mike Butcher has worked for the RSPCA for 44 years, including three decades in the charity’s Special Operations Unit, making him the RSPCA’s longest-serving frontline officer. During this period, he has helped to crack down on organised crime and is now the UK’s leading expert witness on dog fighting. Despite health difficulties – Mike was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and given the all clear this year – he has continued his work and is currently spearheading an RSPCA investigation into fraudulent action and puppy farming.
You can find more information on the awards online here.
Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce - Brexit Breakfast
It was an early start last Friday as I joined Sir Peter Bottomley for a 7.15am breakfast with the Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce to discuss the implications of Brexit.

We last met them in May when the Referendum debate was in full swing and what a huge change in the political landscape there has been since then. It was interesting that after the debate at our first meeting the well-attended audience was virtually evenly split.

This week whilst there was still some resistance the majority of Remainers’ had accepted he reality that we must now plan for leaving the EU but understandably wanted more clarity and certainty.

You can find some more photos from the event here:
Farewell to Shirley Robinson-Viney
The day ended with a farewell at Worthing Town Hall to Shirley Robinson-Viney who is retiring as the Worthing Youth Cabinet coordinator. Shirley has contributed so much to promoting the voice of young people in Worthing and has overseen the creation of the Youth Mayor position over 13 years ago and the excellent work of our youth councillors.

It was fitting that the current Worthing youth mayor and 7 of his predecessors were there to wish Shirley well and launch the book on the history of Worthing Pier which has been their Lottery funded project over the last couple of years.
Worthing Hospital - Museum Dementia Project

Worthing Hospital's Dementia Team are working on a project with Worthing Museum aiming to take some of the rich store of memories of Worthing that the museum houses in to the hospital to make our patient’s stay in hospital a richer and more stimulating experience.

In return the team will begin reaching into the community by teaching all the museum staff how to be dementia friendly and making them all ‘Dementia Friends’. 
Initially they are planning to create a book of photographs of old Worthing (from the museum’s huge archive) with accompanying text. Evidence shows that this can be enormously comforting and can encourage staff to cross the cultural barriers that often sit between them and patients with dementia.

This is a really clever project and they just need to raise around £4000 to make it a reality. Is there anyone out there prepared to help with crowd funding or sponsoring the project outright?
Latest activity menu for STRIVE
Shoreham Society Public Meeting

It was standing room only at the Sussex Yacht Club for a meeting on planning developments in Shoreham organised by the Shoreham Society and the Shoreham Beach Residents association.

I appeared on the panel together with Leader of Adur Council Cllr Neil Parkin, Cabinet Member for Regeneration Cllr Brian Boggis, Adur officers Martin Randall and James Appleton and belatedly a representative from Hyde Housing who are developing Ropetackle North. Southern Housing had been invited but declined to turn up, which was particularly frustrating as their plans for high rise development on the Minelco site on the Brighton Road. I shared the concerns of many local residents about the density of these new developments inevitably affecting traffic congestion in the town and where building s higher than St Mary’s Church, which always used to be the local benchmark, are now being planned for the harbour frontage in particular. You can see the write-up of the meeting on the Shoreham Society website here:

Last week I organised a very successful meeting with representatives from Hyde Housing who are developing Ropetackle North along with residents from the Old Shoreham Road and ward councillors and highways officers from West Sussex. This follows a long running campaign to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, schoolchildren and dog-walkers using this busy artery into Shoreham High Street.

As part of the development which is likely to come before Adur’s Planning Committee in December Hyde have to make a contribution to highways improvement and it looks as though that could now be committed to a new pedestrian crossing close to Freehold Street which would be particularly helpful to pupils walking to Swiss Gardens Primary School. There is still further work to be done but this was a very encouraging meeting and the OSR group will be keeping everyone posted.
Shoreham Fort Newsletter
You can read the Friends of Shoreham Fort's latest newsletter here:

This month's issue includes details of their new souvenir guide book and the Remembrance Sunday event, which is taking place 13 November at 17:00 at Shoreham Fort. More information here:
Rector Gaz Daly
I was delighted to join a packed congregation at St Mary’s Broadwater for the induction of Reverend Gaz Daly. A warm welcome to him and his family who have come from London to take on one of the town’s oldest parishes.
Adur Art Club Annual Exhibition 
I popped into Adur Art Club Annual Exhibition and picked up a painting of Bosham Harbour. There was something for everyone and as ever the quality of the artwork was to a very high standard. 
Colin Hunt - Lancing Parish Council
I was sad to see Lancing Parish Clerk and Lancing resident Colin Hunt leave after 8 years at the helm at the Parish Hall. Good luck to Colin and many thanks for all the help and support he has given me at my many events involving Lancing Parish over that time.
Church of the Good Sheperd Shawl
I was delighted to present the Prime Minister with a shawl from the Craft and Fellowship Group at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Shoreham Beach, which was blessed at a special prayer service. 

Theresa May has an enormous job to do delivering Brexit and I am sure all of our prayers are with her. 
North Lancing Residents Association
Amazing that North Lancing Residents Association has been going for 10 very successful years thanks to Andy Brooke and team. I was delighted to invited along to their birthday celebrations and cut their special celebratory cake. 
Electric Storm Youth's Autumn Newsletter
As patrion of the Electric Storm Youth, I am delighted to say that you can find their Autumn Newsletter here:

Electric Storm Youth (ESY) is  a charity based on Christian principles, operating in Lancing and Sompting, West Sussex. They deliver our youth work in line with Youth Work National Occupational Standards.

As an organisation they seek to help and support young people, working to improve their personal and social development, teach them new skills and improve the quality of their lives.

National Guardian - Freedom to Speak Up

Please find via the link below a letter from Dr Henrietta Hughes - National Guardian for the NHS. 

Sir Francis QC's 'Freedom to Speak Up' report recommended that every NHS Trust and Foundation Trust in England has a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian. Their role is to ensure that concerns raised are taken seriously, acted upon, and that any potential risks to patients are highlighted and prevented. 

As the National Guardian for the NHS, Dr Henrietta Hughes is setting up regional networks of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians to establish best practice guidance for the NHS trusts. 

You may find some helpful information here: 

You can see the full letter here:
Update: Poulters Lane gas works

SGN's engineers made tremendous progress and I’m extremely pleased to confirm they were able to reopen Poulters Lane on 26 October, five weeks ahead of schedule. Engineers worked extended hours, seven days a week, during the road closure to ensure our works were completed and the road was reopened as quickly as possible.
Now the project is finished, the works should ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply to local homes and businesses for many years to come.

Northbrook College and City College Brighton to merge and create a new Metropolitan College
Northbrook College and City College are proposing to merge. The merger will be one of equals, where two strong Colleges come together under the leadership of a single Board and Executive team.
The proposals have been developed over many months and the time has now come to seek the views and opinions of everyone in the economic area of the City Region through a public consultation that starts today and concludes on 17 November.
The new organisation will build on the proud history and heritage of both Colleges - stretching back over 120 years - but will create a modern and forward looking institution that embraces the opportunities and challenges facing students in the 21 st century.
The consultation proposes a new name, The Metropolitan College, to reflect the combination of people, ideas, culture and place that the new organisation will serve.
The College will continue to operate from its five primary sites across Worthing, Shoreham and Brighton and will use the opportunity created by increased scale and efficiency to invest in its curriculum. A particular focus will be apprenticeships and higher-level professional and technical skills.
The planned date for the legal aspects of the merger to conclude is 31 March 2017.
In a joint statement, Sue Dare, Principal of Northbrook and Nick Juba, CEO of City College said:

“This is all about establishing a College that can deliver for our students. A College that celebrates and promotes professional and vocational routes into work and higher education. We want our students to go on and do amazing things, to live fulfilling lives and follow rewarding careers.

"The Metropolitan College will offer clear routes right up the educational ladder providing opportunities for every young person or adults across the economic area of the City Region to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.”
In a joint statement, Ian Lowrie and Julie Nerney, Chairs of Governors at the two colleges, said:

“The Metropolitan College will be the engine room of the local economy training the next generation of carpenters, coders, beauticians and digital artists. We want to play our part in ensuring that businesses across the economic area of the City Region have access to the pipeline of talent they need to develop, grow and create wealth for all of our residents.
"We’re excited by the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the two Colleges and to work in collaboration with businesses, local authorities, politicians, educational providers and all of our local communities for the good of our students, apprentices and undergraduates.
Adur Ferry Bridge Update
West Sussex County Council have been advised by their contractor, Balfour Beatty, that there is going to be a delay in the replacement of the glass panels. This latest update is very disappointing as we had been reassured that this work would start on the 17th October.
The reason for the delay is due to a misunderstanding with the glass supplier. WSCC were challenged as to whether the glass panel details we passed over were correct. The information provided was correct but this has delayed the order being placed for the glass. I have now been given a revised date of the 31st October.

Recent barge movement last went well despite the delay in the barge coming in to port. WSCC were able to open and close the bridge within the space of ten minutes with minimum disruption to the public. There are two further openings coming up, the first is a routine opening on Tuesday 1st November at 11am and the second will take place during week commencing 7th November to enable a barge through that will be working on the tidal walls scheme. I will update everyone when I know an exact date and time for this movement.
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