Ahhhh, the to-do list. Do you have one? Me, I’ve always been a list maker. There’s just something that feels – so – good about writing things down, checking them off and having a sense of accomplishment.

I know there are several kinds of things you and I can use to keep our to-do lists on -- from electronic apps to good ole fashioned pad and paper. While I love to use technology for lots of things in life and business, my favorite to-do lists are still written down. I like to have a place to empty my mind of all the tasks, errands and ideas and to see them in front of me.
No matter what you use I highly recommend using some kind of to-do list format. I love how Janet Choi describes it, “The to-do list is an external memory aid, or a reminder outside of your head, which nudges you about all the stuff you mean to do.”
What kind of to-do lists do I make? Well, I’m glad you asked!
I don’t know about you, but I have lots of stuff I need to get done! In order to keep this world of mine revolving as seamlessly as possible, and sometimes that gets challenging when life throws me a curve ball, here are my top 3 tools to help you conquer your to-do list:
Almost all of my to-do items are written in a hot pink journal (the color makes it easy to locate). This is my main go-to tool for the things I want to keep in one place over time.
I put headings at the top of each page, date the list, put little boxes next to each item, and away I go. When I finish an item a check mark goes in the box. Once a page of to-do’s are finished, I mark a line through the page. This serves as a visual reminder that all tasks on that page are complete while also allowing me to look back on the information if needed.
Sometimes my lists are about the work I need to get done. Other times I write down ideas for vacations, people I want to spend time with, business ideas or my grocery list.
2.) 3X5 CARDS
My to-do lists can also consist of small 3x5 cards. I keep them in my vanity drawer – for when I need a quick list. Oftentimes when I’m getting ready several things will go through my mind. Can you relate? Things like…
  • get bread
  • go by the bank
  • pick up contacts
  • have lunch with Mom
  • schedule newsletter
Then, as I’m getting ready to head out the door my 3x5 card goes in my wallet. This is a great temporary to-do list solution. Once I’m done I can easily toss it in the trash!
There are lots of theories about using post-it notes for to-do lists. Good or bad, they work for me! If I’m working away and have random thoughts pop up in my head, I will often grab a post-it and keep a running list.
Then, I can either take care of the items and throw the post-it away, or transfer them to a more permanent place – like my journal – if needed.
Regardless of what method you use … USE SOMETHING for your to-do list! In order to be productive you need to have a reliable place to relieve the stress and constant chatter going on in your mind.

Keeping a to-do list and knowing where to focus can help you have a successful day. Seriously, who doesn’t want to have a successful day?
So, here’s my challenge to you.
  • CLICK HERE to print my FREE To-Do List
  • Block off the next 15 minutes
  • Write down every task that comes to mind -- keep writing until your mind is clear
  • Take a deep breath and relax -- doesn't that feel good?
  • Put your to-do list somewhere reliable
  • Get your tasks done and mark them off – one delightful checkmark at a time
What are you waiting for? Go get that to-do list done. You’ll feel so much better!
Much success to you,

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