week of july 6, 2020
Pharmacy family,
We have made it through another month – together! There are still many unknowns concerning our path ahead, yet we've made it this far. We've celebrated graduations, retirements, awards, happy hours, lunches, and trivia nights. We have wrestled with what it means to be a truly inclusive community in a truly humbling way and continued learning how to best advocate for one another.
When I began writing these weekly emails in March, I never doubted our ability to navigate these difficult times. I knew that we would struggle, innovate, and reset our expectations more than once. However, I believed that this community's real capacity for bold innovation, determined leadership, and compassion would carry us through. 
I have heard from a number of you about how your worldviews are shifting, frustrations you're facing, projects you've undertaken, new ideas you're exploring, and the ways you are reimagining who we can be as a pharmacy family. It is everything I've known we are capable of, even in the midst of incredible uncertainty.
We have adapted to a new way of doing business while taking care of our friends and family. And we are now preparing for a reimagined fall semester – that like last semester will be completely new to us. Hopefully, it will proceed a little smoother since we’ve had time to plan.  Our academic return plan has just been approved by the University and we are expecting our revised calendar to be approved as well. 
Much of our fall academic life will look and feel different. Classrooms will be reworked to accommodate social distancing and everyone in the building will be wearing masks. Many employees will continue working remotely, while others don a mask to make their way to the building. Spaces to gather and assemble will be restricted, and schedules will be reworked. We are hoping to be able to carry out our annual White Coat Ceremony as a socially distanced affair, open only to participating students and a few faculty and staff, but live-streamed for families and the rest of the community. We will celebrate our 150th year as a College this August, and we're going to have to be creative in how we do that – separate physically but together in spirit.
This week, Dr. Craig Martin is meeting with supervisors to explain our current plan for the fall, and we'll continue to roll out information as it becomes available. We will do everything we can to be transparent, communicative, and consistent, while also knowing things change quickly with new information and we will have to remain agile.
This July, we begin setting the stage for the next academic next year, and I am excited to see where that leads us.
Thank you for pushing for greatness and for working together to get through this.

R. Kip Guy
Dean & Professor
UK College of Pharmacy
P.S. This is a gentle reminder that a mask is required at ALL TIMES when you are in the College of Pharmacy building. Unless you are alone in an enclosed office behind a closed door, the expectation is that everyone wears a mask or will be asked to leave the building.


We want to welcome (and welcome back) our pharmacy residents at both UK HealthCare and the UKCOP Community Residency programs. Many of you are navigating a summer that’s probably quite different than what we had planned six months ago, but we are incredibly happy to have you as part of our pharmacy family.


  • Alex Flannery (PharmD 2011) named one of Kidneycure’s 2020 Grant Recipients for Alternative Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System (RAAS) Activation and RAAS Therapeutics in Septic-Shock Associated Acute Kidney Injury.
  • Trish Freeman and Doug Oyler are on the Executive Planning Committee for UK’s September Opioid Awareness Day.
  • Vince Venditto and team were accepted into MassBIO’s mentoring program that matches PIs with industry experts who will help mentor them and explore commercialization pathways for their technologies.
  • Chris Delcher has been named our new IPOP Director, congratulations to Chris on his new role.
  • Jon Thorson is our new Chief Science Officer/Assistant Director of Research, effective July 1, 2020.
  • On July 7, 2020, the following students began bottling another batch of hand sanitizer for the community: Vattey Duong, Heather Zimmerman, Chris Dillander, David Do, Sara Hamilton, Brennan Allen, Makenzie Daniels, Regan Dean, Morgan Janes, Megan Davis, Elizabeth McEntire, Mary Kate Kerbler, Felicia Farmner, Mason Porta, and Rupinder Kaur. Thank you for your work!
  • Need an all-night pharmacy? UK Chandler retail pharmacy is now open 24-7.
  • Pharmacy Practice News highlighted Jill Kolesar in study on sweet wormwood for COVID-19.
  • Congratulations to all our graduating pharmacy residents at the College of Pharmacy, as well as UK HealthCare. We’re proud of all your hard work and wish you the best! 
  • Melody Ryan - 25 years
  • Robert Kuhn - 35 years
  • John Collins - 15 years
  • Chris Porter - 15 years
  • Marsha Ensor - 5 years


UK is establishing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Implementation Plan that will focus on actionable steps in our DEI efforts. A DEI leadership team, workstreams and other key groups will play distinct roles in this planning process.

You are invited to nominate yourself or other members of the UK community who you believe would contribute to these efforts. Please fill out the above linked form by 5 p.m. Thursday, July 9. (It’s short.)


Start of Classes. Our tentative academic plan is to begin pharmacy classes a week later than main campus on August 24. Graduate students will follow UK’s posted academic calendar
Student Org Events. If you are looking to begin planning any outside events, you will need to petition for approval. Please submit event information to Nicole Keenan for final review by Dr. Frank Romanelli.
Immunization Training. Pharmacy students, we are working to get this done as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned.
Holiday Calendar. The 2020-2021 holiday calendar has posted. If you have any additional questions about how the holiday schedule may affect you, contact Angela Keene.
IT Updates. Mac OS 10.15 is available, please update at your earliest convenience. Also, those of you who have taken your desktop systems home, please run patches. Take the time to connect to campus via VPN and let your computer download the latest patches.
Cicada Killer Wasps. As many of you may recall from the previous two years, we have Cicada Killer Wasps that have returned and set up shop for a few weeks along the backside of our building (Press Ave.), especially near the concrete flower boxes. Although they may look harmful (and terrifying) they’re not, nor are they aggressive toward humans. Leave them alone and they should migrate away from UKCOP at some point this season.


Listening. Here’s your weekly sample of what’s on rotation from the Dean. Our thoughts are with our friends and family in Texas.

Watching. Some recent watches from the pharm fam you may want to check out. Reading. A few book clubs are popping up around UKCOP and we checked in with some to see what's on their reading lists. Looking to start your own book club (or join one)? You can email for tips or simply get a group together.
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