JUST SAY NO: Today, let’s take a look at a skill that is sure to help you relieve stress in your life and grow your business in unimaginable ways.
Ready? Want to know what it is?
Practice saying this with me.
It’s one simple word.
Did you say it? Did you cringe when you said it, or did it feel comfortable?
Sometimes it seems so difficult to just – say – no. As women, we’ve been conditioned to be helpful, agreeable and sacrificial. While those are good qualities to have, there is also a flip side. It’s called … over commitment.
Some reasons you might find it hard to say, “no” are: 
  • You are kind and want to help
  • You fear the possibility of losing out on future opportunities
  • You are afraid of being rude
  • You are afraid the other person might get upset 
Any of these sound familiar?
The next time you are faced with a request for your time or attention consider these 5 Simple Ways to Say “No”. Here are some responses you can use to free up time and focus on your priorities. 
  1. “I’d love to, but I have other priorities at the moment.”
  2. “Maybe another time.”
  3. “Let me think about it first, and I’ll get back to you.”
  4. “Unfortunately, it’s not a good time.”
  5. “Thanks for thinking of me, but I can’t.” 
Learn to say no to requests that don’t meet your needs. Once you practice a couple times you’ll find out how easy it actually is. You’ll get more time for yourself, your work and things that are most important to you.
#FITSuccessTip: Learn the art of saying no. Don’t lie. Don’t make excuses. Don’t over-explain yourself. Just simply decline.

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