December 2019
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Hello friends,

It is hard to believe but we are about to begin the year 2020!
As you were growing up, what did you think the world we live in would look like in 2020?

Did you think we would all have flying cars?  Would we have settled on Mars and be sending expeditions out to the farthest reaches of the galaxy? Were you concerned about what the health of our ecosystems would be in 2020? Did you think we would have found a cure for cancer? Did you imagine we would all be carrying around mini computers in our pockets that would let us video chat with anyone at anytime around the world?  

Today, some of these visions of 2020 are a lot closer than others! Think about who inspired you to dream about our STEM futures in 2020. I have a feeling at least one educator comes to mind, whether they were your classroom teacher or an inspiring out-of-school educator - most likely an educator had a role to play in shaping your STEM-related dreams of the future.
Our work here at MMSA is committed to partnering with educators to help the youth of today dream up what our world will look like in 2050!

For example, our ACRES coaches are partnering with over 300 educators across rural communities in the US to empower youth voice and choice through inquiry-based learning experiences! The science fair fellows program supports classroom educators to prepare their students to be successful at statewide and international competitions with the world's most innovative minds. Our WeatherBlur citizen science project links schools in the Gulfs of Mexico and Maine to collaboratively investigate the presence and impact of microplastics in their communities.  

The examples of how MMSA is pushing boundaries and building partnerships to support STEM learning in powerful and inspiring ways could go on and on. Please show your support for designing equitable and accessible STEM learning experiences for ALL kids, to help inspire them to dream up what the world will look like in 2050 - when they are in charge!  

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Ruth Kermish-Allen
Executive Director
Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance
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