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I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! So, I'm celebrating by giving you a FREEBIE, and who doesn't like free things?!?! 

It’s a new year, and it’s a new look. As you’ve been on this journey with me I hope you have been inspired, encouraged and learned a thing or two along the way. I know I’ve been motivated to do more and be more by reading your emails, Facebook posts and comments. 

As you may or may not know, I began this journey as an organization specialist and through my work started to realize there was something deeper than “just straightening things out” that women were craving. I also discovered there is one thing that ties us all together. WE ARE WOMEN who want to learn and grow with other amazing women.
Women everywhere began asking for tools to help them get “unstuck” in life and business. Women like you and me wanted ideas to help save time and stop feeling overwhelmed. They asked for ways to find real solutions, help them tap into their unique strengths and succeed. Women were looking for a place to come for encouragement, appreciation and to get strategies for conquering those endless projects and to-do lists. So, when you asked, I listened.
The Female Idea Tank is here for you and other women like you. Women who want to be reminded that they matter or that they have something great to offer the world whether that’s in life or business. This is a place for women who sometimes need inspiration or practical tips. This is where women come together to develop and grow into all they were meant to be.
So, here are 3 reasons why I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!
  1. You are here and reading this!
  2. I’ve got useful tips, tools and resources to share (download my FREE Weekly Guide here) that will help you get unstuck, stop feeling overwhelmed and succeed in life and business.
  3. AND...Our new FIT Members Club will be coming soon!  
I can't wait to watch this great FIT community thrive and grow! Here are THREE ways you can help spread the word and share the Female Idea Tank community with other great women in your life.
  1. Click Female Idea Tank to join our Facebook page
  2. Forward this email and share with other amazing women! Click FIT E-Newsletter to sign up and get fresh weekly content, freebies and other practical tips to help you succeed in life and business...delivered right to your inbox!
  3. Get on the waiting list for our FIT Members Club – Coming Soon
I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey and be part of the Female Idea Tank community. Thank you for inspiring me and for all your heart-felt encouragement. Hold onto your hats and let's enjoy this great ride together!

I'm so glad you’re here,
P.S. My FREE Weekly Guide gives you an easy place to track your quiet time and water intake. I drink three large bottles per day. There’s also a place to mark exercise blocks. I break mine down into small chunks.
You can track time for reading and work blocks. I set a timer at least three times a day then take a break in between. You can also keep track of your gratitude or journal entries and food log. I write down what I eat along with the calories.
It helps to keep this in a visible place as an easy, little reminder of what to do throughout each day. It’s designed to make things SIMPLE because we all know we repeat those things that are easy to do. You won’t see Saturday or Sunday because after a hard week’s work you deserve a couple days off. I hope you enjoy it!
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