Executive Director's Message
Dear CCNCTO Community,

Despite the lingering cold, we hope that you're excited for Spring as we are! We have been busy planning for Asian Heritage Month, where we have a number of events that we hope you'll join us for. Look out for an announcement in the coming weeks!

In March, we organized 2 CATIE information workshops (held at Chinese Family Services of Ontario and Dorset Park Community Hub) for our community members. We will continue our relationship with CATIE and look forward to future outreach efforts on this important public health initiative.

Just recently, we took part in the Toronto Equity Forum, where a number of you attended to voice out your concerns/feedback on 4 City strategies: Poverty Reduction, Youth Equity, Seniors and Strong Neighbourhoods. Thank you to those who attended, it was an evening where important issues/concerns were raised. As a partner in Equity Toronto - The Alternative Planning Group, we will continue to create opportunities for our community to have their voices heard at City Hall.

For our Elder Care Research Project, we are launching an Elder Care Service Providers Survey. If you identify as someone who provides services to seniors and their family caregivers in the Chinese community, we would like to hear from you. Please click here for the short survey.
As you may have noticed, we have been active in bringing awareness about the Black Lives Matter - Toronto Coalition. We released a solidarity statement and gathered a number of signatories in support of a letter to urge all city councillors to vote in favour of the motion to ensure that Toronto police services and Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) are fair and transparent. This motion has recently passed unanimously at City Hall.  At CCNCTO, we recognize the importance of standing in solidarity with other marginalized communities in our advocacy efforts to address oppression including anti-black racism. We will continue to engage our community about the activism of BLM-TO and we encourage our membership to get involved as well. See below for a note from Alvis Choi, the Head of our Advocacy Committee, for more info about the campaign.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon!

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a member, please email us at

Chase Lo
Executive Director


Call for Action - Get Involved!

On March 30, 2016, we sent out a letter to all the city councillors, urging them to vote in favour of the motion to ensure that police services and investigation are fair and transparent. The co-signatories, among others, include the African Canadian Legal Clinic, Metro Toronto Chinese & South East Asian Legal Clinic, The South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Hispanic Development Council, Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, Workers Action Centre, Colour of Poverty Campaign – Colour of Change, and Accessibility, Community & Equity Committee (ACE) at York University. As discussed with some of the organizers who signed the letter, a signature is, truly, the very least we could offer as allies to Black people. We wrote and signed the letter because we know that racism, particularly anti-Black racism and racism against Indigenous Peoples, continues to exist in Canada. Unfortunately, conversations about racism do not happen enough in every community who experiences it.

Premier Kathleen Wynne finally showed up on April 4, 2016 after 15 days since Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition (BLMTO) made their demands of justice. 15 days is a long time for anyone to be sleeping in the freezing cold while experiencing police brutality and surveillance. We are thankful for BLMTO’s resilience, leadership and capacity, and for carrying out this challenging and history-making anti-racist work that benefits every Canadian and beyond. Premier Wynne agreed to publicly meet with members of Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition; but she has not given a time line.

From here, we ask how we may continue to support Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition to ensure that our government is accountable to its peoples. We ask how we, as advocacy organizations, may continue to recognize and remember that anti-Black racism is at the core of social justice work. We ask how we could address anti-Black racism in our own community. Can we begin by discussing about our own experience of racism as racialized people? Or acknowledging anti-Black racism in the Chinese communities and unlearning that? All of these questions will guide the direction of our future work at the Advocacy Committee, and this work can only be productive through ongoing conversations with our members, partners, allies, and communities.

We therefore invite you to get involved. If you want to share with us your experience of racism, drop us an email ( If you are interested in discussing, helping with organizing around anti-racism, or participating, let us know. If you want to learn more about what we do at the Advocacy Committee, get in touch and I look forward to meeting you. We welcome members of the Chinese communities from all walks of life to join us, because we believe that it is all of our responsibility to fight for a more just society. As part of this work, I encourage you to send your feedback on police, police services and community safety to the Government of Ontario before April 29, 2016.

CCNCTO will continue to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition and support the demands that they’ve made so far.

In solidarity,

Alvis Choi

Chairperson and Head of Advocacy Committee





三月份我们在家和专业辅导中心和Dorset Park Community Hub分别举办了两次CATIE信息讲座,我们将继续和CATIE的合作,将该机构的重要健康信息和资源传播到我们的社区中。

上周,我们带领数位华裔社区成员参加了多伦多公平论坛,大伙就市府四大策略: 减少贫困, 青少年的公平,长者和强大社区发表了我们各自的担心和意见,感谢各位的参与,当晚我们讨论的话题和建议相当重要。 作为多伦多公平论坛-另类计划小组(APG)的一个成员机构,平权会多伦多分会将一如既往地努力为我们的社区成员创造各类在市政府中发出声音的机会。

我们的长者护理调研项目正在推出我们的长者服务提供者的调查问卷活动, 如果你认为你是为华裔社区老人和他们家中的照顾者提供各类服务的人, 我们期待听到你的建议, 请点击链接进入问卷:

也许你已经注意到, 我们正在积极声援黑人的命也是命多倫多聯盟, 我们收集了一些支持议案确保多伦多警察局和特别调查组的公正和透明的声援信的签名,该议案最近在市政府一致通过。  

平权会多伦多分会认识到在倡权运动包括对抗反黑人种族主义中,团结其他被边缘化族裔一起集体抗争的重要性, 我们将继续鼓励我们的社区和会员声援黑人的命也是命多倫多聯盟的运动。如何参与到这个运动中的更多信息请参阅下面平权会多伦多分会倡权委员会主席Alvis Choi的倡议。

谢谢你的支持, 期待你的参与!


执行总监: 卢恒轩

请行动起来, 加入我们吧!

2016年3月30号,我们向全体市议员发出了一封敦促他们为确保警察局服务和调查公正和透明的议案投赞成票的信函,签署这封信函的机构有很多如:African Canadian Legal Clinic, Metro Toronto Chinese & South East Asian Legal Clinic, The South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Hispanic Development Council, Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, Workers Action Centre, Colour of Poverty Campaign – Colour of Change, and Accessibility, Community & Equity Committee (ACE) at York University。正如和一些签署信函的机构所讨论的,签名真的是我们能支持黑人社区的很小很小的支持,我们写信并集体签署这封信是因为我们知道种族主义尤其是对抗反黑人的种族主义和 原住民的种族主义在加拿大仍然存在,很不幸的是,关于种族主义的讨论和会话却在每个受影响的社区中进行得远远不够多。

省长凯斯琳·韦恩(Kathleen Wynne)在黑人的命也是命联盟(BLMTO) 发出对公义的要求后的第15日即四月六日前天终于出现。15天里, 天天都只能在刺骨的寒冬里还经受警方残酷对待和监控中入睡,对所有人来说 这15天是何等的漫长. 我们感谢 黑人的命也是命联盟(BLMTO)在如此严峻的反对种族主义工作中,有历史意义的紧要关头所展现的应变和领袖能力,黑人的命也是命联盟(BLMTO)的努力让每一个加拿大人以及后来者都受益。韦恩省长同意与黑人的命也是命联盟(BLMTO)公开会面,但是她没有给出会面时间。  

基此,我们问自己:我们将如何继续声援黑人的命也是命联盟(BLMTO)以确保政府能为民众负责?作为倡权机构,我们将如何牢记对抗反黑人的种族主义是社会公义工作的核心?我们将如何在我们自己的社区开展对抗反黑人的种族主义?华裔社区可以作为一群被种族化的人开始讨论我们自己被种族歧视的经历吗? 或者认识和辨别在华裔社区的反黑人的种族主义的存在?上面这些问题都将指引我们倡权委员会今后的工作, 这些工作只有在和我们的会员,合作伙伴,支持者和社区成员一起持续不断地进行才能有结果。

因此,我们将邀请您的加入。  如果您想要和我们分享你被种族歧视的经历,请给我们发邮件(邮件地址:。 如果您有兴趣参与讨论或协助组织或参加反对种族歧视的活动, 请告诉我们。 如果您想要知道更多平权会多伦多分会倡权委员会在做的事情, 请跟我们联络。 我们呼吁各行各业的华裔社区百姓加入我们的行动。我们坚信, 天下公义, 匹夫有责。 作为维护社会公义工作的一部分,我鼓励大家把对警察,警局服务和社区安全的建议在2016年4月29号前发送到安省政府, 链接为: 您的建议。 .







Community Announcements
Butterfly Voices
Opening Reception & Artists Talk: Tuesday May 3, 6 pm - 8 pm, Free
Exhibition: May 3 - May 28, Free
Gallery Hours: Thursday to Saturday, 1 pm - 7 pm
Whippersnapper Gallery, 594b Dundas Street West
Part of Mayworks Festival 2016
Presented by Butterfly – Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network
Co-presented with Whippersnapper Gallery
Butterfly Voices is an exhibition showcasing works by a group of Toronto-based migrant sex workers. The arts-based project began in early 2015 in light of the stereotypes and stigma around migrant sex workers who are often silenced due to the lack of understanding in society. The long-term goal of Butterfly Voices is to create artistic opportunities for migrant sex workers in and outside of Toronto as a platform for self-representation and political agency.
Following the opening reception is a fundraising gala hosted by Butterfly.
Butterfly’s Fundraising Gala:  Tue May 3, 8 pm – 10:30 pm, Tickets $30 including dinner
Noble Chinese Restaurant, 530 Dundas Street West
To purchase advance tickets: Eventbrite(click on link) / or 416-906-3098
Other Payment Method:Paypal / E-transfer to

开幕礼及艺术家讲座: 5月3日(星期二)下午6时-8时(免费)
展览: 5月3日-5月28日(免费)
Whippersnapper Gallery, 594b Dundas Street West (登打士街西594b)
Mayworks Festival 2016 節目之一
协办: Whippersnapper Gallery
地点:喜来宝海鲜酒家,530 Dundas Street West (530登打士街西)
即時购票:Eventbrite(請按連結)或聯絡 or 416-906-3098
其他网上付款方式:Paypal / E-transfer to 
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