COMMUNICATION: This quote by Jada Pinkett Smith sums it up so well. She says, "My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships." There are so many ways we communicate as we walk through life, interact with others and conduct business.

What are you saying to the world? What is the world saying to you? Want to brush up a little? I know I can always use a little tune up when it comes to my communication skills. Below are 5 Ways to Improve Your Communication. 

1.  Show appreciation
    * Let the other person know you value their time
    * Recognize any positive contribution they are making

2. Connect on a personal level
    * Even in business, there can be common ground
    * A sense of connection makes a difference in the outcome of the conversation

3. Listen
    * Be polite and don't interrupt - a good speaker is a good listener
    * Make eye contact and try to understand the other person's perspective

4. Notice nonverbal body language
    * Fidgeting or lack of eye contact can be signs of restlessness
    * If you see these signs, wrap up or postpone the conversation

5. End the conversation well
    * Be brief, yet specific - and have confidence in yourself
    * Thank the person for giving you their valuable time and follow up if necessary
#FITSuccessTip: As you interact with others and conduct business ask yourself this question. What am I saying to the world?

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