SELF-CONFIDENCE: You walk into a room, scan the crowd, and genuinely don’t care what others think of you? Be honest. It feels great, doesn’t it?

I’m not talking about arrogance. I’m talking about having a sense of self-confidence knowing that you are intelligent, prepared and look your best.

On the flip side, it’s also easy to scan a room, look at what everyone else is wearing, notice how they move about in a crowd and think, “There’s no way I will ever measure up.”

Self-confidence can fluctuate – Much like a bad hair day, sometimes you wake up feeling great about yourself and feel completely insecure the next.

Self-confidence is a skill that you can develop and conquer. Developing it often requires small changes and tiny steps that can make a big difference.

Here are three habits that self-confident people do that you can apply to your life:

1. Keep it simple. 

You want to do something? Great! Self-confident people make a plan, keep their eye on the prize, and do not overcomplicate the process. Stay focused, and don’t over-think it.

2. Dedicate time to what’s most important.

If you get a “gut check” telling you not to do something – don’t do it. Self-confident people make sure they reserve time and energy for their priorities. They often gain more respect and keep unnecessary time suckers from taking them off track. It’s your life!

3. Make the most of success.

Accept that failure is sometimes inevitable, but don’t fear it. If you make a mistake, dust yourself off and try again.

Self-confidence comes with action. Action generates more confidence and the more confident you are the more action you take.

Hope this helps :)

#FITSuccessTip: What ONE action can you take today that will help boost your self-confidence?  Believe in yourself and go for what you want. 

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