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June 2018

Monthly Trail Meeting

Date:   Friday, June 8th
Time:   Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Place:  205 Riverside Dr. (South Portal Bldg)  

The purpose of our meeting is to hold an open forum to discuss ways to further our mission of promoting great trails in Klamath County.  Please join us for all or part of our upcoming meeting. 
Maintenance Day

Check out the new KTA Meetup group for upcoming maintenance days by clicking here.

Trail News & Information


Spence Mountain Update

Dirt Mechanics completed their spring build season one week early on May 24th adding 11 more miles of trail this year!  

Last month we reported on the newly opened Old Eagle and Shoalwater trails that offer a scenic 4.5-mile loop from the Shoalwater Bay Trailhead.  This month we’ll profile three other new trails.  
Modoc Trail starts at Junction 7, 1.6 miles from Shoalwater Bay trailhead, and continues in gradual terrain for 2.3 miles.  This is a green trail and an easy route to extend the Old Eagle/Shoalwater loop. There is a short loop option on Modoc about .75 miles down where you can take a 150-foot connector trail to Captain Jack and loop back to Junction 7.  From a scenery standpoint there are a few peak-a-boo views of Upper Klamath Lake looking east.  
Winema is a "more difficult” rated trail that starts at the end of Modoc and climbs 400 feet over 1.1 miles to Junction 6 or the intersection with Captain Jack.  Next year we plan to extend Winema down to the eastern edge of the Spence tract so you’ll be able to loop back to the main Spence trailhead.  

Don’t miss the giant cedar tree near the start of Winema, its quite impressive!

Captain Jack Trail starts at Junction 5, the intersection of North Ridge Trail, and descends 800 feet over 2.9 miles to Junction 7.  This is a solid blue or “more difficult” rated trail but it is well worth the climb for the great views of Shoalwater Bay, Eagle Ridge and Upper Klamath Lake.  
Please refer to our website for a current trail map of Spence for more details.  
Other News:
Spence Mountain Run

The inaugural Spence Mountain Run saw nearly 50 runners start the race.  The 30K (18.6 mile) and 50K (31 mile) courses started at Shoalwater Bay Trailhead and ran on brand new trails thanks to the Klamath Trails Alliance.  Both Spence Mountain Run courses climbed to the summit of Spence Mountain peaking at nearly 5,800 feet elevation.

On race day, June 2, the heat, elevation, and climbing ended up causing several runners to drop out of the event.

The Lopers would like to send out a special thank you to Klamath Trails Alliance (KTA). They have developed the JWTR owned property to include a 30-mile trail network and parking areas for mountain biking, hiking, running, etc.  More trails are planned in the upcoming years.  In addition, the Lopers would like to thank our volunteers for taking care of the runners for up to 8 hours.  Last but not least, thank you to our sponsors including Asana Yoga & Sole (Klamath Falls locally owned running store).

The 50K male winner was Sergio Morales from Klamath Falls in 4 hours and 3 minutes. He beat a tough lineup of seasoned runners that came from Ashland and Bend.  Sergio is a great runner, he is one of only a few that have won the Crater Lake Marathon three times.  

The 50K female winner was Victoria Mayfield from Bend in 4 hours 47 minutes. The 30K male winner was Jace Hinesly from Ashland in 2 hours 22 minutes. The female winner was Adrienne Tauses from Ashland in 3 hours 19 minutes.  
Exploring Shoalwater Bay

From Dennis Taugher, KTA President:
One of our members, Marle Jandreau, was thrilled with the new Shoalwater Trailhead. She took the time to send us her experience and some picture she took while kayaking nearby. That gave us an idea that the trailhead can be used for more than just biking or hiking. You might be able to go for a bike, hike or run and cool down with a kayak paddle—all from the new trailhead. Marle was so inspired by the experience (she called it “magical”) that she sent us a very generous donation.


From Marle Jandreau:
It doesn't get better than being able to hike the Shoalwater Trail and then kayak Shoalwater Bay. The well-planned, fragrant trail edges the bay with a constant long view of water, reeds, aspens, birds of all types, and mountain peaks. The trail is sheltered by tall pines and lined with various flowers and plants, including Oregon grape and wild strawberries. 
October is going to be a burst of yellows and golds.  I can't wait for those aspens to do their autumnal finale before winter settles in again.  But, in the meantime, we are heading into glorious green-hued summer to be enjoyed on the Shoalwater Trail.
It's a place I will be returning to often for peace and serenity, and a reminder that there are still places to go "far from the madding crowd.

KTA has helped create a trail that will be used and loved by many ... including me.  The huge parking lot will accommodate whatever vehicle you bring.  Kudos to KTA!
Jerry the super volunteer

Jerry Enman is the KTA’s super volunteer. In 2017 he logged 430 hours maintaining trails and leading crews!

Jerry is a fourth generation farmer on land North of Merrill, OR. He first experienced trail construction and maintenance as a teenager with the Young Adult Conservation Corps.

Now he likes to help the Forest Service with their backlog of maintenance needs in the high country, especially in the Mountain Lakes and Sky Lakes Wilderness Areas. Jerry is certified to operate crosscut saws on Federal land. He sometimes leads "hybrid" crews that include volunteers with Klamath Trails Alliance and the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

Jerry coordinates our stewardship of the lower half of the Mt. McLoughlin Trail and an adjoining section of Pacific Crest Trail through the Adopt-A-Trail program. Occasionally he is spotted helping with lower elevation trails, especially when the high country is covered with snow.
How to Become Involved with the KTA

Visit KTA's website or our Facebook page for more information on projects and events. Consider joining or renewing your membershship today!  Individual memberships start at only $20 per year.  These funds support trail maintenance, promotion, new trail development and the resources needed to keep us up and running as a non-profit organization!  Email to join the mailing list for updates.
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