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Dear CCNCTO Community,
Our Art & Food Storytelling Festival had a great turn out with about 100 people in attendance. Our group of seniors and youth shared stories of family history, childhood memories and tales of immigration. At the event, we launched 3 short videos that capture the journey of the workshops which features interviews with the facilitators and participants. They will be available to view on our website soon. Thank you to everyone who attended and congrats to our participants and facilitators for a job well done. It was a heartwarming experience to witness the journey of the participants and reminds us that everyone has a story to share. 
我们的艺术与美食长者故事社区分享活动有近一百人参加,活动中长者和青少年分享了各自家庭历史,儿童记忆和移民路上的故事。我们还发布了三个记载了组织者和参与者的采访和工作坊的短记录片。我们会很快把它们放到我们的网站上。谢谢各位与会者,也祝贺我们项目的工作人员和项目成员,你们真的很棒!见证项目的始终是个很暖心的回忆, 也时时提醒我们每个人都有各自的故事可以和他人分享。
We have one more event before the year ends! Be sure to register for our Playback Theatre Open House on Saturday December 10, 2016 at the Dorset Park Community Hub (1911 Kennedy Road). The Open House will be facilitated by Storybox Playback Theatre and friends. The focus of the stories will be on racism and discrimination. So if you have a story to share or would like to just observe, please consider attending. Limited spots are available. To RSVP
到年底前我们还有一次活动,请确保你报名了2016年12月10号周六下午一人一故事劇場​之平权会多伦多分会公开排练, 地点是在我们的办公楼的Dorset Park Community Hub,地址是1911 Kennedy Road, Unit 105, Scarborough。该排练由Storybox Playback Theatre的演员和他们的朋友共同呈献。故事主题为种族主义和种族歧视,无论您是有故事想和人分享,还是只是想看看,这个公开排练就是为你呈现!位置有限,请抓紧报名 

On Friday December 2, 2016, we took part in a press conference with a Coalition of Community Representatives led by the Vaughan African Canadian Association and the National Council of Canadian Muslims. As a Coalition, we were calling for accountability and transparency at the York Region District School Board. A number of people have come forward regarding the YRDSB's lack of response to recent incidences of anti-Black racism and Islamophobia. As an advocacy organization it's important for us to show solidarity against anti-Black racism and Islamophobia. When one incident of discrimination occurs against one student, it has a ripple effect that impacts everyone around them including friends, family and community members. 


2016年12月2日我们和社区代表联盟组织一起参加了由Vaughan African Canadian Association and the National Council of Canadian Muslims主办的记者招待会。作为联盟成员,我们呼吁约克区教委的责任和透明度。就最近的反对黑人种族主义和惧怕伊斯兰的事件很多人指责约克区教委失责。当对一个学生的歧视事件发生时,会发生连锁反应,对他们周围的每个人包括朋友,家庭和社区成员都会有影响, 
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FYI: Our office will be closed from December 20, 2016 - January 3, 2017. 

We look forward to giving you more updates about our projects and activities in 2017. We wish everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday season! 

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a CCNCTO member, please email us at 



Chase Lo
Executive Director
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