BE ENCOURAGED:  How are things going? I mean, how are they REALLY going? You have lots to do … errands to run, meetings to attend and things to plan.
If you’re like me, you probably feel stretched from time to time. Like a rubber band, you can only be pulled so far. Sometimes the demands of life can make you feel like you’re going to snap and fly across the room … just like that stretched out rubber band. Can you relate?
Today, I thought it would be nice to give you something you can print off, put in a cute frame, and look at any time you need a little boost. It’s my FREE gift of encouragement, and you can CLICK HERE to download and print it off.
Also, if it’s been a while since you have felt encouraged, let me offer some inspiration! Along with my gift, here are 12 Encouraging Reminders. Whatever your life, career or business has thrown at you, I want to remind you to… 
  • Think positively
  • Stay strong
  • Have faith
  • Live in the moment
  • Breathe deeply – do it now!
  • Pray often
  • Be grateful
  • Embrace the journey
  • Choose to be happy
  • Cherish every moment
  • Be fearless
  • And SMILE :-) 
Now, don’t you feel better? When I read these simple reminders I tend to shift my perspective. Once my perspective changes things look a whole lot easier. What’s one thing you can do to shift your perspective today?

You can do it.
I believe in you.
#FITSuccessTip:  When you need some encouragement try shifting your perspective. Once you see things differently, that challenge in front of you will seem a whole lot easier to navigate.

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