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January 2018

Monthly Trail Meeting

Date:   Friday, Jan. 12th
Time:   Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Place:  205 Riverside Dr. (So. Portal Bldg) 

The purpose of our meeting is hold an open forum to discuss ways to further our mission of promoting great trails in Klamath County.

Please join us for all or part of our upcoming meeting. 
Maintenance Day

No maintenance day this month.

Trail News & Information


Spence Mountain Green Trail Challenge Update

Great news… the Green Trail Campaign blew past it's goal of $20,000 last month thanks to many generous donors and one large $10,000 gift!  
The fundraiser now stands at $33,410 or 167 percent of goal!  
Recall the Green Trail campaign will help fund 10 miles of trail construction at Spence Mountain with an emphasis on growing trails rated as “easy." Trail development will take place on the backside of Spence Mountain and will provide several loop options from our new Shoalwater Bay Trailhead.  

A BIG THANK-YOU to all that have supported this project.  
Other News:
Klamath Ridge View Trail Bridge

December marked anther great accomplishment for the KTA and Moore Park. KTA volunteers Kevin Jones and Wes Rogers put in some solid work and ingenuity, creating the Klamath Ridgeview Trail bridge.
Here is the project, by the numbers:
  • 220 man hours for the project.
  • 1,900 pounds of concrete in the footings and to secure the two benches (That's about 31 to 32 60-pound bags of quickcrete).
  • 30,000 pounds of gravel moved (it only took two days for this to be complete)
  • 20 pressure-treated 4x6 at 12-foot board
  • 6 pressure-treated 4x6 at 16-foot boards to get from footing to footing 
  • 324 pressure treated 2x6 cut at 30-inch lengths for decking, or 81 2x6 at 10-foot.
  • 13 pounds of deck screws to secure the decking
  • And lastly two recycled park benches.
The only wood waste on the project were two 4x6 cat 2-foot lengths. The approximate cost for the bridge material was $2,300. If KTA had hired workers, the approximate cost of the bridge would be $8,500. ($24 for laborers, $35 for crew leader.) That’s how much work our volunteers put into this accomplishment!
Volunteer Thank-You
The key to any organization is the the number of people who volunteer their time. Without volunteers you can’t get much done.

We would like to thank the following individuals for all their hard work during 2017 for building and maintaining trails at Moore Park, Spence Mountain, Geo Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and the National Forest Service.

Aaron Worcester, Adam Burwell, Al Augustine, Alicia Jones, Amber Singh, Ben Haris, Bill Leary, Bill Wood, Brad Kramer, Ciarra C, Daniel Abernethy, Debbie R, Denise Opocenesky, Dennis Taugher, Drew Honzel, Ed Beverly, Erika Meng, Gary Roberts, Glenn Gailis, Gregg Waterman, Harry Hansen, Jared Kenny, Jennifer Little, Jeremy Morris, Jerry Anderson, Jerry Enman, Jerry Haugen, Jherime Kellermann, Jim Stephenson, Joel Ophoff, Josh Jubb, Justin Rodriquez, Justin Straus, Kailey Neathamer, Karen & John Poole, Kedric Osborne, Kendall Bell, Kent Druckenmiller, Kevin Jones, Larry Holzgang, Lillian Schiavo, Lilly Anderson, Maggie Porter, Marie Enman, Mark Goodman, Melinda M, Mia Groff, Michael Schaaf, Mike Chamberland, Nathan Stroh, Nick George, Nikki, Allison, Nicole Morgan, Phil McGovern, Radv Moija, Raul Mirande, Ric Drucker, Ron Matchett, Saravanan Mylsamy, Seth Cotterman, Sophia Nathanson, Vivian Waterman, Wes Rogers.

How to Become Invovled with the KTA

Visit KTA's website or our Facebook page for more information on projects and events. Consider joining or renewing your membershship today!  Individual memberships start at only $20 per year.  These funds support trail maintenance, promotion, new trail development and the resources needed to keep us up and running as a non-profit organization!  Email to join the mailing list for updates.
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