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Dear CCNCTO Community,

Happy New Year!

As a member of the Chinese Interagency Network's Labour Committee, we invite you to join us for our annual Chinese Worker New Year Celebration on February 11, 2017, 2pm - 4pm. The event will be held at St. Stephen's Community House at 91 Bellevue Avenue. For more details and to RSVP, please see the flyer below.

作为服务华人机构联会劳工委员会的成员,我们诚邀您参加将于2017年2月11日下午2点到4点举办的一年一度华裔职工新春联欢会活动,地点设在圣士提反社区中心(St. Stephen's Community House),91 Bellevue Avenue。详情及报名请查看下面的宣传单张。
We are excited to announce that we will be working with Butterfly (Asian Migrant Sex Workers Support Network) on 2 projects!


The first is a 2-year project called MSW Access Without Fear. This project, for which we will be a trustee, is led by Butterfly and funded by the City of Toronto through the Access, Equity and Human Rights (AEHR) Investment Program. The project aims to develop the leadership and capacity of Asian and migrant sex workers to access health, social, safety and legal support. A public forum will be held to increase awareness of the barriers that Asian and migrant sex workers face. Community leaders, service providers and policymakers will be invited. 

第一个是名为“移徙性工作者获取服务毋惧怕”的两年项目( MSW Access Without Fear )。此项目中我们作为受托管理机构,迁蝶作主导,由多伦多市政府的“开放,公平和人权计划项目"资助(the Access, Equity and Human Rights),旨在培养亚裔及迁徙性工作者的领袖才能,以及发展和提升她们获取健康医疗,社会安全保障,法律援助等服务的能力。届时将会举办一场公众论坛,目的在于加深认识和了解亚裔及移徙性工作者面临的障碍,社区领袖、服务机构工作人员以及政策制定者将被邀请出席。

The second project is called MSW Legal Training project funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario through the Connecting Communities Program. This project will develop training materials for service providers and community leaders, covering 5 areas of the law that impact Asian and migrant sex workers. A set of curriculum materials will be developed, including a resource guide and e-learning tools, to increase the knowledge of service providers and community leaders in navigating the legal system 

第二个项目是移徙性工作者相关之法律培训项目(MSW Legal Training Project)。该项目由安省法律基金会(Law Foundation of Ontario)透过“连接社区”(Connecting Communities Fund)基金赞助,为服务机构工作人员和社区领袖制定培训材料。这些材料涵盖了对亚裔及移徙性工作者造成影响的五大法律领域。我们会制定配套的培训课程教材,包括资源指南和电子版学习工具,旨在帮助机构服务工作人员和社区领袖增加在法律系统方面的知识和应对能力。

As an advocacy organization, we primarily work with marginalized communities in the Chinese community in Toronto. It's important that we encompass a human rights lens when working with marginalized communities because we believe that everyone deserves access, support and respect for their human rights and dignity. While we recognize the existing stigma around sex work, our projects with Butterfly focus on increasing access to human rights support and respect for labour rights for the Asian and Migrant Sex Workers community, which fits within our advocacy mandate. We would like to acknowledge our funders, the City of Toronto and the Law Foundation of Ontario, for their support in this important work, and we are excited to collaborate with Butterfly on these initiatives. 

作为一个倡权机构,我们主要为多伦多华人社区中的边缘群体工作。而在为这些边缘群体工作时,我们认为很重要的一点是要从人权的角度出发,因为我们始终相信每个人都应得到他们应有的人权,支持, 被尊重和获取服务的权利。正是我们认识到社会上存在对性工作的污名,我们与迁蝶把工作重点集中在为亚裔及移徙性工作者群体争取更大的人权保障和尊重她们的劳工权益,这也与我们一直以来的主张和倡议相一致。我们在此鸣谢我们的资助机构多伦多市政府和安省法律基金会对这份重要的工作的支持,同时我们也非常高兴与迁蝶一起共同合作开展这些项目。
Chinese Seniors' Storytelling Workshop (videos)

We are proud to present the following 3 short videos from our Chinese Seniors' Storytelling Workshop Project! Please click on each button and watch the videos, featuring our participants, facilitators and organizers. We hope you can also appreciate the stories being told and the importance of intergenerational exchange between seniors and youth. 

Video 1: Connecting
Video 2: Expressing
Video 3: Sharing
We look forward to giving you more updates through out 2017 and your participation at upcoming events and initiatives!

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a CCNCTO member, please email us at 

Chase Lo
Executive Director

Butterfly (Asian and butterfly-2016-logo-02.jpgMigrant Sex Workers Support Network) is looking for a Project Coordinator for the Migrant Sex Worker Access Without Fear project beginning mid-February 2017 and going until December 2017. The project aims to build up the network, leadership and capacity of Asian and migrant sex workers in Toronto in order for them to access health, safety, social and legal support.  This project is being trusteed by the Chinese Canadian National Council - Toronto Chapter.

The ideal candidate will be outgoing, knowledgeable, with a background in community organizing, the ability to work independently, have an anti-oppression analysis and be flexible, organized and familiar with the migrant and sex worker community in Toronto.


  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Strong initiative; motivated and able to work independently and work in teams
  • Experience in need assessment, outreach, organizing workshops, trainings and public forum
  • Ability to work effectively in stressful situations and under tight deadlines
  • Second language skills, especially Chinese, Korean, or Thai, is an asset
  • Knowledge of sex work in general and legalities specifically, working with migrants and/or sex workers, and in community organizing, social , health and legal services.
  • Experiential knowledge of migrant sex work is a strong asset
  • Availability to work some evenings and weekends as required

Major Responsibilities  

  • Responsible for overall program development, planning, evaluation, coordination
  • Reach out and build up support network with Asian and Migrant Sex Workers
  • Conduct needs assessment,
  • Develop capacity building workshops
  • Produce resource guide for migrant sex workers
  • Organize a public forum
  • Track all finances and expenses and provide regular updates and reimbursement requests to the Executive Director
  • Provide accompaniments, personal support, referrals, and connect participants with health, social and legal services
  • Capture program data and provide regular reports on programs and services
  • Advocate for policy change that better protect the health, safety and human rights of migrant sex workers
  • Other duties as required

This contract begins the week of February 13, 2017 and ends on December 31, 2017. Hours are 20 hours per week and the rate of pay is $22 per hour.

Please email a cover letter and resume in one document with the title “[Your Name]’s Application for Project Coordinator”. Send to Elene Lam, Executive Director at by midnight on Monday January 30, 2017.

We encourage applications from all equity seeking groups.

We thank all applicants, but will only be contacting those selected for an interview. Interviews will be held the week of February 6, 2017.
Community Announcements
Another Story Bookshop and Harper Collins present the Toronto Book Launch for

Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang

Wednesday, February 8th @ 6pm
Another Story Bookshop
315 Roncesvalles Ave (at Grenadier)
Free - all welcome

Our entrance is wheelchair accessible but our bathroom is down a flight of stairs

From the author of Three Souls (“heartbreaking and hopeful,” Booklist) comes a new novel set in early-twentieth-century Shanghai, where, as an ancient imperial dynasty collapses, a new government struggles to life and two girls—one a Eurasian orphan, the other a daughter of privilege—are bound together in a friendship that will be tested by duty, honour and love.

Abandoned in the courtyard of a once-lavish estate outside Shanghai, seven-year-old Jialing learns she is zazhong—Eurasian—and thus doomed to face a lifetime of contempt from both Chinese and Europeans. The Yang family, new owners of the estate, reluctantly take her in as a servant. As Jialing grows up, her only allies are Anjuin, the eldest Yang daughter, and Fox, an animal spirit who has lived in the courtyard for more than 300 years. But when a young English girl appears and befriends the lonely orphan—and then mysteriously vanishes—Jialing’s life takes an unexpected turn and gives her hope of finding her long-lost mother.

Instead, Jialing finds herself drawn into a murder at the periphery of political intrigue, a relationship that jeopardizes her friendship with Anjuin and a forbidden affair that brings danger to the man she loves. Ultimately, she learns that for years Fox has been preparing her for a very different sort of fate . . . should she choose to accept it.

“Chang unfurls this intriguing story—set against the chaotic backdrop of China in the early twentieth century-with precision. Rich with detail and a fascinating interplay between the spiritual and earthly realms, Chang’s second novel explores whether it is possible to overcome your past.” (Booklist)

“Janie Chang has a keen eye for detail and infuses them throughout this magical story, with its masterfully rendered setting of the early Chinese republic, characters who bring to life the constrictions of those girls, and a mystical benevolent spirit. The result is enchanting.” (Shilpi Somaya Gowda, author of Secret Daughter and The Golden Son)

Born in Taiwan, Janie Chang spent part of her childhood in the Philippines, Iran, and Thailand. She has a degree in computer science and is a graduate of the Writer’s Studio Program at Simon Fraser University. She is the author of Three Souls.
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