PUT IT DOWN: I get it. You have tons of things on your plate, and your mind is already on the next call, email or appointment you have today.

I’m guilty of reaching for “that device” too when I should be paying attention to something or someone who is much more important.

It’s like an involuntary reaction, and before you know it, you’ve tuned out. Can you relate?

But being fully present in every meeting and conversation shows people they are respected and deserving of your full attention.

It’s not easy to put the phone down, so here are some simple ways to Put Down the Phone and Focus:
  • Set it in another room
  • Turn the ringer off
  • Even better, power it off - ignore the withdrawal feelings
  • Schedule 60 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • Make eye contact if you’re having a conversation
  • Give that special person or project your full attention
  • Try going for a walk in order to have a deeper conversation
  • Don’t be afraid of silence or being still – your soul needs a break
This week I challenge you to do this for at least one hour per day. It may not be easy at first, but try it.

Your relationships will deepen. You will be more focused and productive. I dare you … put down the phone and focus … and note how you feel afterward.

Stepping away to focus,

#FITSuccessTip: You may not be fond of every person you work with, but you can still build meaningful relationships by offering the gift of your undivided attention.

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