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Cody Firearms Record, Summer 2016

A New Era in Gun Collecting


As the Cody Firearms Museum looks toward a full-scale renovation, we also look toward the future. The museum seeks to preserve the essence and importance of its historical collection, displaying more guns in the new museum, but also wants to incorporate newer companies that have made an impact on the pages of firearms history.
In honor of the 30th Anniversary of GLOCK, Inc. in the United States, the Cody Firearms Museum has opened a temporary exhibition, GLOCK Makes History: The Birth of the Polymer Handgun Market. This exhibition is located in the Coors Theater and includes a timeline of GLOCK firearms, embellished GLOCKs, and prop guns used for movie and television, including those from the television series Longmire. It remains on view through 2016.
While GLOCKs are common today, the history of the company is fairly recent. Heckler and Koch developed the first polymer handgun, but it was GLOCK that first made one successful on the commercial market. In the early 1980s, Gaston Glock and a team of firearms researchers developed the first GLOCK handgun with a polymer frame and an internal safety system. By 1983, he supplied 30,000 Glock 17 pistols to the Austrian military and, by 1986, the company received its first United States law enforcement contract and now has more than 60 percent of the U.S. law enforcement contracts. Today, almost every handgun manufacturer lays claim to a polymer handgun, demonstrating the undeniable impact that GLOCK had in bringing that industry to America.
The company even has a collector’s organization, formed in 1995 as a way to preserve the legacy of the company. This is the first large-scale exhibition of GLOCK firearms in a museum in the United States and we are happy to interpret a newer chapter in history in hopes of continuing to tell the story of firearms into the future.

Additional Marlin Ledger Emerges


An additional ledger in the Marlin collection caught my eye this spring as I prepared for a Coffee and Curators program. Curiosity had me opening it up and I was thrilled to see serial number records! Now, I didn’t know what a 39A Presentation or 39M Presentation were, but if I see new serial number records, I get a little excited.
I have been at this job for ten years now and had not seen this ledger. It seems to have languished on the shelves for decades, unrecognized as a potentially important item in the collection. The Marlin/L.C. Smith records collection came to Cody in October 1989. The collection includes 26 L.C. Smith ledgers and, up until now, ten Marlin ledgers.
The expandable ledger is slender and unassuming, with 14 pages of serial number, shipping date (1960 – 1962), and destination records for the 39A, and 14 pages for the 39M. There are 15 sheets detailing the date each firearm was sent to R. Kain for carving in 1960.
With a little digging into William Brophy’s book Marlin Firearms: A History of the Guns and the Company that Made Them (pp. 278 – 279), I learned more about the two presentation models.
  • Produced in 1960 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Marlin name in the firearms business.
  • 500 of each produced.
  • .22 caliber only.
  • The 39A Presentation had a pistol grip stock and the 39M (Mountie) Presentation had a straight grip stock.
  • Same features as the Marlin Golden 39A and 39A-Mountie as well as some special features, notably:
    • Carved gray squirrel in the stock
    • Chrome plating
  • Serialized for the special production run as well as bearing a regular Marlin serial number. Both serial numbers are noted in the ledger.
Now the question is… what do we do with this? I would think that someone, somewhere, is interested in documenting their Model 39 Presentation, so we want to get this information out to those individuals who own these Marlins. We begin scanning and indexing the ledger and auxiliary documents this summer and hope to offer factory letters on these special Marlins by the end of the year.

If you have any stories, experiences, or reference materials about this 90th anniversary Marlin Model 39 Presentation, I would love to hear from you!

23rd Annual Buffalo Bill Invitational Shootout

August 11 – 13, 2016
We look forward to seeing you!

We invite you to participate in the 23rd Annual Buffalo Bill Invitational Shootout August 11–13. On Thursday, August 11, a reception welcomes participants and their guests. The shooting competition takes place at the Cody Shooting Complex on August 12 and 13. This 355-target shoot includes: skeet (50); wobble skeet (25); trap (50); wobble trap (50); double trap (30); 5 Stand (50); and Sporting Clays (100). Each discipline is scored one point per target. Any gauge shotgun may be used, and there is no class distinction.
Each full entry is $300 and includes cost for all targets shot in competition, a shirt, admission for one with two drink tickets to the welcome reception on Thursday evening, admission for one to the awards dinner on Saturday (guests welcome for an additional $35 per person), and lunch on the range both days. An optional steak and seafood dinner on Friday night is an additional $40 per person. Click here to find the registration form and event details.
This is the Cody Firearms Museum’s only fundraising event of the year and we need your support! If you are interested in registering as a participant, being a sponsor, or donating auction items, please contact Rebecca Taggart at 307-578-4025 or

Digitization of Winchester Archives Continues


In addition to the office files from the Winchester Repeating Arms Company Collection, the library staff is digitizing photographs, both prints and negatives, which represent a visual record of the company's firearms models, including experimental guns. The selection also features historic photos of the factory, its workers, and important leaders. Once available online, these images become an important resource for scholars.
In 2015, the McCracken Research Library had an exciting opportunity to join a digital collaborative called the Mountain West Digital Library, based at the University of Utah. In practice, this means that the library's online collections will be searchable through a web-based portal that is national in scope. This association enables increased exposure for the digital collections through a consortium of academic libraries, which is also a service hub for the Digital Public Library of America in Boston, Massachusetts. In a few weeks the collections will begin to appear in these national databases. This is an exciting time for the library as new audiences become acquainted with the archival collections.

Obtaining Images from the Library

The McCracken Research Library provides digital images of archival material, and rare and special books for educational, research, and personal use by request for a scanning fee of $35 per hour. Visit the McCracken's webpage to find links to the digital collections, Archon’s archival collection lists, and the library catalog—all are great discovery tools for the McCracken’s holdings. Send inquiries and requests to or call 307-578-4059.
The Rights and Reproductions office provides access to high quality art prints, as well as professional and commercial licensing of the Center’s collections. All requests for professional and commercial use from the collections of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West must go through this process no matter the end use. To order a high quality print, please complete the form found here. Information regarding process of licensing images for professional or commercial use, our fee schedule, and forms can be found online. Download the form, save it to your computer, and e-mail the completed version to or call at 307-578-4082.

Firearms Members Span the Globe


When you look at the spread of our Firearms Members across the country and around the world, it’s clear that the appeal of the American West is not confined to the geographic region for which it’s named! Certainly, Buffalo Bill’s tireless promotional efforts are partly to thank for that. Today, Winchester, Marlin, and L.C. Smith collectors rely exclusively on our Cody Firearms Records Office to provide original factory information on their firearms. No matter where you hang your hat, we are proud to serve you from the Center of the West!

Member count beyond North America:

  • Australia:   7
  • England:   3
  • France:   1
  • Germany:   2
  • New Zealand:   1
  • Sweden:   1
  • Switzerland:   4

Support the Firearms Museum Reinstallation

Enjoy our New e-version of the Record

The Cody Firearms Museum reinstallation requires a lot of knowledge, imagination—and money! To help Curator Ashley Hlebinsky with that last ingredient, Carolyn Williams from the Center's Development Office is happy to work with potential donors considering making a gift in support of this exciting eight million dollar project. Galleries and even specific exhibits within galleries can be named, with all donors receiving recognition.
We will keep you informed as we work with our exhibit designers to create a space that best shows off our incredible collection. Meanwhile, if you would like to explore making a gift toward the reinstallation, please contact Carolyn at 307-578-4013 or Thank you for your support!
We hope you are enjoying this issue of the Cody Firearms Record. Many of you will have received it in your e-mail inbox as well as through the mail. All Firearms Members and other individuals on the mailing list with e-mail addresses on file will receive only the electronic edition in the future unless you specifically opt out of e-delivery.
To opt out of e-delivery of the Record—or to sign up for the e-version—e-mail Jesi Bennett at If you opt out of e-delivery, you will still receive a printed version of the newsletter.

WACA's Cody Show... coming right up, July 8 – 10. We hope can attend. Be sure to stop by the Records Office table. We'll see you there!
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The Internship of a Lifetime: Introducing Rebecca

Hey guys! My name is Rebecca Hoback and this summer I am an intern for both the Cody Firearms Museum and the Firearms Records Office at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This opportunity has already been such an exciting experience. I can only imagine how fun this summer is going to be in Cody while being a part of the Cody Firearms Museum staff and exploring the Greater Yellowstone Region.

I have lived just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, all my life. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time visiting battlefields and historic sites, eager to learn more about American history. I went to college and thought I could never do anything with a history degree, I just knew I loved learning about the past and the people who influenced it. While I was in college, I interned at public history organizations.
In May, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in History, and I'm looking forward to pursuing a career as a curator. I have always been interested in the Civil War and the American West. I have also always been around firearms but I am eager to learn more about them and their history. I am very passionate about history and teaching others about it. So now I get to explore that passion here, surrounded by an amazing collection of firearms.

During my internship, I will be writing blog posts covering interesting pieces in our firearms collection. I will also be doing educational programs about firearms, and working with various records. There is so much to learn here and I can’t wait to soak it all in!
To celebrate our centennial in 2017, the Center is proud to partner with Navy Arms and Winchester Firearms to create the Winchester "Centennial Model" 1873 lever-action rifle. Using Winchester factory records and original firearms housed at the Center of the West, Navy Arms has created two outstanding replica models for sale—one hand-engraved, the other machine engraved—to celebrate our 100th Anniversary.
Reserve yours today at
These are exclusive, limited-edition rifles. One hundred percent of the profits support the mission of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Cody Firearms Museum.

Bonus Search Packs for WACA Members

Center Firearms Members who are also Winchester Arms Collectors Association (WACA) members may request a bonus 15-pack of serial number searches by providing your WACA member number to Records Office staff or Center Membership staff. We will confirm your membership status and add the bonus pack to your Center member account.



These bonus searches do expire!

  • Unused searches expire 12 months from the date they are added to your account.
  • Your bonus pack is lost if either your museum membership or WACA membership lapses.

You have to request the bonus search pack in order to receive it!

  • You must request the bonus pack every year you want to use the benefit.
  • Submit your WACA number to Records Office or Center Membership staff to request the pack.


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