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 Ohio Turnpike announces partnership with Waze

The Ohio Turnpike recently announced a partnership with Waze, the real-time crowd-sourced navigation app powered by one of the world’s largest communities of drivers, via the Waze Connected Citizens Program.

Designed as a free, two-way data exchange of publicly available traffic information, the Connected Citizens program will promote greater efficiency and safer travel on the Ohio Turnpike. Data shared is in real-time with anonymous, user-generated insights.

“With 53 million customer trips on the Ohio Turnpike, we’re excited to welcome the Ohio Turnpike and its customers to the Waze community,” said Adam Fried, New Business Manager for Waze.  -- READ MORE

Download Waze for Android or iPhone by clicking one of the links below:


Randy Cole
Executive Director

“Waze users will greatly enhance our ability to provide up to the minute and accurate traffic data to travelers.” -- Executive Director Randy Cole

Commission approves 2017 capital budget with eye toward service and future 

The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission at its meeting in December took steps toward improving the customer travel experience and the future safety of transportation on the Ohio Turnpike.

Included in the $121.4 million capital budget for 2017 are resources for roadway improvements, such as pavement replacement and resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation and an investment of $714,000 in technology to prepare for the future when vehicles are communicating with each other and the roadway.

The budget takes into account feedback from customers regarding the high number of projects that were constructed in 2016 and 2015. -- READ MORE

Tony Yacobucci
Chief Engineer

  A new pavement replacement project will take place in Sandusky County in 2017.

VIDEO: Install E-ZPass properly to avoid hassles at gate

Do you sometimes get stuck in E-ZPass® lanes? Improper installation is the number one reason transponders don't read correctly. The video below will show you how to properly install your E-ZPass transponder once and for all.

"Holding up the transponder and waving it around is a surefire way to go through the hassle of a slowdown in the lane," said Marty Seekely, Chief Financial Officer.

"Mounting your E-ZPass transponder correctly will help guarantee you fast, hassle-free transactions. If you're new to the program or don't have your transponder mounted yet, please watch the brief video," added Seekely.

Marty Seekely
Chief Financial Officer

Keep license and vehicle info current on your account

The Ohio Turnpike reminds customers that it's important for your license plate number and vehicle information to be current on your E-ZPass account. 

License plate numbers are used by other toll agencies to charge your E-ZPass account when you travel out of state--if your transponder fails to read properly.  By keeping your vehicle information current, you can avoid receiving toll violations from out-of-state agencies. 
If you change your license plate and don't remove the old plate number from your E-ZPass account and the state reissues your old license plate number to someone else, you'll be liable for any out-of-state tolls incurred by the owner of your old license plate number. 

Please update your E-ZPass account whenever you have a change of address, email address, vehicle or credit card information.

State Highway Patrol brings in record drug seizures

According to a recent report by the Associated Press, the Ohio State Highway Patrol's new anti-drug emphasis is paying off with record seizures of heroin, opiates and other illegal substances. Watch WKYC report.

The agency says troopers confiscated 156 pounds of heroin in 2016, a 290 percent increase from the previous year. The agency has also seized a record amount of illegal painkillers and methamphetamines.

Patrol Lt. Robert Sellers says the agency is building on a plan developed in 2011 to bring troopers into the state's efforts to reduce Ohio's addictions epidemic.

The patrol has doubled the number of drug-sniffing dogs to 34 statewide and now trains every trooper in techniques for locating illegal drugs. 

Turnpike workers up in the morning with the rising sun

Ohio Turnpike Maintenance Assistant Foreman Christopher Kalis, one of many military veterans who work for the Turnpike, snapped this photo on Jan. 11 at the Canfield Maintenance Building.

The Ohio Turnpike's Maintenance Crews are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to keep the roadway and its facilities in a good state of repair. In addition to their winter responsibilities of snow and ice removal, they assist first responders at the scenes of traffic incidents to clear the road and get traffic moving. 

There were 17 original interchanges on the Ohio Turnpike across the super highway's 241 miles. Today, there are 31.

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