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Dear CCNCTO Community,
Thank you for joining us at our Chinese New Year Celebration & Open House Event! We had over 100 people attend to watch a number of performances, eat food and participate in fun activities like calligraphy, lantern and craft making. Here are some pictures from the event.
We also hosted a successful Elder Care Research Pamphlet launch, with over 50 participants. This pamphlet highlights 3 key scenarios between caregivers and seniors from our research and aims to encourage discussion on elder care within Chinese families. We are currently distributing copies of the pamphlet. If you are interested in obtaining copies for yourself or your clients, please let us know. An online version of the pamphlet will also be available. 
This month, we are hosting an upcoming CATIE workshop that offers important Hepatitis C information to the Chinese community. This educational workshop is occurring on Wednesday March 30th, 4:30pm - 6pm at Dorset Park Community Hub (1911 Kennedy Road, Unit 5, Scarborough) and is FREE. We will also provide refreshments. Please RVSP with Melissa Lai at

On March 31, 2016, Equity Toronto is hosting a Toronto Equity Forum. At this event each of the four communities (South Asian, Hispanic, African and Chinese Canadian) will provide important analysis and discussion on 4 key City strategies: Youth Equity, Poverty Reduction, Strong Neighbourhood and Seniors. We are still looking for participants to engage in the small group discussions. If you have work experience or personal knowledge in one of these areas, please consider joining. This is an opportunity for marginalized communities to have their voices heard at the City. If you need Chinese interpretation in order to participate, please contact us. 

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon!

Want to volunteer or become a member, please email us at 

Chase Lo
Executive Director


CCNCTO 的 朋友们, 大家好!

谢谢大家参加我们的庆祝新年和机构开放日的活动,当天我们有一百多人一起兴致勃勃观看了表演,参与到我们有文化特色的活动如书法和剪纸中, 并品尝了小食。下面是活动的一些照片。

我们还成功举办了我们的老年护理关系的讨论手册的推广会,与会者有50多人。 这本手册列出了我们调研中了解到的长者和他们的成年子女的三个生活场景, 希望通过这个册子鼓励就华人家庭老年护理关系展开讨论。 我们正在分发这些小册子,如果你想为你自己或你的客户索取手册,请和我们联系。网上的版本也很快就会公布。

三月三十号下午四点半到六点我们将再次举办CATIE 的移民健康和丙型肝炎的讲座, 活动免费我们将提供茶点和车票, 讲座地点在1911 Kenneday Road, Unit 105, Scarborough。有意参加者请与 Melissa Lai报名参加。 (

三月三十一号公平多伦多组织将组织一场多伦多公平论坛, 在论坛中来自南亚, 西班牙,非洲和华裔四大社区的百姓将就以下四大市政府的策略展开分析和讨论:青年人的平等,减少贫困,强大社区邻里和老年人。 我们还在期待更多的人参与到这些策略的小组讨论中,如果你对上面这四大话题中的一个有相关工作经历或个人见解,请和我们一起参加多伦多公平论坛。这是一个把被边缘化的社区百姓的声音传递到市政府的好机会。如果你参加时需要中文翻译服务,请和Melissa Lai 联系。




Equity Toronto Forum 

Equity Toronto: The Alternative Planning Group (Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA), Hispanic Development Council (HDC), Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO), and African Canadian Social Development Council (ACSDC) have held many consultations to explore the barriers facing racialized communities in accessing services within the City of Toronto.

On March 31st, Equity Toronto will be hosting an Equity Toronto Forum where leaders from our communities will meet to discuss and analyze a number of City of Toronto’s policies: Strong Neighborhood Strategy, Youth Equity Strategy, Poverty Reduction Strategy and Seniors Strategy.

If you would like to get involved and/or identify yourself as a community leader, please email us at We will be organizing a number of meetings to analyze the mentioned policies and to come up with specific recommendations. 

The Forum will take place on:

Date: Thursday March 31th, 2016

Time: 6 PM – 8:30 PM  

Location: Committee Room #3, Toronto City Hall

100 Queen St W

Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 

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