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Volume 24, Number 2  | September 2016

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Dr. Sherif El-Defrawy
Message from the Chair

September 2016

A welcome back to everybody with the start of the 16/17 academic year!  I hope each of you had a chance to enjoy our fabulous summer and that you are re-energized for another busy  academic year.   We have moved our Grand Rounds to a new time slot,  please mark your calendars for Fridays at 7:00am at 45 Brunswick Ave. Main Floor. Also, the resident teaching half day has moved  to Friday at 8:00am immediately following Grand Rounds.  Grand Rounds will occur each  Friday unless other important dates/events are scheduled.
Our objective to  having regular departmental rounds is  to feature internationally recognized visiting guests as well as our own stellar faculty whom we don’t often enough have the privilege to hear speak or present.
With this format,  the Visiting Professor will deliver a lecture style Grand Rounds with no case presentations.   However,   when our faculty present, the Ground Rounds will be based around resident case presentations. Grand Rounds will  finish promptly at 8:00am.
Our next Grand Rounds will take place on Friday, September 23 at 7:00am and Dr. Rosa Braga-Mele will be presenting. The title of her presentation is  “Challenges in Cataract Surgery”.

I hope you enjoy the new format; please let me know if you find this to be a   positive change or if you have other comments.

Sherif El-Defrawy
Chair, Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences
University of Toronto

Featured in this issue:


Dr. Allan Slomovic appointed as the Vice Chair of Education
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Allan Slomovic has accepted the position of Vice Chair of Education of the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences beginning July 1, 2016.  Dr. Slomovic's past role as the DOVS Residency Program Director and his recent term as the President of Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) made him the perfect candidate for DOVS Vice Chair of Education.
Dr. David Yan appointed as the Director of Alumni Affairs
We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Yan has accepted the position of the Director of Alumni Affairs of the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences starting July 1, 2016.  Dr. Yan brings to this position the experience of many years on the Postgraduate Training Committee and Director of TORIC course for more than a decade. He has seen many of our trainees become alumni and has always placed importance on maintaining relationships within the DOVS community.  

Drs. Harmeet Gill and Jason Noble will serve as Associate Directors of Alumni Affairs and this team looks forward to strengthening the communication and relationship of our department and alumni. 

Residents' Report

Kay Lam and Amandeep Rai, PGY5
It has been another busy summer in the residency program!
The PGY5s had a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of Panos and Marie Christakis – it was a lovely event and we wish them the best!
Kay Lam, Crystal Cheung and Dr. Fariba Nazemi volunteered throughout Northern Ontario with the CNIB Eye Bank to deliver care to underserviced communities. It was a valuable experience traveling to, working in and staying in these remote communities.
Amandeep Rai and Alex Kaplan organized our most successful ORBIS plane pull to date – we raised over $7000 for this great cause! We’d like to thank everyone for their fundraising efforts and their display of ophthalmologic muscle on the tarmac!
Congratulations to Dr. David Yan for another successful TORIC course – 42 PGY1 residents from across Canada benefited from our faculty’s dedication to this 6 week course.

Revision of the Undegraduate Medical Education Preclerkship Curriculum

Dr. Daniel Weisbrod
Director, Undergraduate Medical Education

The preclerkship program at U of T is undergoing a comprehensive renewal, called the Foundations Curriculum, that is set to launch in the fall of 2016. This revision will bring it in line with modern paradigms in medical education while making use of newer technologies. Key elements of the new program include a highly integrated curriculum with increased clinical relevance and earlier patient contact, effective use of technology and e-learning material with fewer passive lectures, a competency-based approach and assessment model focusing on frequent low-stake exercises and feedback rather than infrequent, high-stake summative tests, and a greater opportunity for students to pursue individualized interests and collaborative programs such as the MD/PhD.
Although the amount of time devoted to Ophthalmology in the new curriculum will not change, there will be noticeable changes to the way it is delivered.  Increased emphasis on self-directed and case-based learning will be common themes throughout the curriculum. Whereas Ophthalmology content currently is delivered in two separate weeks in first and second year, in the new curriculum it will be delivered in two back-to-back weeks in the first half of second year as part of a Special Senses unit. The first week will focus on the anterior segment and approach to the red eye while the second week focuses on the posterior segment and approach to painless vision loss. Topics such as ocular trauma and pediatric ophthalmology will remain in the syllabus and be incorporated into these two weeks. Clinical skills instruction, on slit lamp biomicroscopy and fundoscopy for example, will be integrated as part of the Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) course which will run longitudinally.
A number of changes have also been implemented in the Ophthalmology clerkship course over the last few years in an attempt to improve the student experience and quality of education delivered. Highlights include: (1) the addition of a clinical skills review and orientation session to the Monday morning of each week, (2) work to edit and condense the course syllabus to gear it more towards the general practitioner with emphasis on common eye conditions and ocular emergencies, (3) revision of the pediatric ophthalmology seminar from a didactic lecture to a case-based interactive seminar, (4) action to improve the quality and reliability of our exam in an ongoing capacity, and (5) greater effort to improve the overall quality of our clinical teaching through a formal faculty development program.
We are fortunate at U of T to have such a significant amount of time dedicated to Ophthalmology throughout the four years of medical school. Very few North American medical schools are as privileged. Since every medical student at U of T is formally exposed to Ophthalmology, this permits us a great opportunity to be ambassadors for our specialty. It is essential that we make sure that each and every doctor-to-be has a positive experience and favourable view of who we are as ophthalmologists through the care we provide to our patients and the way we treat our fellow colleagues. This is our only significant link to medical school and the only exposure that many physicians may have to our field in their career.  It is important we make the most of this opportunity through the clinical experience and teaching we provide.
I want to again thank all the staff, fellows and residents for their sustained dedication in providing excellent undergraduate medical education and hope you all share my enthusiasm for the new curriculum changes that we will be seeing in the coming months.

Dr. Carol Schuurmans
Senior Scientist and the Dixon Family Chair in Vision Research

Dr. Peter Kertes
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Carol Schuurmans to the Sunnybrook Research Institute as a Senior Scientist and the Dixon Family Chair in Vision Research. Dr. Schuurmans completed her BSc and MSc degrees in Microbiology at the University of Alberta and her PhD degree in Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. She then completed her postdoctoral work at the Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire in Strasbourg, France. Dr. Schuurmans joined the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Calgary as an Assistant Professor in 2001, where she is now a full Professor.
Over the course of her career, Dr. Schuurmans has established a multi-disciplinary, translational research program in developmental neurosciences. As lead PI, she has been awarded research grants totaling $4.95M from several agencies, including CIHR, NSERC, March of Dimes, Cancer Research Society and others. She has consistently published in top journals in her field, including the Journal of Neuroscience and Cerebral Cortex. Her work has been recognized by invitations to speak both nationally and internationally, including most recently at the Canadian Developmental Biology Conference (Canada - 2016), World Regenerative Medicine Meeting (Germany - 2015), and XI European Meeting on Glial Cell Function in Health and Disease (Spain - 2015).
Dr. Schuurmans’ research program in Vision Sciences can be divided into two main areas: Pattern formation in the retina and neural cell reprogramming. Specifically, Dr. Schuurmans investigates three general developmental principles that explain how retinal neurons acquire their unique geometrical patterns: 1) Cell number control: how appropriate numbers of retinal cells arise from multipotent progenitors. 2) Radial layering: how retinal cells are correctly positioned in the radial plane. 3) Tangential patterning: how retinal cells are evenly spaced in the tangential plane. In addition, by using her in-depth knowledge of cell fate specification in the embryo, she has also initiated reprogramming studies to convert skin-derived precursor cells to a retinal progenitor cell fate. These studies are medically relevant, as the goal is to devise cellular therapies for the treatment of blindness. In retinal degenerative disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the photoreceptors that convert light photons into electrical impulses transmitted to the brain are lost. There are currently no standardized treatments to restore photoreceptor function after degeneration. The use of skin cells to generate photoreceptors from a patient’s own skin lends itself to a personalized approach to cellular replacement.
Research Day 2016

Photo Credits: Yuri Markarov
The 58th Annual Research Day of the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences and the 35th Clement McCulloch Lecture were held on May 27th 2016 at Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute Auditorium. Dr. Napoleone Ferrara from the University of California, San Diego delivered the Clement McCulloch Lecture entitled "New insight into the regulation of ocular angiogenesis".   This year's Research Day was another success with a total of 23 oral and 42 posters presentations, and over 200 attendees.  We would like to thank Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Inc., Allergan Inc., Bausch & Lomb and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for their generous support.
Senior Residents & Fellows Development Dinner
Senior Residents & Fellows Development Dinner
May 18, 2016
The Senior Residents & Fellows Development Dinner took place on May 18th 2016 at One Restaurant in Yorkville.  23 senior fellows and 4 senior residents attended the event. 5 presentations were given: "Pearls in editing surgical videos" (Dr. David Chow), "Pearls in organizing your practice" (Dr. Baseer Khan), "The Academic Career" (Dr. Sherif El-Defrawy), "International Ophthalmology and Healthcare" (Dr. Matthew Bujak) and "Physicians' presence on social media" (Maria Huss).
TORIC Welcome Party
May 27, 2016
The TORIC welcome party, combined with the Research Day dinner was held on May 27th 2016 at Dr. David Yan's residence. We celebrated another year of success, with 42 students from 15 Canadian universities and 1 from University of West Indies in our TORIC program.
Graduation Dinner 2016
Graduation Dinner
June 24, 2016
Our Graduation Dinner was held on June 24th 2016 at the Faculty Club.  This year we had 5 graduating residents and 22 graduating fellows. A number of departmental and hospital awards were presented to the residents and fellows, and the graduating residents also presented 6 awards to the faculty.

Honours and Awards


Promotion to Associate Professor July 1, 2016

- Dr. Asim Ali

- Dr. Steve Arshinoff

- Dr. Hall Chew

- Dr. Kamiar Mireskandari

Congratulations to our new associate professors!

Resident and Fellow Awards


CHIEF RESIDENT AWARD  -  Cindy Lam, Patrick Yang
  • Undergraduate Teaching  -  William Dixon
  • Postgraduate Teaching  -   Rajeev Muni
  • Fellowship Teaching  -  Wai-Ching Lam

TORIC AWARDS              

Feldman / Trope / Wong TORIC Award -  Hady Saheb

Top TORIC Teachers Award  - 
Sherif El-Defrawy, Stephen Kraft, Efrem Mandelcorn, Michael O'Connor, Ted Rabinovitch, Hady Saheb, Allan Slomovic, Raymond Stein, Graham Trope, Agnes Wong
  • Best Student Prize  -  Alex Lai Chi Tam
  • Alumni Prize  -  Victoria Leung
  • John Gaby Prize  - Yael Chavez
  • Best Poster Award  -  Jonathan Micieli
  • HSC The Chan Award for Excellence in Paediatric Ophthalmology - Crystal Cheung
  • HSC - Dr. Ray Buncic Humanitarian Award  -  Wai-Ching Lam
  • SMH - R Gordon Kelly Award  -  Alexander Kaplan
  • SMH  - Dr. Michael Shea Award  -  Kay Lam
  • MSH - Dr. Sigmund Vaile Award  -  Patrick Yang
  • SH - Dr. John Speakman Award  -  Amandeep Rai
  • TWH - Lim Family Memorial Award  -  Abhishek Sharma
  • KEI - KEI Award -  Patrick Yang
  • Silver Needle Award  -  Rosa Braga-Mele
  • Resident Teaching Award  -  Sherif El-Defrawy
  • J.S. Crawford Teaching Award  -  Rajeev Muni
  • Millennium Award  -  David Yan
  • J. D. Morin Award  -  Shaun Singer
  • Golden Suture Award  -  Nancy Tucker


Congratulations to Chryssa McAlister and her husband Chris on the arrival of their baby girl and fourth child, Stephanie Gabriella Geddes on September 13, 2016.

Upcoming Events

September - December 2016

September 22, 2016
Promotions Event
Location: Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks Street

September 23-25, 2016
Resident Retreat
Location: Collingwood, Ontario

October 16, 2016
Alumni Meeting (with AAO)
Location: TBA, Chicago

November 4, 2016
Faculty Research Day
Location: Princess Margaret Hospital

November 5, 2016
Retina Case Conference Canada 2016

November 25, 2016
Visiting Professor Programme
Dr. Debra Goldstein
Location: KEI, 45 Brunswick Ave

December 2-3, 2016
Walter Wright Day

Full Upcoming Calendar and Events

Invited Lectures & Visiting Professorships

El-Defrawy, SR: 
The Garth Taylor Memorial Lecture at the 27th Annual Conference of the Ophthalmology Society of the West Indies ( OSWI). Barbados. July 13-17, 2016. (Invited Lecture)
- Teaching Residents Surgery

Kertes, P:
Eye on the Future, Toronto, ON. Apr 16,2016. (Invited Lecture)
- Retinopathy of Prematurity: High Value International Ophthalmology.

Kertes, P:
Eye on the Future, Toronto, ON, Apr 16, 2016. (Invited Lecture) 
- The Art of Pneumatic Retinopexy

Kertes, P:
Canadian Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting. Ottawa, ON. June 19, 2016. (Invited Lecture)
- Stem cell therapy for dry AMD

Kertes, P:
Canadian Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting. Ottawa, ON. June 19, 2016. (Invited Lecture)
- Approaches to anti-VEGF therapy – How and when (to add something else)?

Oestreicher JH:
Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney Australia, March 2016 (Invited Lecture)
- Complications of Blepharoplasty surgery 

Oestreicher, JH:
Georgetown University Washington DC, April 2016 (Visiting Professor)
- Complications of Blepharoplasty surgery
- Enucleation and Evisceration from an International perspective
- Newer Technology in Oculoplastic Surgery
- Project ORBIS in the Third World

Slomovic, AR:
Part of Symposium on Challenging Cases presented by the Experts. EuCornea. Copenhagen. Sept 9, 2016 (Invited Lecture)
- Femtosecond Laser Assisted Kerato-pigmentation for Symptomatic Glare

Slomovic, AR:
Part of the symposium on Corneal Complications of Refractive Surgery. Copenhagen. Sept 10, 2016 (Invited Lecture)
- Steroid Induced Lamellar Keratitis- EuCornea

Stein, RM:
ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress. Cornea Day. New Orleans, Louisiana. May 6, 2016. (Invited Lecture)
- Topography-guided PRK and CXL

Stein, RM:
ASCRS•ASOA Symposium & Congress - Innovators Lecture. New Orleans, Louisiana. May 9, 2016  (Invited Lecture)
- Topography-Guided PRK and CXL for Keratoconus

Wong, AM:
Dutch Ophthalmological Society Meeting. Maastricht, Netherlands. April 7, 2016 (State of the Art Lecturer)
- New insights into amblyopia

Wong AM:
Jules Stein Eye Institute, University of California, Los Angeles. CA, United States. April 27, 2016. (Visiting Professor)
- Skew deviation: From the laboratory to bedside

Wong AM:
President’s Session. Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress, Birmingham, United Kingdom. May 24, 2016 (Keynote Speaker)
- What’s new in amblyopia

Wong AM:
Congress Satellite Day in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress, Birmingham, United Kingdom. May 23, 2016  (Keynote Speaker)
- How abnormal early visual development affects multi-sensory integration.

Yan, DB:

Engineering Society of Ontario. September 2016 (Invited Speaker)
- Engineer as an Eye Surgeon

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Recent Publications

Recent publications by DOVS Faculty, Staff, Residents and Fellows

March - August 2016

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