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October 2020

Changing seasons at Shoalwater Bay 


This is a beautiful time of year to explore trails near our Shoalwater Bay Trailhead at Spence Mountain.  The Aspen trees have lost their leaves opening up views of the marsh.  Both Mazama and Old Eagle trails skirt the bay and are reasonably flat for either a casual bike or hiking trip.  

Urban Trail Signage Plan 

In January 2020, the Healthy Klamath Coalition and City of Klamath Falls initiated a project to create a Trail Signage Plan. This plan is a first step in creating a unified wayfinding program for different jurisdictions that provide trails and parks in the Klamath Falls area. As part of the Blue Zones Project, the planning process was funded through the 10-Minute Walk Grant and Technical Assistance offered by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), Trust for Public Land (TPL), and Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Klamath Falls, Oregon, has many trails that cross jurisdictional boundaries and are managed by many different agencies. Over time, this has led to a confusing mix of different signage systems. As part of the 2019 Parks Master Plan completed by the City of Klamath Falls, the community identified a need to have a clear, consistent, comprehensive wayfinding system and templates for well-designed maps and signs to provide users with the essential information they need to “find their way” to parks, trails and other destinations. Well-designed signage, mapping, and information—and the guidance of a Trail Signage Plan—gives different jurisdictions the ability to identify and prioritize where trail and signage enhancements are needed to improve connectivity in order to increase access. 

The purpose of the Trail Signage Plan (the Plan) is to document site assessment and outreach findings related to wayfinding and signage for parks and trails, along with a new approach and implementation strategy for providing urban trail signage. The Plan includes recommendations for a consistent style and type of trail signage, identifying where improved trail signage is needed, and integrating new signage in the short and long term.

After-hour fun on local trails 

What happens when Fall shows up and the days start getting shorter and shorter but you aren't ready to hang up the bike or your hiking boots?  Well have no fear, the trails are still there, even after the sun goes down. Enjoying our local trails after dark can open up an entirely new experience. The trail that you have ridden over and over will feel like a new trail with just a couple of lights and a sense of adventure. 

The feeling of following the back wheel of your buddy, as you go blasting down one of your favorite trails is exhilarating. While all of your attention is focused on the beam of light that is illuminating the trail as it stretches off into the dark, will make for fireside stories for years to come. Maybe some of those fireside stories will prompt your friends to give it a try! Night rides with friends make for a great time. So what are you waiting for?

Well, "How do I even try this mysterious night riding?" you might ask. You will want to start with at least one, if not two high powered lights. These can be mounted on your helmet or handlebars, or both. You can find lights that will light up the night at Zach's Bikes, as well as help getting started on your night riding adventure. The Eulalona parking lot on the backside of Moore Park can be an excellent launching point for your night ride. Starting from here access to a variety of trails can be navigated with ease. Beginning on a trail that you already know well can be a great way to get started, then branch out and experience Moore Park in a whole new light. Pun intended! 

Don't forget to hashtag your photos with #KlamathTrailsAlliance

Trail Maintenance 

Thank-you to the many volunteers that performed trail maintenance last month.  

September 2020 Stats:
Volunteer Hours: 163 hrs
Work Days: 20
YTD Volunteer Hours: 1,257 hrs  

Highlights of September:
Moore Park - 18 hrs, tread work on T-Bar
Spence Mountain - 5 hrs, brushing
High Lakes - 79 hrs, resurface tread, log out, litter patrol
Brown Mountain - 24 hours, cleared debris & downfall
Lake of the Woods - 5 hrs, cleared debris & downfall
Mountain Lakes - 32 hrs, maintenance & log out 

Please post your maintenance hours on our trail work log.  You can include drive time to and from the trail location.  This helps us track volunteer hours and is especially important when applying for grants as it shows community support! 

Fred Meyer's Community Rewards & AmazonSmile Helps KTA!

If you shop at Fred Meyer or Amazon you could be helping KTA with your purchases. There are “no strings attached” other than having to set-up an online account if you don’t have one.  
A frequently asked question about the Fred Meyer charity program is whether you lose your reward points by naming a charity.  The simple answer is NO. Here is a link to the frequently asked questions and information on how to link your rewards card. Last year we had 11 households that named KTA (organization number: CH538) as their non-profit generating $45 in donations per quarter.  

AmazonSmile is also simple to set-up. Follow this link to support of Klamath Trails Alliance or this link for more information.  With Amazon you will need to place your order on the AmazonSmile site in order in to generate contributions back to KTA.

How to Become Involved with the KTA

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