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Thoughtful Thinking & The Power of Compassion
Guest post by Shaun Benoliel

During this time of uncertainty, too often does the power of thoughtfulness get lost in our day-to-day lives. At PSBX, we want to take this time to remind our colleagues, clients and, friends about the power of thinking thoughtfully.

Not just about getting the job done but doing it with purpose, intention and emotion. We need to come together and reflect on our actions, think about how they might affect those around us. Be caring by showing consideration for the needs and feelings of those in our lives. 

Though we may be apart, we are still very much together, connected by the thoughtful actions that drive our everyday lives. To think with our heads and lead with our hearts. 

Being thoughtful should be our top priority, especially during a time when human interaction is rare. Now is the time for thoughtful thinking because the ways we engage with people - even the subtle actions - have a profound and lasting impact on our relationships. 

So we challenge those reading this to be more thoughtful, both personally and professionally. Write a thank-you note, say no more often, be mindful of phone etiquette, go out of the way for someone and above all, pick up the phone.

Thank you, and be well. 
Shaun B.


The Future of Learning 
Thank you for joining us on October 8th; for our second Virtual Volume, we brought together voices from the education landscape to discuss the future of learning. The replays are available now so you can rewatch, review, and remember the fantastic content from all our excellent speakers. 

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Shout out to our wonderful creative colleague Shaun Benoliel for his feature in the new Seneca College Challenge Accepted campaign.  

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