Executive Director's Message
Dear CCNCTO Community,

June is another busy month for us! 

This month we will conclude our 2-Year Elder Care Research Project with a "Bridging the Gap" Planning Forum on June 15, 2016 which is also the International day for Elder Abuse Awareness. For this forum, we have invited a number of policymakers, government officials and service provider organizations to engage with the findings and recommendations proposed by our project and to discuss the next steps in addressing elder care in the Chinese community. 



6月15日是国际虐老防范日,今年的6月15日我们将在当天进行我们为期两年的老人护理调研项目的总结会议,会议主题为“鸿沟的桥梁”计划论坛。我们将邀请政策制定者,政府官员,服务提供机构一起分享我们的项目调研结果和建议, 并将共同探讨今后如何更好地在华裔社区中提供老人护理服务。 
A reminder, our Annual General Meeting is on June 18, 2016 of which a number of you have already registered for. Following the AGM will be an engaging panel discussion on worker's rights in the Chinese community. Please join us for this important discussion by RSVP'ing with Melissa Lai at

我们还要特别提醒各位朋友, 我们机构的年会是在本周六, 6月18号,已经有不少朋友报名了。 年会后我们将马上展开一场关于我华裔社区劳工权利的讨论。欢迎大家踊跃报名参加这个重要话题的讨论活动。登记报名请联系 Melissa Lai:
As for the Chinatown Walking Tour that was originally scheduled on June 19, we've had to unfortunately postpone it. We apologize to those who had already registered and we will provide an update as soon as the event becomes rescheduled. 

原定计划在6月19号进行的唐人街一日游的活动,我们不得不推迟,对已经报名的朋友说声抱歉了, 一旦活动确认新的时间,我们将马上知会大家。

On June 22, will be the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Head Tax & Exclusion Act Redress. In partnership with the Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, Mayor John Tory and Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, we will host a proclamation event and roundtable discussion. For more info, see details above. Join us to commemorate the sacrifices and contributions of Chinese Canadians to our nation. 

6月22日将是华人人头税和排华法案平反10周年纪念日,平权会多伦多分会将和法律援助中心(服务华人及东南亚社区),市长John Tory 以及市议员Kristyn Wong-Tam共同联合一起作正式公开声明和圆桌谈论活动,更多信息见下面单张,请加入我们,一起来纪念为我们国家做出巨大牺牲和贡献的华裔加拿大人。 
In partnership with CATIE, on June 24, 2016 we have an Immigrant Health and Hepatitis C workshop at University Settlement. This will be an informative workshop on Hepatitis C and knowing the differences between Hep A & B. For details of the workshop, please refer to the flyer below. 

6月24日我们将再一次在社区举办移民健康和丙型肝炎的讲座,这是和CATIE的合作项目,本次讲座将在University Settlement举行,这会是了解丙型肝炎,知道和甲肝乙肝区别的信息交流会. 具体报名方式请参考下面的单张。
And now onto a few exciting announcements!  

We have two new upcoming projects! The first is a Chinese Seniors' Storytelling Workshop Project funded by the New Horizons for Seniors Program, Government of Canada. This project will involve a group of Chinese seniors in a series of storytelling workshops using visual art and food. The purpose of this workshop series is to provide a space where Chinese seniors can freely express themselves and build relationships with one another. There will be a final event where the community will be invited to celebrate their artistic creations and stories. This project is a partnership with ALPHA Education and ArtHeart Community Art Centre will be providing the visual art studio/kitchen venue. 

The second project is the East Asian Youth Civic Activism & Wellness Project funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation. This is a one year project in partnership with ALPHA Education that will take place at 3 secondary schools where 3 groups of youth will develop communication skills, critical thinking, explore mental health wellness and create community-based projects of their own. 

We look forward to giving you more updates about these two projects so stay tuned. 

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a CCNCTO member, please email us at 

我们将会开展两个新项目。第一个项目是由加拿大政府的老人新地平线计划资助的华裔老人故事会,我们将在华裔老人中通过视觉艺术和美食开展老人故事会系列活动,本活动主旨是为老人提供一个自由表达自己情感和建立彼此友谊的机会,项目结束我们将会邀请社区成员一起来庆祝并分享老人家们在项目中的艺术创作和故事。 本项目和ALPHA 教育共同举办, 由 ArtHeart Community Art Centre 提供视觉艺术和厨房空间。

第二个项目是由Ontario Trillium Foundation资助的关于东亚青少年的公民参与和素质健康活动, 这是和ALPHA 教育的合作项目,将在三间中学在三群青少年中组织学习提高沟通技巧和批判性思维,探讨心理健康的活动中并建立他们自己的服务社区项目。



Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon! 谢谢你们的支持,我们在活动中见。

Chase Lo
Executive Director

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