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25 FREE icons
Grab some outline free set of icons!
Nerd Fonts
Nerd Fonts is a project that patches developer targeted fonts with a high number of glyphs (icons).
This typeface has a rustic, solid, bold and yet dynamic and distinctive character.
New to web or graphic design? These apps and tools will save you time
Being a good designer has a lot to do with a person’s talent and the sense of style. However, turning great ideas into great work requires the right tools and skills as well.
CSS, HTML, JavaScript cheat sheets
If you want to learn HTML, a great cheat sheet will help you while you work. The HTML cheat sheets will help to make your life much, much easier.
The best web development IDE
Editing HTML and CSS code can be done without any specific tools.
Page Flip Layout
A template with a two-sided, magazine-like layout and a flat page flip animation. The layout is powered by CSS Grid.
Provide A single color value and Palx returns a full-spectrum color palette, well suited for UI design and data visualizations.
Top graphic design magazines
The graphic design magazines professionals read can tell a lot about a career.
Glorious Demo
The easiest way to demonstrate your code in action.
WordPress comments plugin
A WordPress comments plugin can quickly improve the functionality of your default comment system.
HTML Notepad
It is a WYSIWYG editor of structured documents: texts that have hierarchical and semantically meaningful structure
Build blazing fast websites for any CMS or data with Vue.js
Brick wall textures
No matter what kind of project you’re working on, keeping a high-quality brick texture on hand is a good idea.
Articles and inspiration
Showcase: Web designers and their portfolios
When it comes to building a web designer portfolio, you have to understand that portfolio websites themselves are the perfect opportunity for you to but your best work and skills on display.
The State of JavaScript 2018
JavaScript is always changing. New libraries, new frameworks, new languages… It's part of the fun, but it can also feel overwhelming sometimes.
Why Do All Websites Look the Same?
Web design today seems to be driven by technical and ideological constraints rather than creativity and ideas. Every page consists of containers in containers in containers;Nothing is truly designed.
The Tried and True Laws of UX [with Infographic]
Remember when your mother warned you not to run down the stairs because you could fall and hurt yourself? Or when you held your palm over a candle’s flame and started feeling the burn?
A Netflix Web Performance Case Study
Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services. Since launching globally in 2016, the company has found that many new users are not only signing up on mobile devices but are also using less-than-ideal connections to do so.
The “C” in CSS: The Cascade
Have you ever written a CSS property and the value doesn’t seem to work? Maybe you had to turn to using !important to get it going. Or perhaps you resorted to writing the CSS inline on the element in the HTML file.
Fast load times
When you're building a modern web experience, it's important to measure, optimize, and monitor if you're to get fast and stay fast.
Evolutions in User Interface Design
When the first IBM personal computer was introduced in 1981, it came with Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system...

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