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May 2019

Monthly Trail Meeting

Date:   Friday, May 10th
Time:   12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Place:  205 Riverside Dr. (South Portal Bldg)  

Hans Kuhr will be presenting information on a proposed trail to Cottonwood Falls near Mount Thielsen for the first half of the meeting.  We will then follow our usual format of an open forum to discuss ways to further our mission of promoting great trails in Klamath County. Please join us for all or part of our upcoming meeting. 
Trail Maintenance 

Join KTA's Meetup group for upcoming trail maintenance days by clicking here.  Two events worth noting.  Zach's Bikes has a trail maintenance day scheduled for May 12th and a weed trimming day is planned on the Geo Trail for May 18th.
Queen of the Lake Trail
A half mile from the Spence Mountain Trailhead is completed and open.  Dirt Mechanics is currently working on the trail from the Shoalwater side (it is not yet open on that side).

Trail News & Information

Joining KTA

Members are the lifeblood of any organization. They provide the much needed volunteers and donations needed to fund the organization. Without members, nothing gets done; without donations, nothing gets bought. 
Members are essential. Membership is a signal of the value of an organization to a community. Foundations that issue grant money always look at the member list. The more members, the stronger the organization and is more likely to receive a grant.
Membership starts at $20 and is good for one year. So, send in your membership now while it’s fresh in your mind. 
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Klamath Falls Composite NICA Mountain Bike Team 

Information meeting:  May 14th @ 6pm  (Zach’s Bikes, 831 Main St.)

Our local NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) team, Klamath Falls Composite (aka  The Jackalopes) is getting ready to start our 2019 season. Planning begins as early as March, to attend leadership training for coaches.  This year, KTA members, Lillian Schiavo Gilmour and Andy Shadley attended the Oregon League Leadership conference, which focuses on developing coaches and team management.

Jackalopes 2018 Season recap - 10 students, 6 coaches:

·        60% of the students had little to no experience riding a bike

·        We had 59 practices (including clinics) & 4 races

·        6 of the team members raced, 5 finished in on the podium every race, 3 were Oregon League race series leaders

·        1 member was voted by the Oregon League coaches as the Most Supportive Athlete - Boys (a really big deal!)

·        1 team member selected to be an Oregon League GRiT ambassador

The biggest success of the season, was seeing how these kids transformed into mountain bikers and became part of an extended youth mountain biking community. We witnessed friendships develop on the team, and with athletes from across the state.  

What is a NICA mountain bike team?

Currently NICA has 27 leagues in 25 states. The Jackalopes are part of the Oregon League.  This is not just a scholastic team sport, but a youth development program, whose primary mission is to develop strong minds and bodies and character and get more kids on bikes. Interscholastic mountain biking is not like other sports and the Jackalopes are not like any youth sports team.  NICA teams are inclusive, for all abilities and experience levels. We focus on fun, teamwork, learning new skills, respect for our trails, and supportive team environment to challenge each other to get better, while keeping it safe.  Everybody rides, everybody races if they want to, no benching, and no tryouts!

Due to the unique programming and culture of the NICA team and leagues, here are a couple of key facts and statistics about those who participate:

97% of students joining a team, return.

73% of students inspired others to start riding

88% of NICA students athletes report an increase in fitness as a result of participation

67% in growth of participation of girls in the sport of mountain biking since 2009

78% of student-athletes report that their respect for the environment and other trail users increased.

Below are just a couple of the other NICA programs available to all student-athletes who join a NICA team:

NICA GRiT - A national program thru events, activities, and training,  that aims to increase female participation 10%/year.

Teen Trail Corps  - Program provides NICA student athletes the opportunity to serve and give their time toward bike related advocacy activities. We plan on working with Zach’s Bikes to participate in the trail work events for KTA.

Oregon League Backpacking camp - This year a number of athletes on our team will join others in the state on a 4 day camp to learn about bikepacking, and will ride a portion of the Oregon Timber Trail.

The Jackalopes share one of NICA’s core values, equality.   Our goal is not have to turn away any student athletes who may not have the financial resources to participate.  We keep the team dues low, so this program is accessible to all who have a desire to participate. This year, we also hope to minimize the out of pocket costs that our volunteer coaches have for certification and traveling to races.   Any contributions and sponsorship funding is appreciated. There are other ways to help out as well, other than money.

2019 Season Team Recruitment /Preseason Activities

Based on interest and inquiries, we anticipate the team may double in size this season.  NICA has a very strict student athlete to coach ratio (6:1 & 8:2). We will also increase our coaching “staff” and develop them to meet the growing size of the team.  This coed program is open to all students who enter the 6th thru 12 grade this fall. Registration is now open to all returning students and applications are being accepted for all new members.    Preseason activities will be starting in May which include fun “try it out” rides, riding skill clinics, basic trail side repair clinic, and team building events.  The season officially starts in July where we practice 3 times a week in Moore Park and Spence Mountain on the weekends.

Information meeting will be at Zach’s Bikes (831 Main St.) on May 14th at 6pm.      

For additional information on our program, joining the team, volunteering, and sponsorship opportunities, contact Lillian at 541-892-7894, .  

You can also visit the following websites for additional information 

Photo by Kyle Cox

Hayride Boardwalk

By: Dennis Taugher

Kevin Jones is a wonder!  He’s a well-oiled self-contained trail machine.  Kevin can come up with a project, plan it, gather the materials and then build it.  Southie, Sunrise, Big Sky, Hayride, and Enduro are just a few of his builds.  Kevin much prefers to do things and not just talk about them.

This year Kevin built a boardwalk over the seasonal bog on Hayride Trail in Moore Park.  This wet area has long been a problem that has grown bigger since the original bridge was built by Seth Cotterman back in the day.  The best way to deal with a bog is to build a wood boardwalk or a rock and gravel turnpike over the wet area. Kevin opted for a wood boardwalk because the area is rich in seasoned juniper logs.  The juniper was used for the structure and topped with 2”x8”x36” pressure treated planks.  

We are proud to have Kevin on our Board of Directors.  Kevin said “my goal is to create a trail system that will improve the physical and economic health of Klamath County.”  Year by year he is creating exactly that.

Ken Hay Memorial Bench
Ken was the City Parks Superintendent that walked Moore Park with Kevin Jones and helped construct much of the lower trail system we enjoy today.  When Kevin Jones was working on renovating “Hayride,” the trail named in honor of Ken Hay, he contacted the Friends of Moore Park and said he had the perfect spot for a bench on the trail.  The Friends had been exploring various ways to have a memorial to Ken in the park, and this was a wonderful opportunity to honor him on his trail.  The bench manufacturer offered suggestions for the style, color, and content of the bench.  The Friends talked with Bonnie Hay and her family about what they would like on the bench. The Hay Family chose the wording:  “He lived to serve others”, with trees on either side of the quote.  The Friends of Moore Park will have a dedication later in the year on a date that Hay family chooses.  Since it is a trail, it will be a small ceremony so as not to disturb the setting and the trail.  The Friends thank Kevin Jones for his suggestion, his work on the trail, and the installation of the bench, as well as the Parks department for their assistance.

Trail Season is Here

Most of the trails are dried out and ready for hiking, running and mountain biking.  Check out the maps for Spence and Moore Park on the KTA website (go to maps).

Zach's Bikes has group mountain bike rides in Moore Park Weds nights at 6pm.  Meet at Zach's Bikes.   Check out their events page on their website for more information.

                Top of Spence Mountain
Spence Mountain Run

When: May 18th; 50K starting at 8am, 30K starting at 9am
Where: Shoalwater Bay Trailhead
More info can be found on by searching for the event or by clicking here.

If you are planning to visit Spence on May 18th please respect the race competitors by pulling completely off the trail so they can pass unobstructed.  Thank-you!

How to Become Involved with the KTA

Visit KTA's website or our Facebook page for more information on projects and events. Consider joining or renewing your membershship today!  Individual memberships start at only $20 per year.  These funds support trail maintenance, promotion, new trail development and the resources needed to keep us up and running as a non-profit organization!  Email to join the mailing list for updates.
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