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Transmosis wins Workforce Accelerator Fund 2.0

The California Workforce Investment Board has announced that Transmosis, in partnership with the NOVA Workforce Investment Board, has won Workforce Accelerator Fund 2.0 (after having won Workforce Accelerator Fund 1.0 in 2014).

The California Workforce Investment Board and the Employment Development Department funded projects that design, develop, and implement projects that accelerate employment and re-employment strategies for California job seekers. The State Board and EDD will fund projects and partnerships to create and prototype innovative strategies that bridge education and workforce gaps for targeted populations, and initial implementation of promising models and practices in workforce system service delivery infrastructure.

The 18 projects accelerate skill development, employment, and reemployment for one or more of the target populations (long-term unemployed, returning veterans, individuals with disabilities, low-income workers, disconnected youth, ex-offenders, parents involved in family reunification, and CalWORKS participants).

Workforce Accelerator Fund Goals:

  • Improve labor market and skills outcomes for the target groups through the development of strategies that fill gaps, accelerate processes, or customize services to ensure greater access to workforce services and employment opportunities.
  • Create new modes for service delivery and funding alignment that can be replicated across the State and tailored to regional needs.
  • Leverage State investment with commitments from industry, labor, public, and community partners.

Transmosis presents to the California Workforce Association, Anaheim, CA

Transmosis Executive Director Chase Norlin presented at the California Workforce Association Meeting in Anaheim, CA  

Research & News

We here at Transmosis recently underwent an exhaustive study of the current and relevant internet-based job-placement tools available. Our findings have already communicated a few early trends. 

  • It is very common for these internet-based instruments to have some sort of social media component. This component is so common and pervasive, in fact, that it is not even included as its own distinct categorization.
  • Many of the instruments share dual or even triple identities across different categorizations or buckets. In the high (and ever increasing) level of competitiveness, companies are pushed to both differentiate themselves and address as many different facets of the employment process as possible. 
  • Many have “matching algorithms” to enable the best marriage of job seeker and employer, many have “integrated software platforms” where employers can consolidate all their hiring decisions, and many have career advice and resources publications to offer.

The holistic conglomerate can seem both confusing and overwhelming at first, but using the given careful categorizations, one can start to weave through the options and, based on individual characteristics, determine what tools are personally relevant and useful.

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Team & Advisors at Transmosis
Bernie Strom is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Gemstar International and
Larry Irving is the President and CEO of the Irving Group and former advisor to President Bill Clinton on information technology.