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January 2017

Monthly Trail Meeting

Date:   Friday, Jan. 13
Time:   Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Place:  205 Riverside Dr. (So. Portal Bldg) 

The purpose of our meeting is hold an open forum to discuss ways to further our mission of promoting great trails in Klamath County.  Please join us for all or part of our upcoming meeting. 
Maintenance Day

No maintenance days in winter. 

                 Klamath Ridgeview Trail

                              Crater Lake

Trail News & Information


Winter Trails:
By Drew Honzel, KTA secretary

Mother nature has blessed us with bountiful snow this year!  If you don’t have an outdoor winter sport, consider snowshoeing, cross country skiing or backcountry skiing.  

This year our low level trails are in great snow shape with good coverage.  The most obvious choice is Moore Park for a nice XC ski or snowshoe outing.  Recently Bill Kennedy set XC tracks in the lower Park and there is a nice half mile oval loop.  If you want to venture further out there is good snowshoeing and XC skiing on the mid-level trails and the park’s upper road loop.  The Klamath Ridge View Trail offers great winter scenery (see pictures).  Other local areas to enjoy include Hogback, Running Y, Link River Trail or above Hagelstein Park.  
Higher elevation brings many more opportunities for all three disciplines near Lake of the Woods as well as Crater Lake.  Enclosed is a good article on snowshoeing at Brown Mountain near Lake of the Woods in case you are interested.
Last but not least, checkout the Klamath Basin Ski Club’s webpage for ski maps, weather and even group outings to enjoy all this snow! 

              Moore Park Track Setter

            Klamath Ridgeview Trail

KTA Sponsor

By Dennis Taugher, KTA president

The newsletter will be doing a periodic profile of our sponsors. The first one we bring you is Rodeos Pizza and Saladeria.

The owner, David Scott and his wife, Nell Kolden (like many of us) came from other places: David was raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Nell, in Seattle.
Both love outdoor sports. David was a nationally ranked triathlete. He rarely competes these days preferring to run and bike our local trails. Nell grew up loving snow sports in the Cascades adding rock climbing and mountain biking during college.

They met during grad school in 2012. Nell works for Trout Unlimited designing and implementing restoration projects on Upper Klamath Lake. A wild idea prompted David to follow Nell to Klamath and start a New York-style pizzaria which is highly rated on Yelp and Trip Advisor.

The couple gives back to the community in a variety of ways. Rodeos provides free pizza to hungry trail crews. They also help fundraising events such as the Moore Mountain Trail Run, the Moore Cowbell Cyclocross races and the SMART reading program. David is involved in the project which hosts a user-friendly dining and business guide.

“Nell and I are proud to support KTA and the community as it becomes a trail magnet providing interesting exercise for locals and outsiders,” David said.  
KTA is proud to have this energetic couple as a sponsor.
Other News:
Winter Riding
Advice from Kyle Phillips Cox, purchaser, Zach’s Bikes
It’s hard to say no to riding your bike, but riding your bike in snowy, wet, muddy, and rainy weather can cause substantial damage to trails.  Damaged trails may be unrideable until repaired. The more trails that are damaged the more work that is created; meaning new projects may have to be put on hold until current trails are fixed, and may cause closure to trails. We recommend checking in with the shop to find out trail conditions, our employees and customers frequent the trails and we can provide up to date information.
In the winter time, you can sometimes go out early in the morning and the ground will be frozen allowing you to ride without damaging the trail. You must be aware that at some point during your ride the trails are going to start thaw out, leaving them muddy and slimy. Berms and jumps that usually hold can give way and must be rebuilt. 
So before hitting the trails anywhere during wet season, ask your bike shop about current trail conditions and what trails are ridable. Give yourself different route options to take in case you find yourself in a muddy mess. Some trails may thaw out quicker based on how much sun it sees and it’s elevation.  Sometimes you start out the on bottom and the trail it is fine going up, but as soon as you get to the top and start descending the trail you started out on has thawed and is now muddy and slimy.  
If you find yourself in a muddy mess remember your impact on the trail, and consider joining KTA for a trail maintenance day and learn of the hard work that goes into these trails.
How to Become Invovled with the KTA

Visit KTA's website or our Facebook page for more information on projects and events. Consider joining or renewing your membershship today!  Individual memberships start at only $20 per year.  These funds support trail maintenance, promotion, new trail development and the resources needed to keep us up and running as a non-profit organization!  Email to join the mailing list for updates.
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