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#SaveOMNI Petition
On May 7, 2015, during Asian Heritage Month, Rogers Communications Inc. (Rogers) announced the elimination of all newscasts on its OMNI TV Stations. This decision was made without consultation of community members and leaders, who have watched and benefitted from OMNI TV for decades. Rogers has abandoned the spirit of OMNI TV's license by eliminating local Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Italian news programming and systematically dismantling OMNI’s ability to meaningfully serve multilingual audiences. In doing so, Rogers has declared that Canada’s ethnocultural communities are unworthy of accessible, representative, meaningful news broadcasting. As in 2013, Rogers eliminated Portuguese news, South Asian news, and Diversity Programming (cutting 21 shows broadcast in 12 languages)*. 

As concerned Canadians and community members, we ask the CRTC to review Rogers Communications Inc.'s breach of the mandate of Canada's Broadcasting Act via their decision to eliminate all OMNI TV ethno-specific, multilingual newscasts.
Here’s how you can help!
  1. Call your MP and MPP. Tell them to press Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), to convene an immediate hearing to review OMNI’s licence.
  2. Spread the word to friends and family, by circulating this email, and share it on social media like Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #SaveOMNI
  3. Tweet, blog, and sign the petition on

#SaveOMNI Petition    #拯救OMNI請願書
2015年5月7日,就在亞裔文化月期間,羅渣士通訊集團(羅渣士Rogers)宣布取消OMNI 電視台的所有新聞節目。作出這一決定並沒有徵詢收看了OMNI電視台幾十年的社區成員和領導人的意見。通過取消粵語,國語,旁遮普語和意大利語新聞節目以及系統性的削弱OMNI電視服務多元文化觀眾的能力,羅渣士已經廢棄了OMNI電視牌照的本著。這麼做,羅渣士就是在宣布,加拿大的多元文化社區不配有無障礙,有代表性,以及有意義的新聞廣播。在2013年,羅渣士就已經取消了葡萄牙語新聞,南亞新聞,以及多元化節目(共取消了12種語言的21個節目)*。
 請看以下給CRTC的公開信 (英文)

  1. 打電話給你的省議員和國會議員。告訴他們給加拿大廣播電視和電信委員會(Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission or CRTC) 的主席Jean-Pierre Blais施加壓力,讓他立即召開聽證會複查OMNI的執照。
  2. 讓你的朋友和家人知道這個行動。你可以傳播這封電郵,以及在你的社交媒體,如Twitter和fecebook,上用hashtag #SaveOMNI分享這個行動
  3. 請在點擊以下鏈接)簽署請願書,以及在社交媒體上分享這個請願書
為此城市聯盟和平權會多倫多分會等倡權機構聯合發起請願活動,要求加拿大廣播電視局裁定Rogers 恢復原有節目。我們需要盡快集齊請願簽名,請各位請為自己為家人抓緊簽名。下面是網站,直接登陸,按要求填寫信息即可。自從昨晚我們在微信發布信息之後, 一夜之間就有30餘人簽字請願。說明社區對此事的認同。請大家繼續努力,為我們的老人、為新移民、為所有ESL人士還有我們的社區發展爭取權益!
你可以直接點擊鏈接登陸,並按照要求填寫信息即可。在郵編下方的請願理由一欄裡,你可以選擇不填,也可以用中文填寫理由。整個過程非常簡單。 )
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