Executive Director's Message
Dear CCNCTO Community,

Please join us for the following events! 我们将开展以下两个活动,欢迎大伙参加。

Next month, we will host a Playback Theatre Open House on Saturday December 10, 2016 at the Dorset Park Community Hub (1911 Kennedy Road). The Open House will be facilitated by Storybox Playback Theatre and friends. The focus of the stories will be on racism and discrimination. So if you have a story to share or would like to just observe, please consider attending. Limited spots are available. To RSVP

下个月2016年12月10号周六下午我们将有一人一故事劇場​之平权会多伦多分会公开排练, 地点是在我们的办公楼的Dorset Park Community Hub,地址是1911 Kennedy Road, Unit 105, Scarborough。该排练由Storybox Playback Theatre的演员和他们的朋友共同呈献。故事主题为种族主义和种族歧视,无论您是有故事想和人分享,还是只是想看看,这个公开排练就是为你呈现! 

A reminder that our Art & Food Storytelling Festival (Saturday November 26) is fast approaching and we would like to see you there! Please remember to RSVP On Saturday November 26, 2016 our group of passionate seniors, facilitators and youth volunteers will present storytelling performances, food demonstrations and an art exhibition at the Regent Park Community Recreation Centre (402 Shuter St). Come out and support their work! 

在Regent Park Community Recreation Centre( 地址: 402 Shuter St)举办的艺术与美食长者故事社区分享活动, 我们的华裔长者们将热忱为大家献上故事表演,食物展示和艺术展,这次活动将是我们通过视觉艺术和美食分享和开发创造性的为期六周的工作坊系列的一个圆满的结束庆典,届时在项目中一直和这群老人一起交换信息和故事的一群青少年义工也会出席。 请大伙一起来支持他们!请点击这里报名登记
We look forward to giving you more updates about our projects and activities so stay tuned. 
If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a CCNCTO member, please email us at 


Chase Lo
Executive Director
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