GOAL SETTING: We have passed the half-way mark, and it seems like time is flying by so quickly. Before you know it, we will be saying goodbye to another year. Ugh!
The other day I did a mid-year check-up. It only took half a day, and now I feel so much better about where I’m headed for the rest of the year.
Setting goals helps you plan how you want to move throughout life. You have to be intentional about taking time to think about where you want to be six months from now.
Getting started can seem daunting, but I’m going to show you how to map out the next six months. Once you’ve taken time to set your goals, you’ll feel a renewed sense of accomplishment and motivation to help you succeed.
Block out a few hours, print off my Goal Setting Worksheet {Download here} and follow these 5 Goal Setting Tips for Success. I recommend using a new worksheet each week to break things down into small steps and keep you moving forward. 

1. Ask yourself. What do I want to have achieved six months from now?

2. Decide what categories fit your life and list them on the worksheet.
    Some examples are:
        a. Health
        b. Finances
        c. Business
        d. Friendships
        e. Family
        f. Spiritual life

3. List 1-3 specific and attainable goals under each category.
    For example, if you focus on health, you could list:
        a. Drink 5 glasses of water a day
        b. Exercise 3 times a week
        c. Get 8 hours of sleep each day

4. Set a deadline for each goal, and mark it when it is complete

5. Reward yourself for reaching your goals.
    Ideas include:
        a. A favorite snack
        b. Going out to dinner
        c. Getting a Mani/Pedi
        d. Watching a movie

#FITSuccessTip: If you don't already set goals, do so, starting now. Once you have achieved your goals, you will want to continue to grow and set new goals for yourself. You can do it!

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