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Dear CCNCTO Community,

Please join us on Saturday November 26, 2016 at the Regent Park Community Recreation Centre (402 Shuter St) for our Art & Food Storytelling Festival featuring storytelling performances, food demonstrations and an art exhibition by our passionate group of Chinese seniors. This event concludes and celebrates the seniors' participation in the 6-week workshop series, where they shared and explored their creativity using visual art and food. In addition, a group of youth volunteers, who have been exchanging messages and stories with the seniors, will be in attendance.  Come out and support their work! RSVP .

欢迎大家参加我们将于11月26日星期六在Regent Park Community Recreation Centre( 地址: 402 Shuter St)举办的艺术与美食长者故事社区分享活动, 我们的华裔长者们将热忱为大家献上故事表演,食物展示和艺术展,这次活动将是我们通过视觉艺术和美食分享和开发创造性的为期六周的工作坊系列的一个圆满的结束庆典,届时在项目中一直和这群老人一起交换信息和故事的一群青少年义工也会出席。 请大伙一起来支持他们!请点击这里报名登记
For our CATIE partnership, we have recently completed 4 client workshops on Immigrant Health and Hepatitis C. These workshops took place at Woodside Library, University Settlement, Yee Hong Health Education Centre and SEAS centre in Richmond Hill. We continue to participate at outreach events to increase awareness and will be developing content for an advertising campaign to address stigma around Hepatitis B & C in the Chinese community.

Another upcoming event is our Playback Theatre Open House on Saturday December 10, 2016 at the Dorset Park Community Hub (1911 Kennedy Road). Playback Theatre is a form of improvisational theatre in which the audience share stories and watch them become enacted on the spot.  Given the recent launch of the Anti-Racism Directorate Public Consultations, we thought this would be a creative way to tackle the theme of racism through storytelling and audience participation. We will have a flyer shortly, so stay tuned!

我们的与CATIE的合作项目,我们已经举办了四次的关于移民健康和丙型肝炎的社区讲座,这些讲座分别是在Woodside 图书馆, University Settlement, Yee Hong健康中心和在Richmond Hill的协群举办。我们还将在不同社区活动中做资源展台, 将会在华人社区中开展一个针对乙肝和丙肝偏见的广告宣传。 

另一个马上要开展的活动是定在12月10号星期六的一人一剧场的公开排练,将在位于1911 Kennedy Road的Dorset Park Community Hub我们的办公室楼内演出。一人一剧场是一种即兴表演,由台下观众分享故事后马上观看台上演员当场表演。想到最近的政府的反对种族主义部所开展的社会咨询会, 我们认为通过将分享经历和观众的参与来引发种族主义的话题,一人一剧场会是一个不错的方式。我们的公开排练宣传单张马上会好,敬请关注! 

On Wednesday October 5, 2016, we attended the Anti-Racism Directorate (ARD) public consultation in Scarborough. At the consultation, we took the opportunity to speak about the challenges facing the Chinese community and the impact of systemic racism in how it divides and pits racialized communities against one another.  We also showed our support for the proposed Directorate framework brought forth by the Colour of Poverty - Colour of Change Network, which recommends that the Directorate become legislated, the budget allocated to the Directorate be increased and a strategy with a concrete plan should to be adopted. There are 4 more consultations taking place, so please attend if possible. 

2016年10月5号我们参加了世家堡的那场反对种族主义部开展的社会咨询会, 在会中我们机构作了发言,指出了我们华裔社区面临的挑战,以及制度中的种族主义在将各被种族化社区之间分开或各自相互对立的影响,同时我们也表示了我们对由贫困的颜色改变的颜色联盟提出的ARD部门的构架的支持, 其中有立法化,增加预算和通过一个具体策略计划等建议。接下来还有四场咨询会,如有可能请踊跃参加。

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we were notified about the Municipal road closures and no trespassing signs by local residents in Algonquin Highlands. We see this act as specifically targeting Chinese people and have sent a letter to address these concerns to the Algonquin Township Council. Please see our letter here。 

感恩节长周末我们收到关于Algonquin Highlands由当地居民签名的市区道路关闭和不允许通过的通知,我们认为这是特别针对华人, 我们已经向Algonquin Township Council提出了我们的担心,点击这里阅读我们的信函

We look forward to giving you more updates about our projects and activities so stay tuned. 
If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a CCNCTO member, please email us at 


Chase Lo
Executive Director
Community Announcements
CPAC is seeking applications from immigrant youth aged 29 or under to be considered for our inaugural Young Achiever’s Award. It would be greatly appreciated if you can inform your networks.
The candidate should be a citizen or permanent resident born outside of Canada. Our organization, CPAC, is looking to celebrate their community or professional achievements and success from locally or abroad.
The award recipient will be presented the award alongside the Professional Achievement Awards at the CPAC Annual Gala on Sunday, November 27th. The award recipient will give a speech at the event, attended by influencers, politicians, business executives, and community leaders. The award recipient will also gain media exposure through a variety of platforms.
The deadline to apply is Wednesday, October 26 at 5pm. More information and the application can be found at
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