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Let’s keep learning together.
Happy Fall and we hope you and yours are safe and well. Over the summer both myself and our PSBX team have been committed to learning:  for ourselves, our projects and with our client partners.  This fall, our usual back to school thinking has changed to safety, security and looking at our projects differently.

We have just completed a number of creative productions and we as a team are learning how to create for today and tomorrow. Of course, with more distance but no less heart and love for what we do and whom we collaborate with. Thank you to our great clients
and production teams for their trust and collaboration.

We continue to focus on learning this fall as we contribute to our favourite speaker series for young leaders Ensemble Vol. 13 - The Future of Learning.  We are witnessing seismic change
in learning across our society andit’s exciting to see what is possible
as life-long learning continues to evolve.

As marketers and contributors to brands, we continue to see that we can no longer think about opportunity-driven actions.  People are focussed on much more important matters.  
We all need help, support and understanding as to what we are trying to achieve.
We all need to keep learning. 

Thank you to our teachers.  Thank you to our colleagues and partners.  
Thank you to our client for your trust and belief in us.  It means so much

Thanks for checking out our news and ideas.  

Be well, Baron


The Future of Learning 
Join us for our second Virtual Volume as we bring together voices from across the world of learning and education for a discussion about our collective evolution into a digitally-connected, ‘always learning’ society. 
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Projects that we're working on 

Vlad Guerrero Jr. strikes
     a BiGS sponsorship deal

The partnership includes promotion on Guerrero’s Instagram page, as well as on the brand’s Canadian Facebook page.  It’s about growing awareness of the BiGS brand, says Andrea Stodart, Marketing Director,
of Snacks at Conagra.


Ideas we're reading and sharing

NY TIMES - August. 15, 2020
As Colleges Move Classes Online, Families Rebel Against the Cost

Schools face rising demands for tuition rebates, increased aid, and leaves of absence as students ask if college is becoming “glorified Skype.

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WFMZ  - August 5, 2020
Latest Iconic Harmon Brothers Character in New Campaign for Profits Unlimited

Wall Street legend Paul Mampilly's Profits Unlimited empowers everyday Americans to invest and thrive financially in uncertain times

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THE DRUM - August, 12 2020
Why Marketing Restructures are Rarely MarketingTransformations

When marketers design the destination of their customer-centric transformation, they need to know the starting point.

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We’ve curated a personal mix from Baron's playlist to help keep you motivated and energized. 

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PSBX is proud to celebrate our Account Supervisor, Andrea Lemez's one year anniversary at the company.

We're happy to have you as part of the team and thank you for your talent and contributions!!
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