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The Chinese Canadian National Council - Toronto Chapter would like to call upon the community at large to write letters to the Toronto Sun in response to their defense of the racist, sexist and xenophobic depiction of Olivia Chow. For reference, please see the following statements below. For updates, visit and “LIKE” our Facebook page

In supporting this cause and to show solidarity, we urge you to the following: Send a letter to the Toronto Sun and let them know that their explanation and apology is unacceptable and you will not stand for sexist, racist and xenophobic media!

For your convenience, we have included a letter template. This will only require 30 seconds of your time!

Send letters to Wendy Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief, the Toronto Sun and cc us at

Wendy Metcalfe
333 King St. E.
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3X5
 请电邮至 (Wendy Metcalfe, 多伦多太阳报 主编)
Wendy Metcalfe
333 King St. E.
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3X5
Paul Godfrey, Owner, Postmedia,
Mike Power, Publisher, Toronto Sun Media,
Wendy Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief, The Toronto Sun,
Andy Donato, Illustrator, The Toronto Sun,
As a member of Canadian society, I condemn Andy Donato’s editorial illustration of Olivia Chow printed in the Toronto Sun, published on October 26, 2014. Furthermore I reject the Toronto Sun’s apology and explanation defending the image. This apology is insufficient and unacceptable.
Defending the intention behind the illustration undermines the ultimate impact this particular image has. The depiction of Olivia Chow as having slitty eyes, in a Mao suit, riding the coat tails of Jack Layton perpetuates racist, sexist, and xenophobic stereotypes, which has real consequences on the lives of many people. As a member of Canadian society, I am appalled by the blatant bigotry exhibited by the Toronto Sun and the lack of a regulatory content policy to prevent the publication of such offensive material. As a consumer of the news reporting & media, I entrust my news to sources that embrace ethical journalism and representation. The Toronto Sun has broken that trust.
The Toronto Sun needs to be held accountable for the impact of this image. Necessary changes are required in policies and practices to ensure such racism, sexism, and xenophobia will not continue to be perpetuated in future publications.
Therefore, I demand that the Toronto Sun:
  • Issue a comprehensive and unqualified public apology to the diverse community at large;
  • Engage in public consultations to address racial profiling and stereotyping via their media outlets;
  • Implement corporate and editorial policies to monitor and prevent the perpetuation of racial stereotypes, in consultation with stakeholders.
  • Implement employment equity programs to diversify their corporate and editorial boards and frontline personnel.

Paul Godfrey, Postmedia 持有人
Mike Power, 多伦多太阳报媒体 发行人
Wendy Metcalfe, 多伦多太阳报 主编
Andy Donato, 多伦多太阳报 插画家
身为加拿大社会的一员,我谴责 Andy Donato在《多伦多太阳报》2014年10月26日发表的关于邹至蕙女士的社论插画。此外,我拒绝接受《多伦多太阳报》对此插画的道歉和解释。这道歉是不够充分的和不可接受的。
对这插画背后意图的辩驳削弱了这图像对社会最终造成的影响。这幅针对邹至蕙女士的画像延续了种族歧视,性别歧视和排外的成见。 这些成见对很多人的生活带来了严重的后果。作为加拿大社会的一员,我对《多伦多太阳报》表现出的公然的偏执和成见,以及缺乏对防止攻击性内容出版而应有的监管政策感到震惊。作为新闻报道和相关媒体的消费者,我一贯相信媒体报道应该会符合有关道德伦理标准,但是《多伦多太阳报》打破了这个信任。
  • 对广大多元化社区发布一份深刻而豪无保留,不带任何条件的公开道歉
  • 通过所属的各类传媒载体来展开公众咨询,以强调什么是具有种族色彩的刻画和成见
  • 通过咨询相关社区来制定有关反压迫政策,以帮助运营和编辑部便于实施和度量
  • 执行公平就业计划,使得他们的管理部门、编辑部门和一线成员多元化
请寄信到 Wendy Metcalfe 《多伦多太阳报》主编
Wendy Metcalfe
333 King St. E.
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3X5

CCNC Toronto's Response to The Toronto Sun's Editorial Cartoon of Olivia Chow


Toronto, October 27, 2014 – Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter is requesting that the Toronto Sun & its publisher Mike Power apologize and take accountability for the editorial illustration of 2014 Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow, published on October 26, 2014.

CCNC Toronto is an anti-racism and advocacy organization based in Toronto. While we work primarily with Chinese Canadians living in Toronto, we are connected to numerous social justice and anti-racism communities and have voiced opposition to many instances of racist depictions of Chinese Canadians in the media for many years.

We share the same sentiments of Olivia Chow, who told CP24 on Sunday evening that the illustration is “disgusting”. She elaborates, “Because I am Chinese-Canadian, I must be a communist and have slanted eyes and glasses … and since I am a woman, I must be inferior and therefore not good enough for the job of the mayor so I must rely on my deceased husband so it is both racist and sexist.”

At CCNC Toronto we believe that identifying racist acts and portrayals in the media is important, as it impacts not only Chinese Canadians but many other marginalized communities. As a Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Sun has a responsibility to tell stories that will not continue the marginalization of racialized people. 

We urge the Toronto Sun & Mike Power to publicly apologize and to fully examine the underlying racism and xenophobia that are expressed by this editorial illustration. We encourage better engagement with diverse communities, anti-oppression training and the development and application of a content policy that addresses and prevents the publication of racist and sexist material. 


Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter

UPDATE: The Toronto Sun printed our statement and wrote a response:

Please continue to check our website for updates. 

平权会多伦多分会要求太阳报及其出版人Mike Power对2014年10月26日刊发针对2014年度市长候选人邹郅慧女士的有关插图予以道歉并进行问责。
我们对这幅漫画和邹至蕙女士有相同的感受- 她周日晚间对CP24新闻网络表示,这幅漫画“令人作呕”。她进一步解释,“因为我是加拿大华人,所以一定是个共产党,有倾斜的眼睛、戴着眼镜...同时,因为我是女人,所以必定要低人一等,没有足够的能力当市长,而只能依靠我已故的丈夫,因此这幅画既是种族主义的,也包含性别歧视。”


我们敦促多伦多太阳报和Mike Power公开道歉,并全面检查这幅插图所隐含的种族主义和仇外心理。我们鼓励贵报进行改善,通过接触各不同社区、反压迫培训、发展和运用有关政策,来强化和避免再度刊发具有种族主义和性别歧视的出版内容。

临时执行总干事: 罗溪

Toronto, November 3, 2014 - This is an update regarding the Toronto Sun’s response to our statement printed on Thursday October 30, 2014.

The day before, the Toronto Sun had reached out to us about wanting to address our concerns over their depiction of Olivia Chow that we outlined in our statement. We spoke with Wendy Metcalfe, the Editor-in-Chief of the Toronto Sun. After our conversation she agreed to include our statement in print the following day and would include a response of their own.

According to the Toronto Sun, they defend that the intent behind the cartoon was not racist and sexist. They explain that cartoonist Andy Donato has used the same Mao suit representation for the political party NDP on numerous occasions and that he “highlights and exaggerates the physical characteristics of his subjects, regardless of their race or ethnicity.” They further explain that the Jack Layton reference is based on Olivia Chow’s appeal due to her association with her late husband. They finish their statement by saying, “…to the extent that it may be possible to interpret the drawing as highlighting racial or ethnic characteristics, the Sun regrets that implication and apologizes to Olivia Chow and anyone else offended by the cartoon.”
To that we say: Focusing on the intention behind the illustration takes away from the significance of its impact and ultimate message. In the context of Olivia Chow being represented as Mao standing on the coattails of her deceased husband, sends a very specific message about Chinese Canadians. There have been numerous occasions when Chinese Canadians have been perpetually portrayed as foreigners or outsiders in the media. This image does not exist separately from that history. Nor is this up for interpretation. Racist beliefs and stereotypes have real consequences on the lives of many people.
The image of Olivia Chow in a Mao suit, with slanted eyes, evokes an existing racist caricature of Chinese Canadians, and minimizes a diverse population into a “character.” This establishes that someone like Olivia Chow, who is a Chinese Canadian female, does not represent Canada and most certainly should not be the Mayor of Toronto. Olivia Chow has 20+ years in politics. The Toronto Sun has minimized her career as a politician to the memory of Jack Layton. They say it’s a ‘political reality’ that he is part of her appeal. But the illustration does not allow for those other parts to exist. The image clearly suggests that her overall success and legitimacy in politics depends on him.
The media is, in theory, an outlet to share information with the public. The public entrusts our news to ethical reporting and representation. The Toronto Sun has the important responsibility of maintaining the public’s trust. So when they break that trust, we must hold them accountable. It’s simply not about needing to apologize to those who are ‘offended’. The Toronto Sun still has an opportunity to take responsibility for the impact of this image. This includes fully examining the existence of racist & sexist beliefs at the level of their writers/illustrators to the overall structure of their organization. The existence of racism and oppression cannot always be crystal clear for one’s convenience. It is necessary to develop a critical lens to realize its existence and impact. And most importantly to place it within the context of how our systems like the media have been built and operate. 

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